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  1. Does anyone know of any shops in San Diego that service King shocks? Like to keep it local vs taking them all the way to King.
  2. Easier to get my beer now.
  3. Got her back today. Going off to powdercoat then time to wire up.
  4. I was mocking it up so I can see what I want to do so dont mind the cardboard. As you can see in the pic I will have the area on the driver side and passenger side open. I'm not closing it off so I think it will offset the cabin pressure etc.
  5. Bought the CD7. Excited to have it all together
  6. I have a 40" onyx 6 on roof, squadron Pros on A-pillar, and xl80s (amber) in front. Going to swap the squadron Pros out for another set of xl 80s for the a-pillars. These are for cornering at night and the squadrons are good but still not as bright as I would like. Everything else I love. The set up works great for night rides. I HIGHLY recommend the Amber's as your driving lights. Way better.
  7. When I'm leading I dont mind at all. But when I'm not and some roost blast you in the face it sucks. My radiator is behind my back seats so I figured I would do a scoop on top to help
  8. Yes full hood. Changing the hood, adding dash with aem cd7 digital dash, switchpro, my airbag controller, GPS, and radio and was wanting to do curved window as well. Thought about new roof with a scoop for airflow.
  9. Sorry I didnt make that clearer. A front windshield. I like the wind in my face but not getting sand blasted hahahha. I'm torn between having one and not
  10. Re-doing some body work on the car and contemplating adding a window. Thoughts on those that have or have had a car with a window. Pros and cons.
  11. Jason's been beyond super helpful regarding the Aem CD7. Just wanted to hear from people who are running it. How they like it etc
  12. Looking at picking up the Holley Digital Dash for my car but also have read and heard food things about the CD7 as well. Would love to hear from people who have and use either one.
  13. Looking for some 243 heads if anyone has a set they want to get rid of.
  14. Anyone have recommendations for a good metal/fab shop? Looking to get a window and dash done.
  15. Is that the fitech intake manifold and throttle body

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