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  1. Ridemotocross911

    WTB Sequential Trans

    I’m really thinking I’m going to order an HV2. Seems like a real solid option for the money if you aren’t making big power and don’t mind an H pattern. Have talked to several trans shops and all have had great things to say about it
  2. Ridemotocross911

    WTB Sequential Trans

    Any one interested in that S4 on race dezert should be very cautious. I dealt with him this afternoon and he is very sketchy. Can just tell by the way stuff is worded while texting that it’s a scam. I made him an offer and he accepted. Before sending deposit I told him I wanted an invoice showing my deposit amount and his information printed out and laid on top of the transmission with a picture taken. At that point he replied that he doesn’t have time to deal with an Unserious buyer and if I want the trans to send the deposit. Sounds like a definite scam. Also doesn’t accept PayPal for deposit which is a red flag. He also changed his story from it having 930 flanges to 934 flanges. I could be be wrong but I urge everyone to be very careful not to be scammed
  3. Ridemotocross911

    Razor 10.50-17 and Sandblaster 33-17 #2

    Shoot me a text at 702-250-8665 i don’t get on here often so text me if you could
  4. Ridemotocross911

    WTB 17” beadlock buggy wheels

    Looking to buy a set of front and rear 17” wide 5 beadlock wheels. Preferable 12” wide rears. If anyone is selling a set or knows of a set please shoot me a pm I’ll also be selling my 15” DWT wheels and would forsure be interested in trading if someone is looking to downsize. 702-250-8665
  5. As title states, I’m looking for a used set of 23 1/2” 934 axles, 934 micro stubs, and then 33 spline bearing assemblies. Would rather buy used axles if someone has a set laying around before I go buy new. Switching from 930s to 934s so if someone is looking for 930 stubs, CVS and axles I have a collection to sell off text is prefered 702-250-8665
  6. Ridemotocross911

    wanted 091 6 rib transaxle

    Text me at 702-250-8665. I have a full weddle internal 091 6 rib that I’m about to pull out of my buggy to replace with a mendi
  7. Ridemotocross911

    33 blaster and 10.75 triple razors on beadlocks

    If everyone else falls through I’ll take them off your hands man just let me know if they sell
  8. Upgrading my buggy to an LS and mendi this summer so it’s time to sell the setup that is currently in my buggy. Hoping to sell the whole setup as a package but I will consider sepperating the engine and trans. Currently they are still in my car so if you want to see it run etc before I pull it that is an option and I can also send pics and videos etc. the engine is a Chevy 4.3 v6 just replaced and updated the spider injection to the new style and replace fuel pressure regulator. It doesn’t burn any oil or smoke etc. no leaks except the power steering cap and I will replace that before it is sold. Runs very well and tons of torque at low rpm. The transmission is an 091 6 rib with full weddle internals, weddle R&P, super diff etc. I just put an 094 bellhousing on it which is much stronger than the 091. When I had the bellhousing off the R&P looked perfect. 4.86 R&P. The gear ratios seemed to be a perfect match for the 4.3 it has a stage 3 Kennedy clutch which was in very good shape when I had it apart 3 trips ago. looking to get $5,000 for the whole setup ready to drop in and run preferably text me at 702-250-8665 I can provide more pictures and videos no problem
  9. Ridemotocross911

    Turnkey LS1 for sale SOLD

    Shoot me a text about the exhaust. Have a few questions. 702-250-8665
  10. Looking to sell my2004 long travel sand car. It is a 4 seater but still fits in most toy haulers. Basically if a 4 seater 1000 rzr will fit then this car will to. My hauler has 12'3" to first cabinet and it fits with the engine cage sticking into the kitchen area. 120” center to center on the hubs This car was just completely redone. It has brand new kings all around with 1 dune trip. -Basically brand new PRP harnesses. -I just had a stage 2 Subaru 2.5 sti motor built for it. This engine is built to handle up to 650hp. It only has 1 weekend of break in time on the build. Still under warranty from flatline performance. -brand new turbo at time of engine build -it has a fully weddle built bus box trans which has about 4 trips on it. This trans will hold up well in this car being so light. Currently the car is setup at 4psi of boost. After breakin boost can be turned up Only reason I'm selling is to go to a bigger car. My loss is your gain. I do have title in hand $14,000 or possible trade for rzr 1000 or 2006 or newer 5th wheel toy hauler with atleast 17 feet of cargo Read Less
  11. Ridemotocross911

    wanted 4/5 seat sandrail cash in hand

    I have a 4 seater. Just fully redone with new kings, new harnesses, fresh powder coat, fresh fully built 2.5 Subaru sti motor built to handle 600hp that’s still under warranty. $14,000 located in vegas if interested text me at 7022508665

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