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  1. Thanks, you too! Great seller, and a great dude! Nice meeting you!
  2. ill take the PS reservoir. pm sent
  3. sdmatt

    WTB: Mig Welder

    Looking for portable 110V or 220V miller or Hobart wire feed welder. Would consider dual voltage machine. Looking for something decent for a reasonable price. My 220V machines are too big to drag around. Reply or PM. I’m located in San Diego.
  4. Hey Bryan, you have anyone you recommend in San Diego?
  5. Looking to put an actual keyed ignition switch in the baja bug instead of a push button. It's street legal and driven around so I'd like to put something decent in it (not empi). What is everyone using?
  6. Thanks but I think I got it sorted!
  7. Looking to have some parts picked up from a GD member in Bullhead and delivered to San Diego. Other parts of Southern California would work too - just trying to get them a little closer. Will have some waiting for you upon arrival!
  8. I have some of the rod ends and possibly some of the clips. shoot me a pm and we'll get you sorted...
  9. Fox 2.0 take a com 8 bearing which is 1" OD. 2.5" takes a com 10 which is about 1.2" OD.
  10. Z50R seat. Came off a 1992. Needs to be recovered but the pan itself is too good to throw out. Also have a cobbler stand. Looks antique? Perfect for yard art or if you want to start a new trade. both Free to good home.
  11. I Need a few parts cut out either laser/plasma/waterjet. Im not looking to spend a fortune so I assume plasma will be the cheapest. Located in north San Diego but the parts are small enough they can be thrown in a USPS flat rate box once cut. Suggestions? Thanks!
  12. check the shafts. also, were you meticulous about cleaning them before and keeping everything clean while rebuilding?
  13. Haha, that is the place. I will have to go check it out. We used to launch the boat from the Arizona side and cruise it over to Coors Island. The others who went with us had to have 4WD to get to it along the train tracks on the needles side. Good Times for sure!

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