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  1. Wish I had an extra ls/s4 laying around as my spare car GLWTS
  2. For sale since 2017? Maybe the seller can elaborate on that?
  3. Good lord are all of those pins crashes of some sort?
  4. Study a map beforehand. Learn the terrain and landmarks and go from memory. Get to high ground and look around if you really need to. I think it’s lots more fun that way. Sometimes you wander off course and have to find your way back. A better adventure that way I think. I’ve got waypoints and an offline google map on my phone if I get in a real pinch. Always felt like gps in Glamis was cheating, so I try really hard to never look at it.
  5. Worked when removed for ls swap last summer. Other than sandblasted, seems to be in good condition and the gear teeth are all in good condition. $100 in San Diego
  6. Thanks John What I'm learning is that nobody seems to be consistent in their measuring conventions. It's manageable with regular wheels, but add in the beadlocks and it's just all over the place. Also it looks like my old wheels were maybe trimmed down already or were a special size or something like that. If I don't find a set of 12" wide then I'll just choose between making sure mine hold air really well so I don't get stuck in the trailer with a flat, or I'll just drive em up to OMF and have them trimmed down for $150ea
  7. It certainly crossed my mind but I hate having to take the wheels off to take the shocks off. Most of the time I like to leave the car in the trailer when I'm doing that because I rebuild one or two at a time and I hate to leave the buggy outside and it just complicates everything
  8. 2 of these up for trade. 15x14 w 5.5bs, freshly polished
  9. I ended up trading with a board member, got the 15x14 w 5.5”bs, still looking to trade or buy 15x12 w 5.5”bs. It should fit in the trailer now, but the 12” wide will just make it that much easier. Let me know what you’ve got! Fitment with the 5.5”bs sure is snug, but looks fine. I’ll probably cut another 1/2” off that bolt head and use a jam nut nylock. Limit strap tab is moving inboard a couple inches as expected.
  10. Thanks John! I'll definitely like to take you up on that. I'll plan to hit you up when I can make it that way, would be cool to get a quick sniff of the shop while I'm at it.
  11. Whether it’s the paddles or the knobbies in the picture, they’re both 3.5” bs
  12. The car is an 06 SCU Little Bro, right now with the 15x12 w 3.5" backspacing I'm right at 96" wide. Trailer opening is 96" wide, so I change 1 wheel to get it in my trailer with four or so inches to spare. Kartek lists them with the 5.5bs and so does DWT. Actually saw a pair of these a month or so ago on GD, but missed em by an hour DUG-15542 15" x 12" 5 x 205mm 2" DUG-15543 15" x 12" 5 x 205mm 3-1/2" DUG-15590 15" x 12" 5 x 205mm 5-1/2 Not too interested in cutting wheels down and welding. Unless you heat treat them after you weld, then you aren't getting very strong welds. I guess it's probably not the major failure point, cuz that'd be the center star, but still....by the time I have them welded and then powdered black to match the fronts, it just gets very spendy. I might as well just buy em brand new and send out to powder. As far as the fit on the car is concerned, it looks like I will need to just relocate the limit strap a touch inboard, and trim up a bolt a little bit, maybe swap out a standard nylock for a jam nut nylock to cheat that spot as far as possible. That should give me a half inch or so to the rub point. Worst case I run 1/2" wheel spacers. So I should net 3 to 4" of clearance, and no loading wheels!
  13. Yes, current ones are 12” wide. I’ll send you a pm
  14. Bonus points if they are already powdercoated black. I'm in San Diego. Trying to squeeze into the trailer without changing wheels. -update to post- I’ve got dwt 15x14 w 5.5”bs, still looking to buy or trade for 15x12 w 5.5” bs
  15. I sure did hate this class, thanks for the reminder!
  16. Can you post a pic of your new setup bracketry/mounting location? Considering doing this on my car, so just looking for some inspiration as I think we have the same exact year SCU
  17. I think it’ll be enough to go medium+ speed at night. If you get the XL80s instead of the squadron pro plus the small light bar then I think u can get to fun scary fast speed. Next level faster after that I think requires larger ball size as well as as more lights
  18. Recently put two xl80 and two squadron pros all in amber on the rail... the Chinese light bar was still up top as well . The quality of the light with the Baja designs stuff is so much better it’s laughable. I don’t turn the Chinese bar on anymore, it’s coming off the car. Hands down no contest. No more hunting and guessing what’s out front at night, and the glare is all gone. Really impressed with these BD lights.
  19. Barely caught a snap of this bad boy, wing had that rear end majorly planted! Must handle like an absolute dream while squatting through the turns! <<<Cough cough choke gasp>>

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