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  1. Man, for another 4k I'd just buy new. I was quoted a new S4D from McMullen at just over $15k. I think there is a decent lead time and sounds like the OP needs something quickly, so a new one may not work, but I'd bet a paycheck that you'll be into that used trans for over the cost of a new one by the start of next season.
  2. Hahaha, yes, you were right to the right of us on the other side of Bill. Pretty sure we all saw your balls that night if you remember... no homo! Giving the brain to the assholes spraying everyone with sand. Haha
  3. This is a horrible for sale ad. Come on guy, delete it or post up the details for a potential buyer. Details like year, engine, trans type, axle details, locker details, tire size, add-ons. Maybe the asking price? I dunno, too much to ask for?
  4. The problem with these kinds of people is they jut don’t Have common decency. When you approach them like an adult and explain to them the error in judgement made choosing a camping spot, they get defensive, physically confrontational, and verbally abusive. The men talk shit and walk away, then the women come out and try to shooo you away from camp yelling and screaming. All the while, your trying to tell them their kids and entire camp are in danger of having a pre runner drive through their camp like a freight train at 3am because they are in fact parked right in the middle of a road. They’ve also blocked acces for emergency vehicles I the event of a medical situation. As they say, you can’t fix stupid. Can wait for the economy to tank to clean up the trash from the recreation areas (literally and figuratively).
  5. Were they driving Sand Rail Fabricatiors buggies? We had the same exact problem on Halloween. 10-12 rigs, parked right in the middle of the canal road on the East side of the canal. We talked to BLM, blm did nothing.
  6. All taken in the same night Halloween weekend. It was the best evening of my 2019. Perfect weather and could have been in a better place or with better people.
  7. 2 seat Alumicraft prerunner chassis, no clue on actual weight but it’s probably 2600Lbs. 10” front c/o 200/250 14” rear c/o 450/500
  8. The 35.5 is a heavier tire with a more aggressevie paddle cup than the 36" blaster. Essentially the same carcass size wise, but larger cups.
  9. Then the dune sports will likely be the ticket for you. About the same height as the blaster, but much much wider. Like I said, going to dune sports on 17's will add about 15 lbs per wheel /tire over your current setup.
  10. The 14.5 dune sports on 17’s are very heavy compared to your current tire setup (in ballpark of 15 lbs more per tire wheel combo) but will give you a nice wide flat tire for flotation. I think mine measured something like 17” wide and had a very flat profile. The paddles seem to be less aggressive than other offerings (STU & Xtreme). I’m partial to the 36” STU blasters because I like the look and the height. You’ll gain very little height with the dune sports, only width and weight. The 36” blasters may not end up much wider than the 33 blasters, but they will get you a lot more height and clearance to the skid. The 36” blasters and wheels weigh nearly identical to the 14.5 dune sports, both on 17’s.
  11. This guy is: https://instagram.com/pro481?igshid=1u3eii4f7pkji not a popular builder, but this guy builds dune only V8 cars. Mid-engine wheelies!!!
  12. That turned out great! For the cost vs. quality and value, I do not think you can beat buying a late 90's to mid 2000's coach from a name brand builder. Unless you can use a new MH / Coach as a tax write off for a business, I cannot understand how people buy these mutli-hundred thousand dollar rigs that depreciate at such an unbelievable rate.

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