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  1. Selling a used set of 5 wide DWT wheels with sand blaster and razor backs mounted on them for $1100. Tires in decent shape with one chunk missing as shown in the photos. Will ship at your expense.
  2. Selling my used LS adapter plate and flywheel, in great working condition when removed. Only removed due to switching to new tranny. Asking $150 for adapter plate and $75 for flywheel. Will ship but at your expense.
  3. Bdukes

    STU tires and Beadlocks for sale

    I would rather not at this time.
  4. Bdukes

    STU tires and Beadlocks for sale

    2" backspacing
  5. Selling a used set of 33-15 STU paddles in decent shape. One paddle has a chunk in it as shown in the pictures. 8.50 front triple rib tires on bead locks for $1200 will be in Glamis 12/27-01/01. Text if interested at (520)234-2536
  6. Bdukes

    New to me funco gen 3

    Really nice car??

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