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  1. Rear door opening width and. Between wheel wells width? Please!
  2. Interesting....some pictures depict graphics on side panels and others not so much?
  3. I'm also with st Clair.....after some shopping. They have done me right. but, the general concense is that foremost is the only company writing new off road paper and there is a 30 k cap. Funny thing, when I was shopping there were several companies that wanted to act like they were players and drag you through the process then at the end claim they aren't currently writing policies. But the have a hell of a deal on my cars, house, etc. etc.....including aaa whom I was with. When I cancelled all the losers to join up with st Clair, they started that why are you leaving, we can cover that shit all over again. good luck
  4. The liars....oh I'm sorry, lawyers have made it not profitable to keep the name going. Insurance is so controlling and expensive, you will see the same products by someone else soon.....didn't I read junk one has opened back up?
  5. X2 Not a problem exclusive to the 2d. Allot of sporty model cars have this issue. Some have gone as thin as atf in std gearboxs. More frequent oil service is then needed and causes bearings and syncros to premature wear. Better to learn to warm up, and Be nice for first couple miles. EMPI parts are a good example of the old statement "you get what you pay for" or "bic lighter"
  6. Drdune

    CV Grease

    I wish they had used a little grease!!
  7. Drdune

    CV Grease

    Hate the grease all over......hate it even more at glamis i assemble dry after clean and inspect. Use the needle to apply a adequate amount, and add later as needed. worth every penny
  8. Time to create some space in the garage... 2 brand new new crow seat belts never installed, with original boxs. Have been in storage in garage storage Tupperware as I was going to utilize in another project, however, I'm now headed a different direction. They were not utilized do to color. drivers belt 3" waist belt, 3"shoulder, crotch anchor, with optional shoulder pads. passenger belt 3" inch waist belt, 2 inch shoulder, crotch anchor, optional shoulder pads, optional upper buckle. The idea of this design was that this belt could accommodate smaller passengers with additional safety and comfort as larger passenger. If you have any questions about the crow seatbelt s after you have read the entire listing and looked at the pictures feel free to pm me. located NW Phoenix, but frequently travel and would rather do a hand off than ship. $200 obo
  9. One thing I've noticed with Funco s is there are a lot of people that mysteriously sell off their Suby cars and purchase a V8. From there they don't seem to even make an entire season tell they are trying to sell the V8 to get back to a suby. A 6 will give you everything you could ever want in that car. Put some serious money into play with John (but a portion of a ls build and conversion) and have him build you a bi level motor running about 10 psi for duneing and drag killer position at 20 psi for when you feel like pulling the trigger. You will more than enjoy it in the dunes, and you would have a stand up and shut them up position when you find somebody worthy of A smack down. btw.....great choice!
  10. The dealers used to cry like a baby as that was on the required tool list and they did not like the price! Works even better at chasing wind noise and water leaks.... but only the factory reps seem to want to take the time or initiative to explore the possibilities. I would bet you don't do a lot of those repairs and your shop. Funny how most customers can't hear squeaks rattles and wind noises once the car is out of warranty, unless it was in a bad accident .
  11. Bump b4 I give it to a buddy....
  12. Funny how they become allot more interested in fixing them once they don't make boostat all!!
  13. USED Subaru EJ turbo header w/ t 3 4 hole turbo mount plate and 2 hole external waste gate mount plate I believe this is a Outback Motorsport product, as used on there intercooled system with the air filter on the drivers side, rear engine.  that hat would be" Outback Motorsports" (or Out front, sorry John!) and t3 t4 NOT stock...... if your looking for a stock replacement, keeping turbo at stock location I would suggest a call to out front 7149945222 I'm sure they will treat you great!

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