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  1. The principles of moving residence for tax purposes are as follow (Using AZ and CA for this example). I can't comment on the other questions 1) As a CA resident 100% of your worldwide income is taxed by CA, although you may have a few exceptions and may receive credits for amounts paid to other taxing jurisdictions. 2) If you become an AZ resident CA will only be able to tax income earned inside of CA. This would include any business income from operations inside of CA. If your business generates income from multiple states, CA will only be able to tax the income earned from the CA operations not the entire income of the business. CA will not be able to tax any investment income, most retirement incomes, or gain on the sale of investments (including stock in a CA business). You will in essence pay AZ tax rates on everything except for earned income in CA which you will pay CA rates on. CA rates can be as high as 13.3%, AZ tops out at 4.54% I think 3) If you move, you actually need to move to avoid CA tax. CA will look at things including where you are registered to vote, where you visit the doctor, where your wife gets her hair done, where you use your cellphone (they can get the cell tower data), etc. Is not not just a number of days test like most people think. Please note this is very simplistic for discussion here and many cases are much more complicated. This kind of planning does allow for significant avoidance opportunities if done right. Many of my clients have moved from CA to TX and ID with significant reductions in overall tax liability but you need to be very careful. I'm happy to discuss your specific situation in more detail.
  2. Selling my dual sport car to upgrade to a larger 5 seat car. The car has mainly been used at Dumont, occasionally Pismo, Glamis, Baja (Mexico), and the NV/Socal Desert trails. Car is set up to run fast . Please see below for the specs on the car. Chassis -1.5" chassis built in 2006/2007, upgrades in 2014. Aluminum Dash Winged trunk Northern Aluminum Radiator with dual fans (runs 180-190 in 110 degree heat) Motor - 2.2L ecotec Fresh build in early 2017 Makes 187hp /185lbft All new internals, Decked, line bored, cylinders trued, better than a new OEM motor. Transmission 002 fully built 1 trip on re-fresh Weddle gears 1,2,3,4 Weddle Mainshaft Fresh ring and Pinion KEP Clutch (stage 3) 930 CV Joints Sway a Way Axles Suspension Front Chromalloy beam, 6" over stock +3" front Arms Nitrogen adjustable shocks Adjustable Sway a Way torsion bars Rear 3+3 Rear trailing arms Sway a way Torsion bars Nitrogen adjustable shocks Breaks CNC Disc Brakes & Hubs Front CNC Disc Brakes & Hubs Rear CNC pedals and master cylinder CNC turning breaks Steering Saco Rack and pinion Solid 1.25" tie rods with 1/2" heims Modified VW Link pin spindles Interior 4 PRP Seats Tons of legroom (I've had a 6'7" guy in the back and he wasn't cramped) 5 Points (not in date) Rugged Radio Intercoms Rugged Radio Headsets Car to Car race radio Lights 40" Rigid Light Bar up top 2" KC LED pods on A pillar HIDs at the front Tires/Wheels I am planning on including the following wheels/tires with the car Fronts STU razorbacks on Douglas aluminum rims Set of aluminum beadlocks without tires Rears Set of aluminum beadlocks with Goodyear Wranglers Set of Douglass Aluminum Rims with 16.50 Dune Sport II's Pair of STU 13.50's not mounted Asking $12,500 Call or text 661-703-3586 Can adjust price if you do not want the LEDs or race radio/Intercoms. I may part the car out if the motor/Trans sells first

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