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  1. duneatv

    Fatality at wash 16

    A friend was camped at wash 14 and one of thier group saw the accident, apparently a razor was headed to the toilets and wasn't belted in. They hit a berm track and rolled. The victim was killed when the cage landed on his head. So sad and unnecessary, be safe folks. RIP fellow duner:(
  2. duneatv

    Newbie going to Glamis

    The best advice you can get is find a local to follow. Glamis is awesome. But scary and dangerous if you dont know how to ride it.
  3. duneatv


    I'm here now, easy to spot, only person on the south side of the infield. Silver Ford f150 black yxz sxs
  4. duneatv

    Does anyone here know this guy?

    You guys crack me up, so quick to judge and criticize. Bottom line is he had the opportunity to inspect before buying As Is, no warranty implied or given. Buyer beware. Text the crybaby and tell him you reported his written threats (Idiot) tho the police, and you are willing to press charges.
  5. duneatv

    Windy as Glamis Friday

    Friday before vets day, pretty windy today and yesterday. Camping at roadrunner, no good spots available. Lots of empty rigs, people saving spots for Thanksgiving.
  6. duneatv

    Sand sports super show

    Anybody know if Glamis Dunes storage will be there offering discounted rates this year?
  7. duneatv

    Summer riding spots

    Like many here, we like to ride year round, In the San Diego area riding areas are scarce. Last year we made trips to Utah, Pismo, and big bear. Let' see where everybody goes.
  8. duneatv

    Too hot for us this weekend

    Had a great time last weekend riding with a new group! Cool meeting the owner of Alba racing out there, and the smooth sand was amazing. Here's one of the videos I posted for your enjoyment. See more at Glamislife sxs
  9. duneatv

    Whens your last trip to Glamis

    Shooting for at least four more trips, but beginning of May is it for me. Time to get ready for River season
  10. duneatv

    March 1st trip

    Headed out to Glamis today, my friend Cooper's annual pig roast, should be fun and delicious. If anyone's out stop by
  11. duneatv

    SxS accident at Buttercup Saturday, 2/24

    So sad to lose a fellow duner RIP brother
  12. duneatv

    Glamis riding tips

    Thank you for the positive comments! I wish someone would have had a video like this when I started many years ago. But I think that was before YouTube LOL
  13. duneatv

    I Know, Preaching to the Chior.

    I picked up a pile of trash last trip also, I don't know what people are thinking, pretty easy to keep it clean. Just pick up the crap you brought in, and maybe a piece or two more.

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