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  1. Wow! What a mean looking ride! Looks like a King Sand car hopped up on steroids and rear engine to boot. These cars are quick, I know my friend had one and the power to weight ratio is phenomenal. AGAIN, love the stance of this ride. GLWTS.
  2. Hey thanks but unfortunately I had a lot happened at my house. Broken water line under the slab dealing with that :-( get it all fixed up the way you want it and put it back up and we'll see what it looks like and what my situation is thanks for first dibs. Paul.
  3. Hey Craig how's it going Brian beddo and Paul Flores you sold us a stacker trailer. I saw your ad and I know you said nothing on GD however did you miss the one on page 2 all the way down the su-sand car 2 seater I've been drooling over that for a long time however it's out of my reach so I figured I'd show it to you if you already didn't see it anyways have a good one and thanks for everything. Who knows when you get bored of that two seater maybe I'll be able to pick it up from you :-)
  4. Hey detailmgr... when you find out that new V8 ride you just bought wasn't exactly for you shoot me a p.m.:-) I do like your EcoBoost however as you probably found out it is not a V8... 25k is my budget. Thanks and let me know how your new ride goes.
  5. Is there something wrong with this car or does no one want Hayabusas anymore? Putting an engine in mine with electric water pump. Half tempted to pick this one all done up and sell mine as is...
  6. Compcomp what am I going to do with you? The wife wants new floors I have to take care of that first
  7. Plan is to install the engine run it at St Anthony's bring it home and then sell it.
  8. Okay first of all I replied about the Sinister sand rail accidentally under my friend's name compcomp I own that Rail and it's not for sale unless you would want to trade some sort of v8 car for it :-) only two seater. sorry about the confusion guys but my friend really wants me to sell my rail and get a V8.
  9. Very cool. How much boost are you running and does it have an OBD2 port for diagnostics? Oh, who did the front A-arm install in Vegas?

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