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  1. Years ago when pre-running Baja I had to do something like that in order to be able to make a long section in the buggy (we figured that out the day before after running out). One thing I thought of was to stop and put in the extra fuel as soon as you think you have burned enough that it will fit in the tank. That way you minimize the amount of time that you are risking something bad happening...
  2. I got some 12V flashing light things at Ace H/W called Rat-A-Tat's (but they weren't cheap, about $45/ea). I put one on the road engine and one on the generator of my pusher, and so far it has kept them away (used to get on the gen). Just have to remember to take them off before I go somewhere!
  3. Thanks for all of the info, I will check them out
  4. Looking for recommendations for the best intercom/2-way radio setup for use in a SxS (with helmets obviously)
  5. X2 on the Weller suspension work, totally worth the money. I have the same rig and not only does it ride much better now, but the big deal is safety. I got the desert setup, springs and shock valving, and it cured the awful tail kick of the stock setup (not enough rebound damping available in the rear with the stock setup). I was always afraid of an endo before, but now it is much more predictable and safer in the desert and the dunes. Don't waste your money on the spring adjusting tools like I did, because when you get them back from Weller they will already be set up great. Best todo shocks and springs at the same time, otherwise you will soon be sending them back to get the other half.

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