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  1. I also run the maxima in my 2d as recommended by Kevin when he rebuilt my trans! Seems to work pretty good so far, can’t go wrong if he’s recommending it and weddle is recommending it!
  2. Who makes the best heim joints? I have a few that I replaced before last season on the front end that are already worn out, I believe I used qa1’s. fk’s? rod end supply? any others? And are the Teflon/ptfe worth it?
  3. I had fun finding the parts to rebuild mine when gear one was closed down for a few months, those bearing ain’t cheap, that’s for sure!
  4. I have a set of them that are used, 50 bucks and they’re yours. I’m in az though, could bring to Glamis weekend before camp rzr, vets, or thanksgiving
  5. Okay that makes sense then! I’ll have to keep that in mind if I ever turbo mine, need an s4 first though! Haha
  6. Seems weird that they can’t tune a mefi 4a, I have talked to a few tuners here in AZ that haven’t said anything about not being able to tune my mefi 4a. Maybe it can’t read boost or something? I really like this turbo setup, nice and simple, can’t wait to see how it works out for you! With someone like redline tuning it I doubt you’ll have any issues!
  7. It’s actually got a Weddle h-24 I believe they’re called?
  8. New cbr radiator installed with AN hoses, almost ready for dyno!
  9. Haha yeah I didn’t have my new radiator yet but didn’t want to wait to start it!
  10. Brian Roth? I’ve been in contact with him since buying it and met him at the dunes last season! Cool guy! I have have a whole bunch of stuff I would like to do but not at the moment, curved windshield and a dash are on the list but won’t be until after this season.
  11. Imagine having to go through 8 cv’s instead of 4, or better yet buying 8 cv’s! Lol
  12. You guys wear special shoes? I mostly just wear my vans, tried flip flops and they kept falling off when I was driving so I ended up driving bare foot all weekend, that’s seemed to work pretty good too but a little harsh on the clutch. Helped me keep the car in third though lol
  13. Been slacking on posting updates! Got the motor put all together last weekend, and installed this weekend. Super happy with how it came out so far, sounds great! Should have the new radiator mounts setup and new hoses this week, then it will be time for tuning! DDA1E5F6-481E-4985-A039-1F96C0C2F791.MOV
  14. So I’m about ready to drop my fresh ls2 into my car, upgrading from a worn out ls1. My question is, do I need to keep the ls1 knock sensors or can the mefi be tuned for ls2 knock sensors? i see some conflicting info online, and most aren’t running mefi, but some are using the ls1 sensors and moving them to the ls2 knock sensor location, and others are using the ls2 sensors with an adapter harness. Figured I would ask here so I don’t run into any issues when it comes time to have it tuned.
  15. @travelah what was it, 3 in one season? Lol
  16. If you’ve already got 190k on it I don’t think that valve is gonna save your cp4. If it’s lasted this long I wouldn’t worry to much about it, on the flip side if it’s gonna go out it’s gonna go, and could already be on its way with that kind of mileage. i was looking at trucks to upgrade from my 05 duramax and went with an 09 lmm duramax because I didn’t like the issues people are having with cp4’s. My 05 had the LLY which is the one with head gasket issues, I put many miles on it and never had an issue with the head gaskets, worst thing I had to do was a water pump, let’s hope I’m this lucky with the new truck!
  17. Not sure I agree with that, I’ve camped near some real shitty people in the washes on the big holiday weekend, past couple seasons it’s actually been quieter on gecko, but don’t tell anyone! Lol
  18. Yeah I would even look at areas north of phx like new river or camp verde, not quite as far as Prescott but still away from the b/s that comes with living in phx!
  19. Register out of county, problem solved, that’s how all the guys with non emission compliant vehicles get around it. Plus if you’re retired why move to phx area, move somewhere up north so you don’t have to deal with all the a$$holes in phx and horrible weather 5 months out of the year. Prescott, flagstaff, showlow, payson all would be nice areas to retire!
  20. I paid that much for my 05 2wd from a dealer 4 years ago with more miles. And boy did I lose my ass on that truck when I sold it a couple weeks ago! Oh well, on to the next one!
  21. Some more progress, I’m a dummy and put the pistons in with the valve reliefs on the wrong side, I guess that’s one way to learn! Ha! Got those reinstalled the right way and ready to get back to it. johnson 2110r lifters as recommended by Jalper, Melling oil pump, cleaned up 243 heads with new ss valves. Got the heads installed and measured for push rods, also got those ordered, should be ready to run pretty soon!
  22. Awesome, thanks for the input! I will run that setup then!
  23. Any issues running both of them at -16? This cbr radiator has -16 on both so it would be nice if I don’t have to cut them off and go up to -20. Thanks!
  24. That’s what was on this Honda, Flint actually bought the car from a member here and is swapping his 2d and 5.3 into it. I’ll be posting the motor, trans and some other parts for sale in the next couple weeks.

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