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  1. Probably best to determine size, weight, features, and budget. Price range can be several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars ( or more). Best advice is to buy one larger than you think you need.
  2. Good to know. Good RV sources are hard to find
  3. That's disappointing to hear. I'll be watching to see how VIP performs. Unfortunately, fogging is a common issue.
  4. We used New View Glass in Corona. (714) 890-1347. Not much to look at, but they came recommended.
  5. Very pleased with my New Trend trailer and the whole customer experience. Go talk to Jesse.
  6. X2 for Crow and wrist restraints
  7. Digging the tail lights. Has all the right features. Do you build these or are you having it built for you?
  8. Free to board member. Two of each size. Manufactured in 2005.
  9. Our group does a little each. Regardless of the pace, I enjoy the rides that flow continuously. Our last ride of the day in Dumont was epic. It wasn’t the speed, but rather the lines our leader took us on. It took 100% concentration, yet I didn’t feel like I was on the edge of disaster. Even had a chance to enjoy the view. A good leader makes the ride.
  10. Thanks for all the feedback. Exactly what I needed to hear.
  11. I was having a conversation with a fellow off-roader. They were adamant that you should always keep the person behind you in sight. Probably okay on a trail, but not the safest strategy in the dunes. This lead to a lengthy debate. In our group, the lead car and the last car are always in radio communication. Together, they keep track of the group. That way, everyone is focused on whats ahead, and no one is looking behind them. If someone falls behind, the last car radios the leader, and we stop to gather up again. Am I wrong about this? How do you keep track of your group?
  12. I've had good luck with Jesse at New Trend Trailers in Fontana
  13. Following........quick question. Do you have a battery set up, or are you adding a battery & charger etc.?
  14. I use Progressive for my truck registered in Havasu

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