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  1. Glamisduneripper

    2004 Suspensions Unlimited 4 seat Ultralight w/ Cadillac V6

    Will be in glamis this weekend and next if you want to check it out 👍
  2. Glamisduneripper

    2- Rugged Radios Helmet Kits

    Interested please txt me 714-422-6549
  3. Glamisduneripper

    Douglas Beadlocks 15x12. 3.5 BS

    still have these? Txt me please 714-422-6539
  4. Glamisduneripper

    Suspension tuning - who’s the guy nowadays

    Get ahold of Ed and meet him out in Glamis. Super cool dude and great with shocks. https://www.facebook.com/edward.niemela
  5. Glamisduneripper

    Switch Pro

    CaliraisedLED.com has one for $200 that I use in my buggy and is made by the same company that makes the switchpro (they look nearly identical). I used a Switchpro in my 2017 Tacoma. They both work great! I am ordering a switchpro for my new tundra because they make the faceplate to fit in my console and the other would leave a gap but the switch pro is about 3x the price. Perk of the switchpro is the ability to link to it via bluetooth and control it from your phone. On my new buggy I will be using the Caliraised setup. https://caliraisedled.com/collections/accessories/products/8-switch-panel-power-system
  6. Glamisduneripper

    2004 Suspensions Unlimited 4 seat Ultralight w/ Cadillac V6

    Thanks man. Its a Great Car!
  7. Glamisduneripper

    2004 Suspensions Unlimited 4 seat Ultralight w/ Cadillac V6

    More pics from the weekend!
  8. Glamisduneripper

    DWT Beadlocks-Fuel cell

    interested in the beadlocks. where are you located?
  9. Glamisduneripper

    SU Engine/Trans Suggestions

    lmfao right? I'm a big boy and this one is a little more my size...
  10. Glamisduneripper

    SU Engine/Trans Suggestions

    On the right 🤦‍♂️ 8875E8E9-B692-4693-AB0A-A3A81A8B0C2F.MOV
  11. Glamisduneripper

    SU Engine/Trans Suggestions

    Nice little sound clip BE73A681-BBFD-4DD8-985C-DC6A00863D46.MOV
  12. Glamisduneripper

    SU Engine/Trans Suggestions

    Its alive!!!!!! Took a lot of work but finally got to go play last weekend. Bought another car so this one is going up for sale. Kinda sad about it but I could not pass up the other deal. This thing is like a ferrari. Super light with more power than it knows what to do with.
  13. Glamisduneripper

    Child PRP seat.

    Sent you a text earlier. Very interested
  14. Glamisduneripper

    Brother is in the market for a car

    Doesn't have a 2D and workable on price but Rancho says we should have 0 issues with this built 091 and GM V6. I have my SU car listed that I just finished a full rebuild on last night. Going to run it tomorrow in G. Buying a dual sport from a friend so I can run local desert is the only reason I'm selling.
  15. Car was built in 03/04 by my dad for our neighbor with a 091 built by Rancho and 2386 Fuel injected VW. I bought it back 2 months ago from my neighbor, pulled the vw and all wiring, Installed a 315ish hp LY7 out of a 2007 Cadillac SRX tuned by CBM. All shocks have been rebuilt and sprung for the new engine New radiator and exhaust installed Swapped to Pro Am front spindles Added front brakes Polished all wheels New light bar and pods New switch-pro panel Ready for the dunes! Going out Sunday 12/1 for the first run. Decided that I am going to buy a dual sport to go to the local desert and don't need both cars. Not in a rush to sell it but its way to nice of a car to just sit. Could use new seats but my buddy is a PRP dealer. Asking $25k as is or $26k with 4 brand new PRP PremierLite seats in black. OBO Will post more pictures this weekend. (Flames were removed as soon as I got it) Feel free to text me with questions 714-422-6539

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