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  1. evantwheeler

    Towing with Gas powered truck

    I’m anxious to see the 2020 Fords with the 7.3l gas big block and 10 speed transmission. If you can get a basic XLT trim truck with PWDL under 40k, I think it will be a real winner.
  2. evantwheeler

    Full Set of (8) Shocks From 2-seat Alumicraft - $2800

    Bump for another price drop.
  3. evantwheeler

    Air filter cleaning trick

    Just let it soak and washout from the inside? Are you still using the k&n or simple green as the first step and the detergent as the final “polish”? Will have to try this on my CBM filters. Thanks
  4. Simple & not over the top would not have a light bar integrated into the hood. Save the money from the tin work and just buy some high quality Baja Designs lights. A couple/few XL80's mounted around your front push bar will do the trick. Read here:
  5. evantwheeler

    What’s on your feet?

    Blundstones: https://www.blundstone.com/shop/rustic-brown-premium-leather-chelsea-boots-mens-style-585
  6. evantwheeler

    Full Set of (8) Shocks From 2-seat Alumicraft - $2800

    Bump. Someone’s gotta be looking to upgrade their car to a double shock setup this summer! $3k firm for all 8.
  7. evantwheeler

    Looking for motor/trans

    Seriously. There seem to be lots of well built super plush raptor 700's available for under $3k. Can't imagine the juice is worth the squeeze here given the amount of effort and customization/fabrication required.
  8. evantwheeler

    Firearms in your car

    Post a sign or add it into your service contracts: If a loaded firearm is found in vehicle during course of service, work will cease and you will be charged the hourly service rate until you return to shop during normal business hours and remove the firearm. Waaaayyyy too many cans of worms touching someone else's loaded firearm, I don't care what state you live in.
  9. evantwheeler

    New aluminum body by KATG Motorsports

    @acefuture @dbart You guys are both very talented at what you do! Thanks for the efforts and for sharing!
  10. I bought a pallet of shocks. I kept what I was after and am selling the rest. What I have is as follows: Qty (6) - 980-02-232-1 - (3) left/right pairs - 3.0" x 12" 4 tube bypasses with piggy back reservoir - $2000 / pair https://www.kartek.com/parts/fox-racing-bypass-shocks-3-body-12-stroke-78-shaft-piggy-back-reservoir-4-tube-adjustment.html Qty (6) - 983-02-074-1 - 2.0" x 10" coil over with piggy back reservoir - $600 / pair https://www.kartek.com/parts/fox-racing-shocks-2-coil-over-10-stroke-78-shaft-rotating-hose-remote-reservoir-58-hd-uniballs.html Qty (2) - 980-02-108-1 - 2.5" x 14" coil over with remote reservoir - $1000 / pair https://www.kartek.com/parts/fox-racing-shocks-25-coil-over-body-14-stroke-78-diameter-shaft-with-hose-remote-reservoir.html These are all thermal coated black from Fox and except for the boxes opened in the photos, the boxes are still sealed shut with the Made in the USA sticker. These have "custom valving" for a sand car from Fox, but I could not tell you what the valving specs are. What I can say is I put a full set of shocks on my 2-seat Alumicraft and all we had to do was back the rebound out a couple clicks. The car drives like a dream. I am located in San Bernardino, delivery could be potentially arranged depending on my schedule. Thanks, Evan
  11. evantwheeler

    New alignment plates I made

    I'm in for a set of steel @ 3/8". If the new re-designed aluminum ones come in at that price point I'll wait for a group purchase. I don't want to be a pain, I can see how this becomes a cat herding exercise when all you're trying to do is help out.

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