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  1. Bump for the upcoming season. No bottoms available but plenty of the entire units.
  2. Congrats! I know exactly where that house is. It’s about a mile from where we live in the Ryland homes.
  3. I just got out my Predator 3500 to run it for a bit and I wanted to see what it would do with the 2 AC units on my motorhome. It ran both units at the same time without an issue. The generator has a built in amp usage readout and it showed it pulled between 18-19 amps with both running. My motorhome has load shedding that won’t allow you to start both ACs at once it delays them by 30-60 seconds. I ran it for over an hour and it worked great. I am pretty impressed with this little 3500 Inverter generator for the price.
  4. No snow on the trail but their was very small patches here and there. Here’s some pics
  5. Was a passenger on a trip last Thursday-Saturday and stayed 2 nights at buck Island lake. It is for sure non stop rock crawling. I expected more fire roads or something but it was a blast. We parked at Ice house resort as we read it was more secure than parking at the trailhead. It was only 10 bucks a day. We left at 10 from ice house resort and got to buck island lake around 5. Take a large can of bug spray. We broke the front locker on my brothers samurai coming back to buck island on big sluice. Rock sliders I felt are a must as well as good bumpers. We took fishing poles expecting to catch trout but didn’t catch anything but a buzz. Not even a bite. The porta potties were absolutely disgusting and most of them were completely full. I work construction so I am used to nasty outhouses but these were worse. I would highly recommend a winch and extra fuel depending on what you take. Almost everyone was really low on fuel and we only made it down to Rubicon springs and headed back. We had 5 vehicles with us. My brothers samurai an 2 early 2000 4runners a mid 90s landcruiser and a newer Jeep JK all on 35s. Overall great trip. Make sure to get a fire permit online prior to the trip. We didn’t see one ranger or sheriff on the trail the entire time. There was a big group of guys they called the 31 crew that was running there rigs on 31” tires that was pretty funny. It got cold at night down to the high 30s but the days were low 70s it was nice.
  6. I grew up in Ramona and have lived here the last 30 years. I feel it’s a great place to raise kids. A lot of friends moved away front Ramona after high school but a lot of them moved back once they got married and started having kids. When we first moved to Ramona we lived 8 miles outside of town near golden eagle horse ranch on 14 acres. Awesome place to grow up! Around Middle school we moved to the west end of town off Mussey grade rd. It was also a great place in my opinion. As kids we used to ride bikes down to dos picos park and go fishing in the summer almost daily. I bought my first house on the east side about a mile outside of town off Keyes Rd. It was a nice place but it was on a busy street and I didn’t like the cars flying by the front of the house. About 6 years ago we bought a house in Rancho San vicente (Ryland homes) they call them just on the outskirts of the estates. Very happy here. Quiet at night and very safe with great neighbors. I have 1.3 acres and plenty of room to park whatever I need. We’re able to drive our golf cart into the estates and visit family, take the kids to the park and go get a meal at the Country club on the San Vicente golf course. You can drive all over the estates in golf carts. Feel free to hit me up with any questions or recommendations.
  7. Blew up my 92 Suzuki samurai motor this past weekend 😢and looking to upgrade to a 1.6L 16 valve motor or possibly replace with another 1.3 Samurai motor. Anyone know of any rolled or wrecked Sidekicks or Trackers? I know it’s not a motor typically used for Buggy’s but I know there’s a lot of people into these SamuraIs. This is my go to in the dirt and want to get it back and going ASAP. I’m in the San Diego Area . Thanks!
  8. Bump just picked up another 16 Smudgies if anyone is interested.
  9. I am all out of the bottoms. I only have the complete units at this point.
  10. Bump. Heading to Fullerton this afternoon if anyone up that way needs a smudgie let me know.
  11. 2013 Ram 2500 4x4 diesel. Laramie. Tan/brown interior with all weather mats. Carli 3" commuter kit, Fox shocks, 35" Toyo AT with less than 5k miles on them. 17" Method NV wheels. B&W turnover ball hitch in bed. Rear airbags. LineX bed liner with rollup bed cover. 88k Miles. $42500 Pink slip in hand. Posting this for my brother his cell number is 760-822-9685 He is located in a Ramona CA

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