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  1. Honda EU300. Located in East mesa (Phx area). Recent tune up includes battery, filter, plug, and oil. Runs good, has eco mode. Gave us most of a day on a tank in eco mode. $1250.
  2. I'm in Mesa, if you need a pressure washer for the driveway you are welcome to borrow it.
  3. I have a PCI intercom, and bought and installed the Molex version, works awesome. Don't have to pull my phone out of my pocket to disconnect at every stop. Got a smart watch and can now adjust the music on my phone from my watch while driving, pretty slick.
  4. To be fair, he said real camping, not 'roughing it'. Looks beautiful to me!
  5. Can you write for us AZ guys?
  6. The other guy's in the group got there today, i unfortunately won't be up till either tomorrow night or Friday night now. Had some things to deal with at the office. But we have MC powered cars (1 tom pro, 1 king, and 1 home built) and a few quads.
  7. Our small group will be at Gordons the 13 - 16th Anyone else going?
  8. We will be at Gordon's, Small group.
  9. So just bought an 08 RZR with Todd Custom Billet long travel kit and gorilla axles. Took it out for a shakedown run. Runs great! Suspension is awesome. On the way back to the trailer after the first run running down the wash I hit some big bumps and as we come off of one i feel it pulling hard. Get it back to the trailer and the passenger side axle popped out of the diff. Get it home, get it popped back in and it goes back in just fine after we clean up the diff. Should i be looking at new axles? New c-clips? Different brand axles?
  10. On the passes, Kevin only takes cash; learned that the hard way.
  11. They are red labels. I was able to pickup a set of adapters to borrow. I'm concerned that with the long travel, adapters (Acting as spacers) and the offset these wheels have that I may be causing problems. But i'm going to run them for a trip and see how it goes. Drilling new holes doesn't sound like a bad idea!
  12. I searched quite a bit and really couldn't find a good answer. I have the paddles i was using on my rhino (Skat 7 paddles and buffs on douglas wheels). They worked great on the rhino and i hear they work equally as well on a RZR. The question is should i buy new rims or just buy some spacer / adapters? I have an 08' RZR w/ +6 Long travel. Thanks in advance!
  13. Camped at gordon's this year. No hassle at all. Saw them pull a few people over at the drags for no flags, had a couple of pass patrol's swing by. But VERY low key.

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