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  1. Check Tractor Supply. I got a Cannon "80-gun" model on sale there for $900 + tax a couple of years ago. The quality seems pretty good with the only exception being the interior shelves are just bare particle board (but felt is cheap). I also have a Sentinel and it is OK with a nicer interior but I have had a few problems with the digital combo pad (internal harness came unplugged once, and the keypad itself also went bad). That being said, the Sentinel people were very helpful. Looks like Cannon fixed the bare shelf issue but the price went up a little. They do put them on sale pretty often: https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/cannon-ts5940-75-safe
  2. There was an article about it in Circle Track magazine a few years ago. Here is another one from Hot Rod. Sounds great. https://www.hotrod.com/articles/building-a-racecar-chassis-tech/
  3. Same here. In my experience the 8.2 was a slug, especially with an Allison behind it.
  4. Somewhat off topic but I fly (flew?) regularly from Tucson to Huntsville and back and have had 100% more luck going with Delta through Atlanta rather than American through Dallas. American hosed me about 3/4 of the time vs. no problems whatsoever with Delta. Maybe prices will go down now with free oil...
  5. 2016 YXZ1000R. Not an actual "failure", but I got home from the dunes and found that the steering rack was about to fall off. There is NO locking mechanism for the four bolts that hold the rack on, so if anyone has a YXZ be sure to check them. I replaced them with better bolts and locknuts. This could have been really ugly - I dodged a bullet.
  6. That man is awesome! I have a friend who will turn 94 this month and also lost his wife not too long ago. It it driving me crazy not to go visit him because of this virus crap, but I'll be there as soon as it's over. People like this are a real treasure.
  7. Who says that you have to pick one or the other?
  8. Do you have the P/N for those Crow belts with the pull-up option? I didn't see them in their offroad section. Also the necksavers. Thanks.
  9. Kartek has Douglas 15x12 beadlocks with 2" offset/backspacing. I just got a set and they solved all of my clearance problems.
  10. Cool! Here is some other good information from the circle track world: http://www.longacreracing.com/technical-articles.aspx?item=45829&article=Ackermann, The Other Alignment Phenomenon - Back to Basics not to be confused with
  11. I used a relay on the hot side, works fine with no noise, etc. Just make sure that you use a quality relay with sufficient current capacity.
  12. Just saw this. I used to be a fat boy who used one religiously for years (finally lost weight and now I don't need it). Anyway, also an engineer. I looked mine over and found that the inline power supply in the cord was actually already converting 110Vac to 12Vdc. So, it was easy to cut into the DC side of the cord and splice in a two-pole connector. Then I got another mating half an made some ~15ft wires with alligator clips that I used to connect to the battery of my Jeep when camping out, or under the bed to the battery switch in my diesel pusher. Cost virtually nothing and worked great for years.
  13. You would have to either use the air tank to release the maxi's on the trailer or else cage them mechanically. That's a regular converter dolly like normally used with doubles, and then some kind of a homemade adapter under the tongue connecting it to the truck. My 78-year old neighbor and his buddy the same age did this same thing to move a storage trailer about 15 miles, only they pulled it with a 1939 Farmall M tractor and no one bothered them. But they only crossed underneath I-10, they weren't actually on it.
  14. AZ is terrible. I recommend that everyone stay in CA

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