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  1. SOLD!!! Asking $2,500. Original owner. Low hours on new top end. K&N kit, mid range FMF pipe. Runs great, starts easy, dune ready. Pink in hand and registration just paid. New stickers are good until June 2021. Call or text, 951-852-1393, located in Hemet. Thanks for Looking.
  2. 2 LT80 quads for sale. Both in great condition. The 05 (yellow quad) is stock (nerf bars added). The 03 (red quad) has a new top end, new starter, K&N air filter, carb upgrade, pipe, paddles, and nerf bars. $2,000 for both. Will sell either individually for $1,200. Both titles clean, pink slips in hand. Posting for family. Call or text (951) 288-5825.
  3. Just reporting a happy end to this problem. Like I said, there was a good deal of oil on the belt and clutch. My friend and his dad tore it down, dried everything up, put it back together, and she works fine now. Think there may have been too much gear oil in the thing allowing the seal to leak into the belt area. The seal looked fine I guess. We'll see how it holds up in the sand. Thanks again for the info.
  4. Thank you all for the great advise. Negative on any break issues. It rolls fine. Chain is in good shape too. He's got the side cover off now. I haven't seen it myself yet, but he says there's oil in that area and on the belt. Should there be oil in that area? Maybe a seal went out. Seems like that may be the cause of the slipping. He found a shop here in town that is taking a look at it tomorrow. He's kinda in a jam and trying to get the thing going by this weekend. I'll make a post when I hear what happens. Thanks again for the replies....My friend said thanks too.
  5. So you think we need to split the case? Pretty much figured we'd have to. These bikes are new to us and I didn't know if there was something small we were overlooking. Didn't think it would be as easy as low oil. We thought it may have been low, but I see the capacity it only 2.7 oz's, so it was probably full. Thanks for the reply. I'll take a look at this link now.
  6. Posting for a friend. Has 02 or 03 LT80. Was running fine at the end of last season when he put it up. Fired it up for first run this season and the engine winds up, but the quad will barely move forward, even with nobody on the bike. It's an auto tranny with one gear. Just wondering if anyone has had the same issue. We drained the oil out of the gear box and didn't find any metal. Seemed a little low on oil though. Don't know if low oil level in the trans would have caused that though....While I'm on that topic, does anyone know what type of oil that gear box takes? Any wisdom is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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