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  1. I had no complaints with this fridge except for at the lowest cold setting, my Coors Light is not as ice cold as I'd like it. I am in process of a very slow remodel of the interior of my motorhome, and I thought this fridge would be the one, but I found a stainless Haier on craigslist that suited my needs better as far as fitment and looks, that is the only reason I went away from the Magic Chef. (https://www.amazon.com/Haier-15-Cu-Ft-French-Door-Refrigerator-HRF15N3AGS/dp/B01B7V39TE/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_265_t_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=6E2650W69WHZQ7R00J9S) Dry camped in glamis for a week twice with it. I run the genny in the AM for 1-2 hrs, and then at night the same to re-charge batteries. I do have 4 panels on the roof (wattage unknown), and have 3 nice expensive Lifeline house batteries that are ~3 years old. Fridge ran off a Magnum 2500w inverter just fine. I could probably have saved some battery juice by putting in a smaller more efficient dedicated inverter for just the fridge, but to be honest, everything worked fine as it was so I didn't see a reason to spend money to change it. I did two trips to Idaho with it and the door never flew open while underway. You'll see lots of different contraptions to keep the residential fridge doors from coming open while driving if you search the net, but I never had that issue. I live in my RV by myself, and this was a perfect size fridge. Depending on size of your family, it could get crowded packing for a long trip or trying to find a place for lots of left overs.
  2. I bought this fridge less than a year ago from Home Depot and used it in my RV. I upgraded to a bit larger stainless unit and don't have a need for this anymore. New from Home Depot is $360+tax, see link for description and dimensions: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Magic-Chef-10-1-cu-ft-Top-Freezer-Refrigerator-in-Black-HMDR1000BE/302245062?MERCH=REC-_-pipsem-_-NA-_-302245062-_-N There is one small dent/scratch on the lower left hand side of bottom door, see photos; Asking $250. Located in San Bernardino.
  3. Anyone have some old 16" 6 lug trailer wheels lying around they are tired of tripping over? I bought some tires to upgrade an old flatbed trailer, but need to source some wheels. Thanks, Evan
  4. I have a set of four 15" x4.5" VW steel wheels, no tires. A couple dents in the rim lips, but the all held air. I dismounted & threw out the old tires with the intent of putting a set of 15" UTV tires on these, but ran across a set of 14" loader wheels that let me use some old 30" x 14 Mongrels I had lying around. Wheels in San Bernardino. FYI - Depending on your rear brake setup, you may need to use washers or other spacers for these to fit over your caliper. I had to use spacers on my Pro-Am microstub hubs. $50
  5. I think the thought behind Steel-It is that it is supposed to be much more durable than the far cheaper paints. All I can say is that they did a tremendous job at marketing and now all the users are doing the marketing for them on Social Media. I have used it myself on my top A-Arms as I dig the color and finish. I've only got 5 days on them and I led every ride, so can't comment as to the durability against the sand blasting abuse the front of our cars typically see. I will be doing the lower arms and trailing arms for no reason other than I like the color of the silver Steel-it.
  6. Looks great John. Those outside floods - 1. Are they 12v or 120v? 2. Where did you get them?
  7. They're still around but they're wearing different rubber
  8. That was a great price for a clean machine!
  9. Nothing magic about the new engine compared to others, probably 7-14 mpg depending on load. They’ll figure out some way to lie and make the mileage higher to meet EPA standards, but it’s not like it’s going to get 20mpg in the real world unless it’s on a trailer getting towed by a Cummins. My 2017 6.2l Gasser F250 has averaged 12mpg over the 65000mi I have driven it. Pretty much 85-90% highway miles at 70-80mph.
  10. Haven't driven the 4 seat S, but if money was no object that is the machine I would buy. I would buy a Turbo XP 4 seater over the X3 max everyday of the week and again on Monday. I've driven them both, about 200 miles each, and the Polaris is so much more fun to drive. The max feels like you're dragging a trailer behind you. The Turbo XP4 felt surprisingly light and nimble. Having owned a 2 seat XP1k (~2500 miles), I always expected the 4 seaters to be less fun to drive. The 4 seat canam was less fun to drive, but the 4 seat polaris was way more fun than the 2 seater to my surprise. So many variables to consider, but that is my opinion.

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