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  1. John g

    Ok, So things have changed.

    If all you want to do is dune. Get a rail, no other options. If you want to dune,desert,mud, mountains,trails,rock crawl. Get a sxs. It's not the best at all but it does it all better than anything.
  2. John g

    Bench in a Razor

    Bench is legal.5 people is not. I have a 2013 xp4900 im grandfathered in to carry extra passengers. As long as they are belted and inside the cage.
  3. John g

    Finished VW Thing

    Looks like a large Polaris. I like it.
  4. John g

    2013 BUCKSHOT X5R

    That pic. Of it 10ft. In the air proves that it has been babied.? very nice car. Glws
  5. John g

    86 250R

    I sold my 88 with every thing yours has and twice the crime fo $2800.
  6. John g

    Cool survey marker we found in the dunes

    I've found lots of them wile hunting near lake Isabella.

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