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  1. John’s building me a lil stroker. Not sure what will be left and usable once we swap. But I’m sure I’ll have plenty of motor worth saving to sell.
  2. You must be talking about Jaime. He doesn’t “own” any of those toys. All Jeff Ponts. Has to do w gearing. Yes he could make it through the dunes in 1badbeast but the gearing is so tall it’s just not set up for that. Its set up for top end speed. Pretty sure the suspension could care less where it’s at. Would you take a nascar and say why can’t this thing do rally races. No. What a waste Would you buy a finish nailer and say why won’t this piece of shit work for framing, what a waste. Lol Right tool for the job, on a much larger scale 😎 plus he’s got other tatums and funco etc. that are very capable cars
  3. I have a couple items to sell. Location Rosena Ranch (near north fontana )contact Tim 909 843 7172 call or text king shocks new never installed - all are black w blue springs with 90deg fitting to reservoir ( new 800.80 ea x 4 = 3203.00 plus tax and shipping 3600 range total ) asking 1500.00 obo per set S O L D 2-KING SHOCKS 2.5 PERFORMANCE RACE SERIES COIL OVER WITH REMOTE RESERVOIR 14 INCH TRAVEL WITH SPRINGS PR2514-COHRS S O L D 2-KING SHOCKS 2.5 PERFORMANCE RACE SERIES COIL OVER WITH REMOTE RESERVOIR 10 INCH TRAVEL WITH SPRINGS PR2510-COHRS Sand tires 3 years old ish in great shape no leaks no cracks or tears ( note the tan on tires is wet sand / mud wipes off was just to lazy to do before pics ) S O L D fronts sand tires unlimited 8.5x15 razors 300 for set S O L D, S O L D rear sport tires of America dune sport 14.5 x 15 500 for set S O L D
  4. Did you get your starter figured out, and did Joe give you credit
  5. I don’t know, Iv got an SU ultralight, w one of Johns 2.5s GTX turbo on high boost running E85. It dunes extremely well, stomps at olds, and is a runner at the drags, It will hang w big power high dollar sand cars ( Tatum, Buckshot, Funco etc.. ) Jumps and lands flat, rarely need turning brakes But iv dumped a shit ton of coin into being different First and only full big body ultralight (KATG) per Ed at SU sand pro 2 arms in front, with bypasses all 4 corners kong spindles RBP hubs HP I don’t know 😉 we keep adding every few months to go faster, V8 bait game strong only thing it doesn’t do great is whoops. Car is just to light @ 1900lbs ? Draw back to it all, I’ll be lucky to get .50 to 1.00 spent on build, lol I will say the comfort in a heavy desert dynamic LS car over the snot is nice. My back says hmmm I could deal w some body roll, lol So it really just depends what you do, where you go etc...
  6. So bring a full blown stroker to glamis this weekend. I got tools let’s swap that shit. 🤑
  7. Lol, I mentioned in another thread. But guess you didn’t take me serious. Its been a rough summer, finishing up 1 boat, plus adding another boat to the mix, blew motor in new boat ( 1100hp - 2 push rods through the oil pan ) All new interior and glass work on the deck boat. Currently assessing how bad motor rebuild will be for that boat. All new suspension on the SU, new big ass inner cooler, bigger radiator, new seats. My wallet needs to catch up with my mouth. If glamis Mike beats me w his lil red Tatum ( I assume he will ) it’s getting dropped off to you on my way home, lol
  8. Pm me, I can get you costs. Bbq only if everything else there could be built quick
  9. I was gonna say tree move problem solved. LOL Now you have a recorded day semi close that’s researchable. Cut the tree down. Make note somewhere the day tree caught fire from embers. You were devastated. didnt want it to fall and hurt anyone so you sadly had it cutdown. 😁
  10. It’s been at SU for months. All new suspension, bigger arms, king kong spindles, bigger bearings, bypasses, etc basically same set up as sand pro 2 suspension wise in a lighter car 😁 plus bigger radiator w bigger fans, and big ass intercooler with shroud w dual fans oversized to support the stroker Re did seats front and back should be ready next week, then back to painter again. Prob run out of time for stroker, unless I have John build and set aside to swap between trips this season. Him moving this tree may motivate him to build though
  11. City of San Marino is pretty passionate about oaks. We had one right in the middle of backyard pool we were building. It got chopped down and then city did a “presite “ they have aerial pics and wanted to know what happened to the 100 plus year old tree, lol uhhhhh idk customer asked for pool and this is how yard looked when we came. In the end all we had to do was plant 60in box tree on property to replace what was removed personally I appreciate your enthusiasm, but you do realize you’ll be spending well over 6k and still crossing your fingers it survives. I guess Iv dropped way more then that w you chasing power and hoping my trans survives 🤣

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