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  1. evantwheeler

    Suspension tuning in Glamis 2-5 cars needed

    Kurt rebuilt my 8 shocks for ~$900 this past summer. 4 coilovers and 4 bypasses. Replaced a couple spherical bearings but other than that, just a standard rebuild, no other hard parts.
  2. evantwheeler

    53" Wide PRP Bench Seat - Black

  3. evantwheeler

    Fuel Cell Help

    I bought the motobilt fuel tank and mount posted in the OP. I don’t have the desire to build my own tank right now, and this tank fits pretty well in my intended space. I’ll post photos once it’s installed,
  4. evantwheeler

    solar battery tender?

    Why not just bring the batteries home and throw them on a tried and true 120v battery minder?
  5. evantwheeler

    School me on Fortin Transaxles please

    Did you go lower on you R&P ratio now that you have the supercharger? What ratio are you running?
  6. evantwheeler

    53" Wide PRP Bench Seat - Black

    I have a 53" wide at the hips PRP bench seat. I bought used with the intention of putting it in the back of my Landcruiser along with the front matching bucket seats, but is is far too wide. Approximately 45.25" outside to outside for mounting tabs, and 14.875" center to center for tabs front to back. Located in San Bernardino. $200
  7. evantwheeler

    iso seats

    I have a nice used vinyl black PRP buggy bench seat that I bought and can't use that I would get rid of. All black with two headrests.
  8. evantwheeler

    Boxo USA Tools

    Harbor freight box, harbor freight: box end wrenches, ratchets, sockets, extensions, and assortment of socket style Allen keys; gear wrench ratcheting wrenches, snap on screw drivers, snap on pry bars, knipex snap ring pliers. This is exactly what I own and have zero complaints. Have never broke a Harbor freight hand tool that was being properly used.
  9. evantwheeler

    SOLD - 2006 FUNCO 2 SEATER

    @John@Outfront Mtrsprts Pretty sure @SANDBAM bought it. He inquired about some wheels I had for sale for it, but someone local snatched them up quick. He was in the process of re-powdercoating everything but I know he was in a skiing/boarding accident and spent a month or so in the hospital so that may have put a damper on the progress.
  10. evantwheeler

    Fuel Cell Help

    This was one of the first ones I looked at. I wish it was 10” wider. This would definitely work for the time being, and like LRS suggested, I could design and build my own as time allows. That would give me an excuse to buy a TIG welder and learn how to use it. Or maybe just a spool gun for my Miller 210.
  11. evantwheeler

    Fuel Cell Help

    I can certainly design, fabricate, and weld my own tank, and as a matter of fact the shop next door is a metal fab shop and I'm sure I could work something out to have the guys teach me how to use a press brake so I'm not welding every dang seam. To be honest, I'm not looking to make this into a 3 weekend fuel tank build project so don't have a problem paying.
  12. evantwheeler

    Fuel Cell Help

    This is what I am thinking, but have no idea who to go to for this locally. I want someone that is familiar with building tanks - as posted above I can get a decent tank and mount for $700, built in the USA, but it's not ideal for my intended space.
  13. evantwheeler

    Fuel Cell Help

    The stock tank in my 1977 FJ40 (under passenger seat) needs to be removed for new suspension seats and cage modifications to support seats. I've been searching for a fuel cell to fit directly behind the new seats and cage and I have about 40.5" between my wheel wells. The best option I can come up with dimensionally is this Harmon bladder style cell which measures 40" wide x 14" tall x 14" wide at the base and 7" wide at the top. https://www.harmonracingcells.com/store/p145/22_Gallon_-_CUTE22.html This is a recreational trail rig, I don't really want to spend $1500 on a custom bladder fuel cell designed for racing but I cannot find anything with similar dimensions on the market. I've looked through Summit, all of Jaz's offerings, all of RCI's offerings, all of Fuel Safe's (also bladder style cells). Am I missing any big fuel cell manufacturer? Here is another off the shelf option, but I wish it was another 6" wider to utilize available space. They do make a very nice mount frame to go along with it. I would have to add the sender myself by drilling into a brand new fuel cell This unit is probably $700 with shipping and tax. https://www.motobilt.com/product/jeep_yj_fuel_tank_behind_seat_aluminum Is there anyone in the Inland Empire that builds aluminum tanks to spec that can be recommended?

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