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  1. John g

    SxS dune roll video for analysis

    Should have pointed it down hill. Driver error
  2. John g

    14' Aluminum Boat Restoration

    I'm rigging a lowe 1467 for ocean fishing up in cambria right now. That casting deck is going to raise the center of gravity and make the boat tippy. The front of an aluminum boat is way more trippy in the the back.
  3. John g

    You need a new ironing board...

    I could have used that last Thursday. She got a mop and bucket instead.
  4. John g

    Ok, So things have changed.

    If all you want to do is dune. Get a rail, no other options. If you want to dune,desert,mud, mountains,trails,rock crawl. Get a sxs. It's not the best at all but it does it all better than anything.
  5. John g

    Bench in a Razor

    Bench is legal.5 people is not. I have a 2013 xp4900 im grandfathered in to carry extra passengers. As long as they are belted and inside the cage.
  6. John g

    Finished VW Thing

    Looks like a large Polaris. I like it.
  7. John g

    2013 BUCKSHOT X5R

    That pic. Of it 10ft. In the air proves that it has been babied.? very nice car. Glws
  8. John g

    86 250R

    I sold my 88 with every thing yours has and twice the crime fo $2800.
  9. John g

    Cool survey marker we found in the dunes

    I've found lots of them wile hunting near lake Isabella.

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