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  1. mike j bruce

    6 paddle tires with Douglas wheels $700 takes all

    Whats the date code and price on the paddles?
  2. mike j bruce

    Used 2d parts

    Interested call or text mike 562 506 8643
  3. mike j bruce

    WTB - 15” beadlock rims

    I've done the same with old Bogarts. Cut out the center and press out the studs on an old hub and clamp it to the hub, spin it till it runs true and mark the holes with a transfer punch drill them out and your done. Back when i had more time than money.
  4. mike j bruce

    need to do new exhaust

    Heres my 2 into 1 IMG_5536_(2).MOV
  5. mike j bruce

    Misc buggy parts $150 takes it all SOLD

    That was the wing I needed before I remodeled. Lots of goodies for someone putting a car together.
  6. mike j bruce

    need to do new exhaust

    I'm running 2 into 1 with a single 4" short flowmaster on a Ls2 and love it, much easyer on the ears than duals.
  7. mike j bruce

    My new to me Sand Pro 2

    I have the same car great platform to dump lots of money and time that if you sell youll get most of it back. Yes spindle upgrade is a must if you want to go bigger in the front. 35" and up i would go to 2" hollow. Depending on rear tire size all of the sand pro 2s ass drag the rear cage the sulution is to replace the bypass shocks lower eyelet with one that is 2 inches longer and install a 2" internal spacer that limits down travel. Have fun with your new ride.

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