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  1. You CAN prick you finger. But you can't finger your prick.
  2. I have to say that i love the banter here when it comes to you collective opinions of the ghost camper - aka - sand barons... I'm relatively new to Glamis and my wife and I did our first trip solo for New Years a couple years back. We rolled down Gecko at sometime after midnight a few days before could not find anywhere to park. I saw what i thought was a good spot, pulled off the road and go stuck balls deep in the sand. We spent until dawn digging out and getting back onto the pavement. In the early morning daylight we finally found a spot at the edge of pad 2.5 and started to squeeze in. The minion guarding that sliver of real estate for his sand baron came out of his rig, hair all messed up and in his chonies waving his arms frantically just as i was almost set. He told me i had to go. I could tell he was severely hung over. Without a word, i went into my trailer, grabbed two beers, came back out, popped one and handed it to him and cracked the other one and downed it. He downed his and then said welcome to our camp, and walked away. Even though in the end we did not gel with that particular group (they pretty much treated us as intruders), we had a good time and learned a lot. I guess the point is that ghost campers will always suck. And if i need to, i will just force my way in and be an intruder and make the best of it. Instead of bitching about them, let's hear your stories of how you overcame the ghosts of Glamis. Have at it.
  3. Hey JS its Clay - what details do you know about the Raptor (other than new paddles and battery back in March)?
  4. I got all excited when I saw Zinnia. That is the next street down from my house, in a different city. lolz
  5. 51 Here. I have a really f'ed up left shoulder that needs replacing, but i'm gonna hold off on that as long as i can. I cannot do anything overhead because of that. That said, i work out 6 days each week. I play hockey once or twice a week and that counts as the workout for that day. I lift every workout (not on hockey days) and do 20 minutes to an hour of cardio depending on the lifting for that day. Cardio includes sprints at least twice per week. Good food and good beer are my nemesis.
  6. So i have a younger sister who is in hospice in the last stages of dying from her addiction - probably won't last more than another few weeks. And my younger brother is a lifelong addict and fits all the stereotypes. He is hard core and I've been expecting "the call" about him for years, but he somehow keeps on ticking. Regardless, it is just plain ugly. I stopped wasting my time and money on them years ago. The rest of the people in the world like them can kiss my ass. I've got nothing more for any of them. I'm not some heartless bastard either. No matter what I, or anyone else in my family did, gave, spent, be it time, money, cars, housing , anything and everything - it was always just a means to an end for them - more drugs and alcohol at our expense. MWB is spot on - real slow suicide is exactly what I've been watching. And contrary to popular belief, there ain't no hotline to call.
  7. How's the roof? Any known issues? Can you post of pic of the weight decal or list the numbers? Where is it located? Genny and condition?
  8. If you do it, can I take Bones?
  9. Looks to me like the academia elite are coming in and the blue collars are leaving. Guess who is gonna be doing all the work work? (((The vastly uneducated newcomers who came for the free healthcare.)))
  10. A beauty is a beauty. And i happen to like good ink. No issue either way for me. That said i have no problem heckling bad tattoos. If you're gonna spend thousands to put something permanent on your body, make sure it is done right and looks good.
  11. Good thing my wife does not visit this site. She collects ice chests like most women collect shoes. I actually wish i could give a bunch of them away, but, you know, I want to live.
  12. Or..... they could be THE new destination in the dunes next season....
  13. What is this milf thread and why do I not have the password?
  14. RayClay

    Game Of Thrones

    Meh. It was okay i guess. I would have loved it if they had one final 7-8 second scene where Bran wargs into Drogon. That would have sealed it that Bran controlled it all for a long time.

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