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  1. This is simple to me, I want my shit tied down to a "D" ring that is anchored through the floor with a backing plate on the other side or into the steel frame work. Then secured with quality ratchet straps. "E" track is great to mount on the trailer sides for misc. stuff.
  3. On your way up, Go to Marisol in Pismo, right next to "The Cliff's" .... we stay up there a lot, Great food, outside dining, Zorro's café and cantina down the street. for Mex.
  4. Yesterday I started the LS in my rail, after 15 minutes it overheated, with FTOS coming in 3 weeks, I’ll be removing the thermostat and installing a restrictor in the rear bypass with a .300” dia. Hole. Unfortunately my rail is a mid engine and it’s not a quickie job! Note: my son is a heavy line mechanic at Rotolo Chevy, he tells me the “T” stat has been a common problem!!!
  5. Looks like those prices do not include a generator, AC or batteries, so add $10k
  6. New Takeoffs. Set of Maxxis Bighorns, 2 front, 2 rear. Wheels and Tires from 2016 Yamaha YXZ1000 These have never seen Dirt or Sand, promptly remove after purchasing. Been sitting in the shop since removed. $250.00 per set, 2 sets available.
  7. My wife is in the commercial banking business and made it happen for us, already gave our deposit. Our actual order with options is being placed with Chevrolet Monday morning for the first release segment. I cannot disclose the source!
  8. Yard work started at 7:00am ...... Our mow & blowers are “F”ing worthless! Finish installation of new S5, install new shifter & cables etc etc etc. Oh, and keep searching for CV grease the migrates Everywhere.
  9. Just curious.......... How much does it weigh? “Back cut gears” do you mean straight-cut gears vrs helical cut gears ? injected ? Realistic cruising speed in high gear?
  10. Curious how your CVs looked after the micro polish & cryo treatment?
  11. Getting ready to pull the S4 out, new S5 going in. Received a spare engine this morning too.
  12. I hope that tip is "RODS" anything over 5 psi and you'll have a window in the block. They have powdered metal rods, complete crap.

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