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  1. I'm also with st Clair.....after some shopping. They have done me right. but, the general concense is that foremost is the only company writing new off road paper and there is a 30 k cap. Funny thing, when I was shopping there were several companies that wanted to act like they were players and drag you through the process then at the end claim they aren't currently writing policies. But the have a hell of a deal on my cars, house, etc. etc.....including aaa whom I was with. When I cancelled all the losers to join up with st Clair, they started that why are you leaving, we can cover that shit all over again. good luck
  2. The liars....oh I'm sorry, lawyers have made it not profitable to keep the name going. Insurance is so controlling and expensive, you will see the same products by someone else soon.....didn't I read junk one has opened back up?
  3. X2 Not a problem exclusive to the 2d. Allot of sporty model cars have this issue. Some have gone as thin as atf in std gearboxs. More frequent oil service is then needed and causes bearings and syncros to premature wear. Better to learn to warm up, and Be nice for first couple miles. EMPI parts are a good example of the old statement "you get what you pay for" or "bic lighter"
  4. Drdune

    CV Grease

    I wish they had used a little grease!!
  5. Drdune

    CV Grease

    Hate the grease all over......hate it even more at glamis i assemble dry after clean and inspect. Use the needle to apply a adequate amount, and add later as needed. worth every penny
  6. One thing I've noticed with Funco s is there are a lot of people that mysteriously sell off their Suby cars and purchase a V8. From there they don't seem to even make an entire season tell they are trying to sell the V8 to get back to a suby. A 6 will give you everything you could ever want in that car. Put some serious money into play with John (but a portion of a ls build and conversion) and have him build you a bi level motor running about 10 psi for duneing and drag killer position at 20 psi for when you feel like pulling the trigger. You will more than enjoy it in the dunes, and you would have a stand up and shut them up position when you find somebody worthy of A smack down. btw.....great choice!
  7. The dealers used to cry like a baby as that was on the required tool list and they did not like the price! Works even better at chasing wind noise and water leaks.... but only the factory reps seem to want to take the time or initiative to explore the possibilities. I would bet you don't do a lot of those repairs and your shop. Funny how most customers can't hear squeaks rattles and wind noises once the car is out of warranty, unless it was in a bad accident .
  8. Bump somebody wants to refer a friend.........someone their wife has been trying to kick out into the cold! Hook them up with a like new toy hauler!
  9. Thanks I was just getting in the car to drive to Casa grande Circle K on Florence. All of the information on the Internet is suspect due to not being updated regularly. I appreciate the Facebook link so I can find a closer source without spending all day on the phone. It is scary how many people work at gas station and don't even know what ethanol based fuel or E 85 is ! How about a link to your favorite economical tester ?
  10. I am posting this for a friend. I have personally seen this toy hauler on many occasions, and can testify to the fact That it is in very good condition. If you're looking for this type of toy hauler, this one is very clean 2010 Freestyle Fully self contained toy hauler Refrigerator Generator air-conditioner forced air heater power queen sized bunk converting sofas offered @ $8500.00 OBO Owner can be reached at 619-277-8444
  11. Having recently returned from a extended stay at Glamis I have some thoughts going through my mind. Now I don't want to start a battle, but to say there isn't already one going on would be very naïve. I have said on numerous occasions that the situation at Glamis is the only one that I'm aware of where park rangers, usually known to be host and helpful, our adversaries of the guests. Now that in itself could be a topic that could go on for months or years. Not looking to go there. Where I would like to go is specific. I will admit I have not done any research. Here's the situation. During my recent Adventure I came across a group that I recognized from past years. These individuals drive quite a ways to enjoy all that glamis has to offer and it is obvious that they are financially backing up their hobby pretty heavily. Because of a geographic limitations these people do not get to spend just weekends in the desert like most of us do. You see they drive for about two days or more to get there. Now over the years I have had all sorts of combinations to try and accommodate the hauling of my toys safely, and provide housing during my stay. I'm sure most of you know what I'm saying, The size of my RV has grown over the years to accommodate numerous members of the family, as well as a warm bed and hot shower. I know that in the past couple of years limitations that trailers had on them just a decade ago have been removed when the three American truck manufacturers started jacking their gross carrying weight abilities to meet the needs of a whole new era of toy hollers that are now on the market. I know the limitation used to be 40 feet and I'm now seeing the 42, 43, 45, and well, you get the idea. So here is where the rubber meets the road. After I saw that these happy campers were paid a visit by the local Leo, I was curious as to what was the topic of the extended discussion that they had . It was shared with me that the conversation was regarding the length of the truck. Now the truck is what is referred to as a class 8 or a heavy duty truck, a Kenworth with a studio sleeper. Now I did not have a tape measure out but for those of you who are familiar with what I'm describing I think you will agree that sizing the trailer up behind that truck is a hard thing to do. My guess would be is the trailer was an older 40 foot moving van. Yes the rig in question here what's likely to be pushing the 65 foot overall limit. But it sounded as though the discussion was more along the lines of the Leo not wanting to see a vehicle that had been converted and was appropriately registered as a motorhome with RV tags on the license. OK, now that we pointed out what this is about I do believe that I have seen where there are weekend warrior and other custom built trailers that exceed the standard 40 foot limit. Funny I have never seen or heard of a Leo giving the owner of one of these rigs crap about his size and being parked on (next to) the road ! I had to throw my personal two cents in and say that I would a lot rather see somebody pulling a 24,000 pound trailer with a converted semi truck that is equipped to do that, and at least has a more favorable weight ratio to the trailer . What is up with the Leo's, did this guys wife ran off with a truck driver? Or is he just that ignorant and does not understand the physics of towing safety ??? Ok, I have pronounced my current pet peeve. Once again a trip to Glamis leaves me coming home wondering what type of shit that Leo's are going to pull next! For those of you who like to have an ending to the story, as well as I would like to get all the facts out there so you can form your opinion. I was told that there was no citation issued. Something about the government being closed so therefore he couldn't write tickets? I kind of pondered that a bit and wondered if he wasn't receiving a paycheck was he out Writing tickets for his own personal gratification? A warning, and threat, verbal, was issued and of course The Leo emphasized that the vehicles information had been taken and tracked there for next time they would just tow it!

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