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  1. Yessss! Nicely done.
  2. Thanks for the oil disposal tip. That’s going to save me a ton of time and hassle!
  3. BCannon

    BBQ hook up!

    I've had Bull and Cal Flame. I prefer Cal Flame for the look but both are equal quality in my opinion. I used to work for a company that was a Cal Flame dealer so I got a pretty good deal buying direct and that's what I used on my current Island. I did the same thing. Bought the equipment and had the Island built. I would Highly suggest the sink. I had one in my last Island and opted not to put one in my current Island and I miss it. It's a good spot to put cooking utensils and to rinse your hands when either cooking or just doing yard work and other things in the back yard. You'll also need a 110v outlet under the Island to plug in lighting for your grill and I would install one on the outside of the island to plug in a blender or anything else. I also did under counter lighting which looks awesome at night. Cal Flame has a whole bunch of accessories like doors, drawers, side burners, etc. Check out their website: https://www.calflamebbq.com I got the 4 burner grill, set of 30" doors (soft closing, pretty cool), a set of drawers and the paper towel holder. I still have a contact at Secard Pools who is a Cal Flame dealer who can get you pricing. They're not far from you in Rancho Cucamonga.
  4. I got $30k in my whole yard! Including grill and fireplace.
  5. I come from CA and Rancho was the go to for Transmission service. Any AZ guys have referrals out here? Thanks, Bob
  6. I don't know guys. If we can invent new technology that hasn't even been invented yet I think we'll be okay.
  7. That's awesome man. My boys are doing the same thing when we're in Glamis. Just wearing a hole in the desert!
  8. Man! We love it out here. I'm at the end of Lone Mountain and 137th. It's awesome being able to get to endless trails from my driveway. I used to have to load up the truck and drive an hour. I could ride to the Boulders from my house! I'm trying to plan a route from my house up to Lake Pleasant. It's only 14 miles one way.
  9. Love my Tatum but it's a far cry from a TX4. Those cars are a work of art. Congrats on pulling the trigger! Make sure you share any progress pics.
  10. Got my oldest boy Ryder out on the trail on his 50 for the first time today. Man, what a great feeling as a father! Just had to share. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Bob IMG_3966.MOV IMG_3964.MOV
  11. No, I took that opportunity to change the trans oil while I was at it so it was empty when I changed the seal.
  12. Damn! That is one clean Funco. GLWS. Beautiful car!

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