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  1. Please pm me for some Stu 10.75 15 picked up or shipped to 93314 Thanks
  2. Performance diesel and Performance truck and diesel in Bakersfield.
  3. Not mine but this is one I found in a search
  4. i got the Scott Drake one its around $60, all the others are way overpriced.
  5. I have some speaker pods and a sub box that I had made for my sand pro2 that I don't need. Let me know if your interested. Richard 661 6996987
  6. I've done it with a raptor 80 before and the battery leaked, after that I always removed the battery.
  7. I believe SU started doing that in 2006/2007. You might be right on that because the red one is a 2005 and the green one is a 2006
  8. Not all of them had SU stamped in the shock bracket and the one in question is for sure a copy.
  9. If I was closer to you I'd do it for you with this. <<<<<< <<<<<< <<<<<<
  10. It doesn't turn, it's locked onto your tow vehicle in three spots.
  11. I've seen what you talking about but the one safetyhitch.com sells allows you to tow a fifth wheel with a excursion or whatever you got.
  12. Does anybody here have any experience with one of these or know somebody that does.

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