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  1. I have a set of black DWT 17x12 billet center beadlocks with 5.5" backspace/offset. They come with a set of used 14.5x17 dune sports. Tires are not currently mounted on wheels but will mount if desired. Beadlocks come with all necessary hardware for assembly. Located in San Bernardino, but travel to Vista for work weekly so could potentially arrange a meet along the 215/15. $700
  2. evantwheeler

    2009 Yeti 575 size L Mountain Bike -$700

    Bump for a drop to $700
  3. evantwheeler

    Correct Rear Wheel & Paddle Combo

    Thanks for the update. What wheels do you have, the common DWT wheels everyone runs? What was the cost and turn around? I'm thinking of going this same route on my car.
  4. evantwheeler

    Skat Traks paddles for sand cars

    Sorry, but this has to be a misprint. The DOT Baja TA weighs 75 lbs https://www.fordraptorforum.com/threads/weighing-in-37-grabber-red-label-v-37-bfg-baja-t-a-dot.14229/ I just cannot believe that the race only version shaved almost 30lbs out of the same tire.
  5. evantwheeler

    Jeep Pics

  6. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/snw/d/paddle-tires-1450x15/6761931394.html
  7. I've got a bad ignition coil. I can get a replacement AC Delco for $50 off of Amazon (truck coil D585). In doing some research, it seems the coils on my engine are an AC Delco product meant for use in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean (part # BSC1251 / 19279910). Many reports on Amazon that these AC Delco parts are inferior for the ones intended to be used in the US. Anyhow, Top Street Performance sells a set of 8 replacement coils for under $200 that claims 15% higher output over OEM. If these are any good, this is a no brainer to replace all 8. You know the old saying you get what you pay for usually is magnified when electronics are involved. Anyone using these? @J Alper I know you sell a lot of the TSP hard parts, your thoughts on these coils? . https://www.topstreetperformance.com/products/ignition/ignition-coils/gm-ls-ignition-coils-high-output-truck-engines-8pc-set.html These are for an Alper built 416 LS3. Thanks, Evan
  8. I have (4) take offs from new 2500 mega cab, tires are Firestone 285/60r20 E rated heavy duty tires. . Tires have 1200 miles on them. $1000.Located in San Bernardino. Could work out a meet somewhere between here and Vista during the week as I travel back and forth once or twice a week between offices.This is a borrowed photo, I will upload photos tomorrow of actual tires and wheels.
  9. evantwheeler

    2009 Yeti 575 size L Mountain Bike -$700

    Weekend bump
  10. evantwheeler

    10 Watt Single Row Curved LED light Bars

    Have any curved 43's in stock yet?
  11. evantwheeler

    Skat Traks paddles for sand cars

    Can you post a photo of race Kevlar 37's? Are these the same tires you're talking about? https://classifieds.race-dezert.com/FOR_SALE:4-37-12.50-17-BFG-Front-tires-146300 The internet says that these weigh in at about 75lbs each, so that means the shave drops 30lbs of rubber off of each tire? If they end up the same weight as the STU36's, I will definitely be having skat track make me some paddles out of some of these 37" BFG's. I figured they would be well over 55 lbs complete.
  12. evantwheeler

    Skat Traks paddles for sand cars

    You get a weight on these yet?
  13. evantwheeler

    2009 Yeti 575 size L Mountain Bike -$700

    Bump for a drop to $750

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