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  1. Nurse bike can never be sold, its a shine to coolness
  2. Time to thin the heard of toys I never use. Tres built this for me a bunch of years ago, Lifan 110 with electric start, headlight, tailight, maier plastics, cooler rack, big bars, twist throttle, custom Jet Trim seat, etcruns strong and looks great. Clear title & green sticker. Call or text Walt @ 6613730791
  3. I am going to try, but I have to change out the powerhead, the engine is too big for the class. It has a 2.4 on it and needs to be a 2.0. As soon as the boat gets to Havasu I am going to go see JJ Gibbs, he wants to help me out with racing it and has powerheads, props, etc that we can test. If I can get it changed to a 2.0 and some seat time I will do puddingstone, if not I will race it in Parker in April. Eitherway, I am going to Puddingstone, if anything just to check it out and meet the other guys in the class. And thanks for the pit crew offer, I will take you up on it.
  4. Nice meeting you yesterday, please keep me posted.........you can email me at walthollis@yahoo.com as I dont get on here as much as I used to. - Walt
  5. Thanks for the replies folks, I found a guy on riverdaves that just got transferred to dallas and his boat was still in southern cal. Our costs were cut in half since the transport guy we are using is hauling both ways. My boat will be here on Tuesday
  6. Boat is in east Texas, lightweigt halfton towable 18 foot outboard race boat. Getting it as far west as possible would be great, I could head east and meet up if needed, like in Phoenix, etc. Thanks, Walt 661 373 0791
  7. The perfect home.......Glamis in a motorhome for a few weeks, lucky guy. I will call you on Monday and let you know how my week is shaping up, pretty sure I am going to Havasu on Wednesday and can go via Glamis and drop him off. Thank you very much. My dad never named him, he just called him "frikn cat". My dad went by Sunny all his life, so I finally gave him a name when I went and got him in Rhode Island. If it does not work out, he is always welcome to come back. Here is a link to the post when he got in the coyote fight. He had 25 stitches in his abdomen as well. sonny coyote post - Walt
  8. I need to find a home for Sonny. He was my dad's cat, and when my dad passed away I flew home New England and brought the cat back. He is a very cool cat, the only issue is that the cat and dog I have had for years frikn hates him. Sonny loves dogs, I actually think he thinks he is a dog, its just my dog and cat are not a big fan of cats. He also suffers from a bit of post traumatic stress syndrome since he was nearly torn in half by a coyote. I paid a ton of money to put him back together and ever since he has been an indoor cat. He is a bad ass cat, he lived through the coyote attack, and kicked its ass (I think). He walks around the house and cries for no apparent reason, likes to sleep on plastic bags, and sleeps in the kitchen cabinets, he's a bit bizarre. Very clean cat, always goes in the box. I need to find him a home out of respect for my dad. I will cover his vet costs for life, and will always take him back if the need arises or it didnt work out with whoever became his new owner. I tried several adoption agencies and offered up some donations, but nobody has room. Thanks, Walt 6613730791
  9. ONE-A-DAY


    Bruce called me first actually, when I told him it was a fake rolex and not worth anything he said he was going to give you a call.
  10. Do they give you sales tax back?
  11. Supposedly the bodies have been found, they drove off a 500' cliff during the night. RIP
  12. Great snake, eats regularly (small rats), never strikes, very tame, great for kids. About 4 feet long, full grown, 7 years old. Free to good home, just in time for XMAS. Includes all accessories, tank, heater, etc. If someone were too take her and then could not keep her down the road I would take her back no problem. Walt 661-373-0791
  13. Nice work on your sustainability project Wash. I will say that it was always cold as a bats ass in your house. I wrecked more than one t-shirt from my nipples ripping though them, and using the restroom was always an adventure since it was like finding a fish trapped in a net. One other thing that you might want to consider for picking up some extra cash....................$9.99 a pop, dam dude, you got enough out there in the garage for a Schiada. wash11 gold mine

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