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  1. I have a Baja t/a for you if interested.  Joe  (818) 324-1110

    1. Scarabb31


      And I will be in Lakeside on Saturday.

  2. Thanks for all the support. I am not a scammer!! Used Baja T/A tires were a good deal at $150.00 each, it was actually $375.00 for 3, but before he even looked at them he backed out of the third, even though I dismounted them off the beadlocks. No mention of that, LOL. They were fronts on a 12 car, obvious by no lugs and chunking from rocks under power. Sorry he was not satisfied, but the pictures speak for themselves, and I told him that when he threatened to ruin my reputation on GD. I told him he will get told those tires are fine, used Baja T/A's. Joe
  3. I have 33 x 10.5 x 15 Baja t/a's!!! Joe (818) 963-2872
  4. This was used on a vw buggy engine for 1 weekend trip. Brand new. (818) 963-2872 Joe $ 150.00
  5. Non fuel injection fuel pump. Used one trip on a vw engine. like new. $50.00 (818) 963-2872 Joe
  6. Blaster coils, good shape ready to run. $35.00 each. Joe (818) 963-2872
  7. MSD for v8 carb engines with no electronics. Older model. $ 100.00 Joe (818) 963-2872
  8. Used one trip, less than a year old, been sitting. Went to larger battery on v8 car. $ 125.00
  9. Tried to contact several times, slappy system not working. 1carpilot@gmail.com (818) 324-1110 want the baja t/a and black beadlock.
  10. i will give you 200 for the random Baja t/a with method wheel. Joe (818) 324-1110
  11. Have (4) BTR beadlocks, no dents but used. $ 150.00 each Joe (818) 963-2872
  12. How much of a difference to throw on a set of 37" for the desert?? And leave the 5.14 gearing???
  13. How much for that fortin 5 speed??

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