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  1. 91761Duramax

    Fresh Water Fill up

    brain fart. On my to stage coach, I will be taking the 10 from San Bernardino
  2. 91761Duramax

    Fresh Water Fill up

    I am dry camping on a private property, just in case they do not let me fill up my fresh water tanks, were am I able to fill up on my way up there
  3. 91761Duramax

    2005 Forest River Sierra Sport F38

    good luck on the sale, I want to remodel my WW interior too
  4. 91761Duramax

    AFE Differential Cover for 2500HD

  5. 91761Duramax

    Oil Cooler Duramax

    Thank You Kraut_n_Rice, guess need to put one together by doing some research
  6. 91761Duramax

    Oil Cooler Duramax

    Yes, I am running LBZ mouth piece with resonator being plugged. S&B Intake with scoop.
  7. 91761Duramax

    Oil Cooler Duramax

    how can I find information for the Killerbee oil cooler I would like to purchase one before summer.
  8. 91761Duramax

    AFE Differential Cover for 2500HD

  9. 91761Duramax

    Analog Thermostat to Digital

    Found this one on Amazon kinda pricey RV Products Airxcel 8330-3862 T-Stat Wall Digital Heat/Cool https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M8LFHT3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_SV2xCb71NGJNR
  10. 91761Duramax

    Air Filter

    How often do you change or clean your air filter? LLY maintance schedule says Check filter condition every oil change and replace as necessary; replace at 45,000 miles regardless. When I had my old LLY I had K&N and clean it every oil change. My new LLY has S&B air filter with dry filter.
  11. 91761Duramax

    Range Shift Inhibited A1000 Allison

    Should I use Transynd when I replace my transmission oil or what else would you recommend
  12. 91761Duramax

    Generator maintenance

    dumb question but what is a load?
  13. 91761Duramax

    LLY cooalnt leak and Temperature fluctuating

    Thank You Chevy1925 it was 2 water outlet seals that was causing the leak. I had to take it to a shop. Labor was expensive but less then a head gasket. The leak was in the upper and lower coolant tube
  14. 91761Duramax

    Range Shift Inhibited A1000 Allison

    How difficult is it to do a transmission oil change? My only worry is is drooping the transmission to replace the internal filter.

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