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  1. Had to cover her bitch ass face to watch ............ I HATE that BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Totally agree with all above, my wife taped a big piece of paper over the right side of the screen so we couldn’t see her anymore. She is the “C” word
  3. JKR951

    Madden Jinx

    I sat there with a 3 margarita grin enjoying Shakira & J lo dancing for me, I tune the crap music out.
  4. I was getting ready to spew fire ....... good one 👍
  5. I’m thinking like 3/16 air bleed ..... no?
  6. Great, $43.50 I’m going to order one, then drill a hole through the center!
  7. Aux Pump. These are nice little pumps, I keep one on my boat for a "Just In Case" situation, They come with a spare impeller. Internal NPT and external Hose fitting config, very easy to set up.
  8. West Marine sells a 50 gal. Poly Tank. Graingers has a 12VDC (and 120VAC) Aux pump with Garden hose fittings & Internal 3/8 npt. That's what I use when going for extended trips.
  9. Happy Birthday....... enjoy!

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