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  1. BCannon

    Green new deal

    I don't know guys. If we can invent new technology that hasn't even been invented yet I think we'll be okay.
  2. BCannon

    Ryder's on the storm!

    Got my oldest boy Ryder out on the trail on his 50 for the first time today. Man, what a great feeling as a father! Just had to share. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Bob IMG_3966.MOV IMG_3964.MOV
  3. BCannon

    Ryder's on the storm!

    That's awesome man. My boys are doing the same thing when we're in Glamis. Just wearing a hole in the desert!
  4. BCannon

    Ryder's on the storm!

    Man! We love it out here. I'm at the end of Lone Mountain and 137th. It's awesome being able to get to endless trails from my driveway. I used to have to load up the truck and drive an hour. I could ride to the Boulders from my house! I'm trying to plan a route from my house up to Lake Pleasant. It's only 14 miles one way.
  5. BCannon

    Tips On A New Tatum Build

    Love my Tatum but it's a far cry from a TX4. Those cars are a work of art. Congrats on pulling the trigger! Make sure you share any progress pics.
  6. BCannon

    2D leaking oil from front of tranny

    No, I took that opportunity to change the trans oil while I was at it so it was empty when I changed the seal.
  7. BCannon

    2006 Funco Gen 4

    Damn! That is one clean Funco. GLWS. Beautiful car!
  8. BCannon

    2D leaking oil from front of tranny

    Came out and went in easy. Just make sure you have the right once going back in by matching it up with the old one. I put some sealant on it before putting it back in and have had no issues since.
  9. BCannon

    Ask any question, get answers here Thread

    Yes, this works within the topic. I’m talking about when yore on page 2 of topic listings, select a topic to read and then try to go back to the topic listings. It always takes me back to page one of topics.
  10. BCannon

    Disposing of old gas

    So I have an old truck that the gas made it’s way into the engine block. I drained all the gas/oil mix (4 gallons worth!). What the hell do I do with it now? I’m in the Phoenix AZ area. Auto parts stores will take oil only. No gas. Anyone want to fill a smudge pot?
  11. BCannon

    Ask any question, get answers here Thread

    Why is it that when I’m on page 2 of topics and I’m reading a post, if I hit the back button I’m back on page 1 of topics?
  12. BCannon

    Ask any question, get answers here Thread

    Love me some egg nog. Mix it with a little bit of Rum and we’re really talkin!
  13. BCannon

    Kids seats?

    I ratchet strapped a regular car seat to the frame of the car and locked it down. My 3 year old loves riding in the buggy! All 3 of my kids will fall asleep during long rides at times. I too got the 2" 5 pointers for the bigger kids on the advice from a friend. Way better for their little shoulders.
  14. BCannon

    1BadF9 Photo shoot

    Password required? ?
  15. BCannon

    Glamis thanksgiving part 3

    Love these videos. Fills a void for me.
  16. BCannon

    Got a Yamaha YXZ

    Congrats sir!
  17. BCannon

    A Slappy Thought

    Stoic philosophy for the day.
  18. BCannon

    Today's Highway star

    Boss let me drive his 2018 Porsche Targa GTS. I certainly felt like a highway star for about an hour!
  19. Never seen that before. Awesome Idea!
  20. BCannon

    Glamis Lefty's

    Yep. Nobody does me like me. But the other me is a nice change up once in a while.
  21. BCannon

    Need the Straight Scoop on Camp Razor

    Last year was the first year I've been. As long as you stay out of the rzr triangle (Drags to olds to store) you'll have the dunes to yourself. Staying at Gecko would be the ticket. The washes are a dust bowl 24/7 on those busy weekends. I would be in if I were you now that you can go prepared.
  22. BCannon

    Finally getting my shop built!!

    Can we get a rough idea what a project like this costs? I've been eyeballing this 40' x 60' on eBay. Just not sure what a pad and install would run. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Steel-Building-40x60x12-SIMPSON-ALL-GALVALUME-Metal-Building-Workshop-Kit/142750819242?hash=item213c9ca3aa:g:Mf4AAOSw9~5ZOzjn
  23. BCannon

    2018 SSSS photos

    Man! Lots of cars this year. Thanks for the pics! When's the AZ show?
  24. So I just moved from California where I had Pacific customs, Kartek and McFaddendale for parts all within 30 minutes from where I lived. Where in AZ to I go to get stuff now? I'm in Peoria, about 40 minutes North West of Phoenix. On the same token, are there any affordable fabricators around? I want to get electric power steering and some side steps installed in my buggy and I can't weld. Tatum happens to be located in Peoria as well but I'm assuming they're going to be pretty pricey. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! -Bob
  25. Man, she’s beautiful! Awesome story. Goes to show, you never know. Thanks for sharing.

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