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  1. only 2457 since 2013 not one problem or failure. routine maintenance. xp4900
  2. beautiful bike. I think I let its twin go 2 years for $3500. Wish I would have kept it. GLWS
  3. looks great. Keep an eye on your awning posts. Eventually the alkali in the concrete will eat through the aluminum. Not a big deal if it does you can slip a bracket under it and anchor it down.
  4. I helped a grown man find his camp. He went on a short walk and was lost wandering for 2 hours. He was 200 yd. from his camp.
  5. dont miss "Caribou" on Friday. Saw them there a few years back.
  6. a " jimmy jammer" will stop them from pushing the door tumbler in. My 2006 was stolen the same way.
  7. I use a Magellan. They are all similar. I use sticky tape velcro to attach mine to the dashboard.
  8. eternobond works good enough. I slap a new piece on twice a year while its leaking. It makes a bad leak to a slow drip. been using it for 3 years now.
  9. we did it years ago. Had to air down everything. was nice to go barefoot around camp.
  10. we did 45 min. trick or treating and my 8 yo could not carry his candy bag. What a different vibe from BLM at dumont.
  11. who has the coordinates to the stabin cabin. Not the gay one with the glory hole. found that one already.
  12. John g

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