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  1. What’s the Difference? So if a crowd gathers to watch someone jump, then it's on the crowd when something goes wrong. Now if a crowd gathers to watch some people race, then it’s on the drivers? I don't get it. If you put yourself out there, then you’re taking the risk. Enjoy it and hope nothing goes bad.
  2. Because he was driving like such a moron everywhere he went in the dunes that people could not help but notice. I thought this thread was about driving like an azzhat, not drinking and driving?? Maybe i missed the last page or so but i know thats how it started..... Exactly.
  3. So, why is this the only guy catching all the crap? I must have seen hundreds of people drinking a beer and then driving off last weekend. I myself have had a beer or two and headed out on a ride just like most of the people on here. I'm not saying that driving drunk is an okay thing to do or am I endorsing it in any way, but when you saw this guy have a beer did you notice everyone else drinking water and Kool-Aid.
  4. The mod's beg to differ. And for the record I did not remove it, it was removed for me. Not a big deal just interesting.
  5. Too bad you missed it. It was a goooooooooood one!
  6. Well, avatar removed (not by choice) so carry on!
  7. Same here. One shot down the drags on Friday night and I was done! Those bumps made almost every car out there look like crap.
  8. I know I'll probably get slayed for this but I have camped with this guy and have been on allot of rides with him as well. He is a good guy and he has always seemed to be a safe and courteous driver. I'm not saying last week was one of those weeks but, this seems like odd driving for him. I'll call him and see what the hell happened.
  9. Yah, that was pretty intense. I thoutght for sure he was gonna lose it. That was his last pass for the evening but returned the next day like nothing. Almost every car and quad and even a bronco was doin the pogo. Crappy spaced bumps for sure, but fun to watch.
  10. I also wake up to paradise every day, right out the back door.
  11. This could be the :ghay: est thing I've ever seen!
  12. Does it have to be new in order to be interesting?
  13. has anyone seen this? Pedal extensions?

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