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  1. Nice, be needing a class A? or a non commercial air brake endorsed ? either way looks bad ass...πŸ‘
  2. Oceano dunes.....aka.....Pismo ,it can get crowded on longer weekends just make reservations and you should be good. If the family gets bored,there's always Pismo the shopping outlet and the tourist things to do.. can get windy at times,drop your air pressure down if you get stuck there's always people willing to help out..gets windy at times..check the tides and enjoy..πŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ€™ Well almost so cal.😁
  3. Big Mickey, cool vid. nice ride,we always stay within the canyon,gotta get out and explore more....we did go to tunnel.....thanks for the info.....ride safeπŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ€™
  4. Hey Big Mickey can you send me some info on this ride? We ride Dove springs quite a bit,but only ride to the store,and surrounding areas.....thxs...πŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ€™
  5. Sorry about the late reply, I'm located in Monterey Park, just east of LA.....
  6. We had our fun,hopefully we can pass it on to some other ohana(family) ....thanks....
  7. No worries, with every pair of Pilot purchases, you get a free box.....thanks......
  8. Yup,fun and safe....the kids have out grown them....looking at a side by side next.......thanks....
  9. Just seeing if there's any interest,in a pair of Honda Pilots. I have two decent Pilots for sale,ones an 89 and the other ones a 90. I'm bought them from the original owners,from what I was told they used them once a year at (yup) Glamis till the kids out grew them and lost interest. Motors never been apart and both have no major frame damage. One Pilot has a pushed in end cap in the front part of frame. See pics. Newer dirt tires and the heavier Douglas rims,will include paddles mounted on the same type rims. Both have the atv racing front bumper and the complete exhaust as well. Both have newer Crow harnesses..o Looking at 5.5k for each or 10.5k for the pair....open to suggestions.... Thank you for looking...if you should have any questions please pm for a number...
  10. So sorry to hear☹ Godspeed .......man was definitely a legend.....
  11. Ok, let's try and break this down from what we know.... she wrote that they had there hands up and with no lights no sirens and so forth, A ..did they know they were law enforcement B.. did they comply with the orders if any were given. Per Munoz, we need to know where to ride before we ride....well yes and no. Yes part...is it private property or federal land with posted signs ... and if we were somehow lose track No part...does that give them the authority to shoot? Hello, LEOS, that's why you have the power to write tickets... now...don't get me wrong...I think the majority of off readers respect law enforcement, but if they step out of line and is proven....you nail that fu*ker to a wall...the shooting part only comes as a last effort to prevent the lost of said officers life and persons around the immediate danger. What ever happened to question first determined if a crime was committed and then act...making sure you have the right person(s) in the first place.....hummm smells like a potential law suit...just my 2 pesos..
  12. No problem having a open conversation, I'm not a Muslim,nothing against them, the majority of them are peaceful, yet they still read the Quran ,it's the radicals that give them a bad name,in the name of a religion. We can't pick and choose what we or you believe is right and wrong in there religion. Like I mentioned before...if it's legal morally , and ethically correct...I would respect that said religion. I would hope as a society we have learned ,respected and grown to tolerate each religion, ie: eye for an eye...we have evolved to what we are today...closed minded thinking only takes us back...don't get me wrong... I'm no libtard snowflake...I just learned to respect every ones opinion...including yours? I'm done....
  13. Oh...back to the topic.... A great statement ......
  14. Bill of rights allows you to pratice your religion of choice,now if that doesn't confirm to whats legally morally and ethically correct,according to our laws, then yes, leave...don't want to get in no pissing match...that's what makes our country great...no need to run to Canada...

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