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  1. Good tip, thanks. For reference, I just checked out a 1/2” drive 12pt impact SAE 19pc socket set, 3/8 - 1-1/2 for $195.00 A 1/2”drive SAE 12pt impact socket $9.95 I’m a McMaster addict, If I order before 10:00 am it’s received the same day. I buy all my endmills, drills, fluids & hardware and typically don’t deviate. I won’t forget about this tool source.
  2. I’m thinking the only reason for doing that is because the wife was pissed off that he bought a 2seat car! So he had to make it right with her. Also interesting that he has the stock springs compressed a shitload and mud tires .......... in short, he purchased the wrong type SXS
  3. Agreed ...... and she's the type you could talk into giving a Blow Shit (if you know what that is)
  4. Very Nice install, I have one on order to go with my new S5
  5. A good list, we have a "No Contractors Generator" rule !
  6. I bought a new 90 ATC from Fun Bike Center in 1976, $775 out the door. I had other MX bikes but the ATC was a completely different deal, an absolute blast, My first trip to Glamis was with that ride! I remember some cool night rides leaving the house in Clairemont, riding through the canyons all the way out to Marimar......... good times!
  7. I’d be interested if she wants to sell ........ LMK
  8. I was referring to the waiters explanation, not yours.
  9. There’s a fatal flaw in that explanation , WITF should the customer have to help pay the employees health benefits? Nobody helps pay mine !!! What’s next, the customer will be helping to pay unemployment insurance, sick leave etc.
  10. Good idea, I'd be interested to know the manager or owners response. But in all likelihood .... he's a pompous AH and doesn't care. I will be re-evaluating my tipping %
  11. Normally I don't either but this time I was willing to go for it. I did speak to the sales manager @ Rotolo , was told I could pre-order for 2021 but that was a buzz kill.
  12. F That ....... I'm out. Should have known it would turn into a CF
  13. He goes to urgent care & WE get to pay for his hospital visit because his parents can't afford it under the ACA
  14. That shit pisses me off, increase the cost on your menu items, don't rub 8 years of failure in my face. My health insurance was terminated and turned into a nightmare because of that ACA sham !
  15. Dammit ......... that makes too much sense!

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