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  1. get a KTM 520 motor they are beasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I like to just dune, rip around. Once in a great while shoot the hill but if I get beat is no big deal. There will always be someone fast then me with a bigger buget.
  3. I live near LRD and was thinking of sending my Raptor in for there 700 kit. Has any one had one of these kits? Anything good or bad about them?? Thanks Spanky
  4. I live near LRD and was thinking of sending my Raptor in for there 700 kit. Has any one had one of these kits? Anything good or bad about them?? Thanks Spanky
  5. Well it would trash your hifax's on your track and if its watercooled say good bye to the engine. Snowmobiles radiator is in the gack behind the track so SNOW can hit causing it to COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If your sled is junk any way sure why not but if still ride in the winter then I think you could find better uses for it.
  6. I have a bone stock Raptor and was thinking of doing some major work to it maybe in the next couple of years. I don't have alot to spend right away so I was thinking of doing it in steps. I have a 01 so I was thinking the 1st thing to do will be the tranny. then I was thinking of getting some A-arms and a wider axle. Then I was thinking of getting a pipe of some sorts. (one that would be close to 93 dbls Oregon rules) Then maybe get some motor work done. I was thinking of either a 686 kit or a 770 kit or something like that. I want the motor to still be reilable yet have lots of power. I'm a big guy so the power would be nice in the sand. The question I have is what are a few good shops for the motor work and how much do you think this little project would run me????????? So do you guys think this plan sounds good???????? Thanks for the info
  7. Is it the stock tank? I saw a R at Florence that had a crack about where you are talking about. It might be time to upgrade toa larger tank!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I've got plans on buying the trail tech light that fit in your stock place. I think it will look good
  9. No I really don't ride in the woods any more. It is too much of a pain getting all the mud out of everything. I think my raptor will look good without the elephant ears on the front.
  10. I've been tossing the idea around. Should I cut my front fenders??????? or no????????? let me know what you think. thanks spanky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. It wasn't the float it was the fuel petcock it was turned 2 prime and not on. Once my brother figured it out it runs like a champ now!!!!!!!!
  12. Does any one have one on there quad? How do you like it?? Thank you
  13. If anyone is planning on coming up to the Oregon Dunes anytime ti=his summer (sandfest) they're a few new laws!!!!!!!!!!! There is to be NO ALCOHOL in the SAND period!!!!!!!!!!!! Just the campgrounds no sand camps. The fine will be 5000.00 or up to 6 months in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think they are very serious aout this they are sick up picking up the trash from people who sand camp and leave the crap everywhere. Also in the months from May to Sept. there will be no 1st come 1st serve camp sites Reserve only in the summer time. Just thought you guys might like to know about the rules before you come up for the ride.
  14. Torco T-4 ? I think thats what it is its in a black bottle like 3.75 4.25 up here in Washington.

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