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  1. @Vinsanity thanks glad you posted an update. I saw the thread but at that time you only had the roof done
  2. Looking great thanks for posting can not wait to start on my interior remodel. What is the name of the color you went with for the bottom cabinets?
  3. brain fart. On my to stage coach, I will be taking the 10 from San Bernardino
  4. I am dry camping on a private property, just in case they do not let me fill up my fresh water tanks, were am I able to fill up on my way up there
  5. WW has been in storage for 10 years. Finally last fall I started using it again. The group I have been camping have newer Toy Haulers and the interior are up to date. Cant afford a new hauler but I can afford interior remodel. I am looking to begin next month and have it done by mid July for my trip to Utah for Country Fan Fest. I want some input from you guys to help me with this remodel. Toy Hauler Walls, I know the walls have wall paper. Would it be better to replace the wall paper or tear down the wall paper and paint the wall? I also have a few scruffs and one hole from my rear bed failing. That be said i would want to repair it what would be the best way to repair? WW Rear Bed. I am looking to replace the pull down rear bed. I want to replace it with pull down sofa bed. I have been searching the web and have only found electric beds that go down. Are non electric bed pull down sofa beds available? Cabinets and fridge. The plan is to repaint the cabinets and replace it with new knobs and hinges. What color would be best? I have seen white, black and grey. In regards to the fridge I do not want to replace it to match the the new interior. I am assuming, I can take it apart and paint the outside. The plans for the floor are to replace the carpet, paint underneath were the carpet goes. Replace the vinyl floor The fold down dinner beds I am looking to get reupholster and replacing one with a dinette set. The dinette set looking to add Replacing all curtains. What it is the best way to replace them? I like the pull down curtain but I know they are pricey. Trying to tally up to see how much this remodel is going to cost. Any input, suggestion or tips will be greatly appreciated. I will post picture of my progress.
  6. @acefuture how are the white cabinets holding up? I am going to get started on my WW interior remodel next month, debating in painting the cabinets white, do they get dirty easily? how easy is to clean off?
  7. good luck on the sale, I want to remodel my WW interior too
  8. Thank You Kraut_n_Rice, guess need to put one together by doing some research
  9. Yes, I am running LBZ mouth piece with resonator being plugged. S&B Intake with scoop.
  10. how can I find information for the Killerbee oil cooler I would like to purchase one before summer.
  11. nice my wall has some scrapes from the rear bed falling off. Did you have anything similar? and If so how did you fix it?

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