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  1. You checked continuity from mefi to fuel relay?
  2. Unfortunately I'm at work and can't upload pic. But it was on main harness. I would have to trace it out to give a good answer. I could move it and occasionally get fuel pump to kick on. Ended up disassembling plug completely, closing female contacts more and soldering wire into pins. Finally got good connections. I'll try to get you a picture when I can.
  3. I had similar issue. Ended up being bad contact inside of plug. Can't upload pic for some reason. But on mine was a flat 5 or 6 pin weatherpac . Might be different for you.
  4. Don no longer takes new customers for sand cars.
  5. Tube and filters sold. Who wants the manifold now?
  6. I'm sure you need another one in your shop. 😁
  7. Yes but waiting on grey mamba reply , let you know if he passes.
  8. All working no leaks. Went to electric steering. Pump/pulley(howe 5.375"), bracket(howe for ls engine), reservoir, char-Lynn (pwr assist) and linkage(34 in). Could use some paint. Should replace knuckle on linkage. 500$ obo Located in California city
  9. Let's add an intake tube and filters to this package. Same price.
  10. Intake manifold, throttle body, fuel rail, injectors, sensors and cover. 500$ obo Could ship on your dime. Located in California city.
  11. Both gears mag check good. 1.35 and 1.56 3.11/ 1.93 main shaft. 300$ California city
  12. Not leaking. Has bearings. 100$ California city
  13. As title says 150$ California city
  14. Itp sand star 21x7-10 Skat track haulers 21x12-8 Decent shape could use new powder coating. No plugs. Located in California city.

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