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  1. 858surveyor


    Anyone have recommendations for a good metal/fab shop? Looking to get a window and dash done.
  2. 858surveyor


    Awesome car. Good luck on the sell. Great price
  3. 858surveyor

    decided to keep

    Wish I could upgrade. I love my Funco but can only imagine what the newer ones drive like. Good luck.
  4. 858surveyor

    MLK...(18-21 Jan) Who's going?

    All my friends that were going flaked out so I'm rolling out solo. Would like to ride with a group as well
  5. 858surveyor

    Battery disconnect electrical issue..... Help

    Ya. I bought the battery before Thanksgiving trip. Wanted to upgrade them then but they didnt have em and I couldn't wait due to trip. Now I was able to wait and got the better batteries
  6. 858surveyor

    Battery disconnect electrical issue..... Help

    Thanks everyone. Turns out I had a shorted out battery. Went thru all the wiring, replaced switch, and cleaned it up while I had it all open. After this season I will break the car down all the way to get new powder coat, new wiring, and rebuild motor. The batteries that were in the car were power sonic ps-12350 nb. Not a great battery. So I replaced them with the full throttle ft410s and see how it goes. I appreciate how much everyone helps one another on here.
  7. 858surveyor

    Battery disconnect electrical issue..... Help

    That's what's weird to me. It's wrong but it was working........ yikes. When I get home I plan on tackling it. I'll try what you mentioned and let you know. I tested the switch with no wires hooked up and it works like its supposed to. Thanks flip flop
  8. Last trip after taking a duning break my car wouldn't start. No power at all. Messed with the wires to battery disconnect and then power came on and off, then got it to stay on. Didnt do it again for the rest of trip. Got home put it in the garage and still no issue. Pulled out of the garage on Sunday to clean my garage out. When I went to put it back in I had same issue. This time it came on and off a couple off times and now is off permanently. When I flip the ignition switch it has very little power where you can see it barely move volt gauge. I bought this car last year and have not touched the wiring to battery disconnect. I test the switch (no wires hooked up) with continuity and it works like it should. When everything is hooked up like it was originally the continuity tester goes off no matter what way switch is flipped. This disconnect used to work like its supposed to. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. 858surveyor

    gps coordinates

    Thanks Crusty. Appreciate it
  10. 858surveyor

    gps coordinates

    Just got a Lowrance gps for the ride and looking to input some gps coordinates for all the spots in Glamis. Can anyone help out?
  11. 858surveyor


    In the market for a gps to add to my car. Any suggestions or experience good/bad on what units would be awesome.
  12. 858surveyor

    Best LED light bars and pods...........Go

    I would actually like to get another set of xl80s or squadrons for the pillar and aim them toward the front sides to give me a better perifreal. I like to drive as fast as possible. With that being said if you dont have the proper lights then your not able to. I'm happy with BD.
  13. 858surveyor

    Best LED light bars and pods...........Go

    Got the 40in onx6 high power up top and the xl80s with amber covers below. Thanks for the amber recommendation. So key when following.
  14. 858surveyor

    Change out micro stub hub bearing

    Ok thanks everyone. Seen them on kartek and was hoping you could just do the bearing vs buy an entire new one.
  15. 858surveyor

    Change out micro stub hub bearing

    Has anyone changed out the bearing on a micro stub? Need to do mine and would love some advice or how to's since this is my 1st.

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