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  1. This is quite interesting, to me. He does some things that I think are sorta shady. But, the way he bends tubing, by eye, is pretty interesting (though, I'm not sure that I'd want to be in that car when/if it got upside down. The way that he widens the wheels is something else. His arc welding...dif technology than ours. There are about 10 parts.
  2. I just finished "Juiced" by Jose Canseco. It says that he didn't screw Madonna and tells who he injected...and that he was faster than Ricky. It also says that MLB players are a bunch of whores, and sometimes, wife-swappers, knowingly, or un-knowingly. Before that, I read "To Hell and Back" Both of em were from the ARC Thriftstore.
  3. What/where are you going to run this critter on/at. Traditonally, buggies for the dunes do not use front brakes. Once you lock the rears, and they leave a trench, it stops just fine. My 1st set of buggy tires...I bought em used and the guy that I bought em from had run a variety of dif buggies. He set them all up to run w/o a brake pedal...2 turning brakes. Depending on what your weight distro is, when you hit the brakes, the fronts will lock and you'll get a shower or sand, gravel and etc. in duh face. In the olden days, the hot set-up, on a Baja, was to swap the wheel cylinders front to rear as they come w/smaller rear wheel cylinders and they wouldn't hardly slow down a 31" tire. And, the fronts were real easy to lock on dirt. On that 1st buggy, my brakes were pathetic until I put the VW front large WCs in the back. Once I did that, I could lock them up w/o any problems.
  4. Yes and No...I don't think Ford does, but, there are about 10,000, just in my state. So....somebody does the conversion and sells them, I think. I'd bet that you can get them at the dealer. My daughter plays basketball w/a girl/ family. Their house is at 6,000-7,000 ft....they have one.
  5. I've got a red-neck toy hauler. I've got big money in it...about $800, initially. I have since changed the springs, and that was about 400. Originally it was a https://www.nicetoownrv.com/2015/02/1986-toyota-bandit-rv-camper.html The motor or trans musta gave out. Somebody removed the cab, and front suspension and made a pick-up bed trailer out of it, of sorts. There is a flat spot in front of the cab and I can fit one ATV on it. I noticed, that when it was hooked to my Suburban, it really doesn't want to stop so good. I could definitely tell that it was there. I just sold the rear axle and I want to replace it w/a trailer axle that has electric brakes...and I'm not sure what weight of the trailer is...and sorta hard to weigh it now. I hit an elk w/the Sub and also blew a headgasket. I am in the middle of changing the motor. The closest think I have, to a tow vehicle, right now, is a Mercury Villager and or a Nissan 2wd 1/2 ton PU...not that it helps as It won't move w/o an axle. I was thinking that I need a 3500# axle. Does that add up/make sense? Does it need shocks?
  6. In some states, you can drive a stickered OHV on the street...they must have insurance
  7. This is in my area. Also, a rear-ended 200SX (24v 2,000 cc, 125 Hp) for $250, lows miles. https://westslope.craigslist.org/snw/d/dune-buggy-for-sale-or-maybe-trade/7116672066.html
  8. Where are you?
  9. As mentioned, they are complex motors and not really that much HP. Additionally, here's why...you know, on the grill of an Audi, there is a symbol, sorta like oooo or 0000...you know what that is...its re-sale value. There are reasons for that. You know why Hondas, Subarus and the Ecotec are so popular...they have a rep of being reliable, durable, high-revving w/decent HP. AND, they are cheap. The same motor, w/a turbo is plenty stout. Chevy makes a LS1 motor...you can get it out of most any junkyard and run it for 10 years. They make it in variety of displacements, 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 (400HP), and 7.4 (LS7, 500HP)...cheap to find, cheap to run, cheap to fix. If you are broken at the dunes, you can run to Brawley or Yuma, to Autozone and get anything that you need, at 8p at night and be back, by 11, w/a waterpump, belts, coil, plugs, sensors, most anything that makes any of the above tick...try that w/a Ferrari, Lambo, or Audi. Napa will be happy to order the parts for you...tomorrow morning. You might as well push it on the trailer and go home in the morning. Now, what are you gonna hook it up to? Some sort of version of a high-tech VW bus trans, Fortin, Mendiola or the like. The companies that make the adapters....they haven't been asked to do what you want to do. Therefore...an adapter is not gonna be under $1,000. W/the above, you might get the adapter, and clutch for under $1K.
  10. They used to have me lead. At Buttercup, we often went from Comp to the Bowl, or the Big-Bowl. On the top of the dunes is a set of half bowls, between Bcup and the freeway....you go from bowl to bowl. You can't see the group's tail. But if you loop around the bowl you can see the tail. Sometimes, the group is so long that you need to make 2 or more loops, in a bowl, so then, what you have is the whole group going around clockwise, and mixed together. Then, when they are all caught up you take off again...so, the order in the bowl could 23415. ..totally mixed up. 1 will peal off, 5 stay in the bowl and he is following 4, again. Then 234 will peal off, and 5 does too, after he has completed his loop...and everybody is back in order. If done correctly, everybody has a chance to nail the throttle when hitting the bowl, and clean the carbon out. Then on the flat, they slow down and give everybody a chance to catch up. We had a single carb, 1641 or 1835 in the group, and he had no problem keeping up. I had a 2,000 Pinto, there was also a 2180 and 2-3 250R ATCs.
  11. I'm pretty sure that the nationwide average is below 2 bucks. It is $1.57 here...about $1.40 in Denver. The reason that your gas costs so much is that you have a bunch of tax added to it.
  12. I'm thinking about another rail... or something not sure what. I was thinking of something short, like a fiberglass dunebuggy, or even shorter, like some of the desert buggies. What are the advantages? Has anybody had a real short buggy?
  13. A guy at the True Value said that there was a line to get in to Lowe's. It was a madhouse at the TV. I had to park way out...no where up close. I ain't never seen dat. It was a beautiful Spring day here... a great day to get out and/or work on the house.

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