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  1. And depending on condition, seeing as it's a Fortin, it could cost you $10k to make it a $10k used transaxle. If you don't have a recent legit receipt of a fresh rebuild from a reputable shop from the previous owner, assume its worth nothing.
  2. Best bet locally is to find some used 15" sxs tires. Call UTV inc, they often list used tires for sale on Race Dezert, they may have some used race BFGs you can buy for loaders. Should be in the 30" or 32" tall x 9 or 10" wide range. Also could go with the MT Baja Pros. They make 33" and 35" versions which are also only 9" or 10" wide. Not sure how likely you are to find used Baja Pros in PHX.
  3. Trailer has 9000 on the axles and about 1500 on the tongue loaded. No WD hitch pulling my 20’ enclosed with a 40’ coach. Pulls and rides great without it. If I had one, I’d probably use it, but I don’t see a need to buy one.
  4. That is a smokin deal for a full car worth of shocks in great condition. I have a brand new set of Fox black 3.0 x 12" 4 tube bypasses with race internals for the front if you don't have your new shocks yet. Valved for a sand car. I put a pair on the front of my 2-seat Alumicraft and they are dialed in right out of the box from Fox. $2000 for the pair.
  5. Interested in this as well. I'm not concerned about insurance coverage in the dunes. If I wad up the rail, its my own fault. More concerned with coverage for damage in storage (fire, flood, theft, etc) and damage in transit. I noticed on your original post, buggies were not mentioned. Can you insure sand rails ?
  6. I've had great luck with both Bridgestone, Toyo, on my works trucks, and Coopers on my personal truck.
  7. Why 2 days? With one car only, one day is more than enough. He may suggest taking the internal bypasses apart up front to drill some additional holes and that would require work in the shop, so maybe that is why?
  8. Use a CBM filter. Setup looks bitchin! Can wait to hear the results. A similar setup would look great on my Alper built LS3 😈
  9. Car looked great in the sand in Idaho over 4th of July. Sorry to see you selling it. Hope it finds a good home.
  10. What if my car has Fox shocks? Assuming I would need to track down the Fox guys and not the King guys? I’m very happy with the way my car handles, but I know it can always be improved with little tweaks.
  11. Very nice car, that thing should be a blast!
  12. Dirt only car, or plan to use in the dunes? No doubt a good dirt tune is better than none at all, but I’m genuinely curious how a Barstow tune translates to handling in Glamis. Did it cost money to tune with King?

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