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  1. DON'T DO THIS ^^^^^ If it fails (like it did to me) you are Fuc!ed ....... mine just shredded. Also you will have oil ALL OVER YOU. I ended up fabricating a tool and pissed half the day away.
  2. JKR951

    Hey LRS

    Use 87 octane in your SXS, higher octane yields no benefit unless your boosted !
  3. https://traffic.findlaw.com/traffic-stops/can-i-challenge-radar-gun-evidence-in-court-.html
  4. 2 postponements, then Subpoena the officers Radar training certificate, also the tuning and calibration certs for that particular devise. Also was a tuning fork used? Sometimes that’s a big PITA and or something is not up to date. If that’s the case then you could be off the hook.
  5. I heard the same .......... But I purchased Milwaukee M18 batteries from Home Depot 2 separate times that were defective, one was crap out of the pkg. the other only lasted 2 charges. I also purchased a bad M18 from Dixieline, I sure hope HD and Dixie are not selling CF products! It's VERY frustrating when you slap another Batt in and ........ Nothing! I have Milwaukee 120 vac Drills just waiting for those occasions.
  6. Milwaukee are nice, however I've had some issues with their M18 & M12 battery packs. DeWalt are great. Bosh makes a good product. the two I have are 10 years old and used weekly.
  7. I love that chit!
  8. I'm really looking forward to this change, I could do 90ish before but was really buzzing the motor ........ and I'm not doing that anymore. Cant tell you how many times I shifted thinking I had another gear! Going to DD really sucked up the fuel too.
  9. Due to the fact I lost an engine this season and only have 1 4 day trip on a fresh rebuild, I'm going the 5 speed route. Just spoke to Sean, going to order a new S5 I want to thank everyone for their input.
  10. Your right on all accounts! What are your gear ratios?
  11. My gearing and Dyno sheet. R&P 4.57 1st 2.91 2nd 2.08 3rd 1.67 4th 1.35

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