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  1. The only time I have ever been upside down in a rail I was the unfortunate passenger in a friends rail. I was snuggly fastened In the 5 point harness and could not reach any of the cage around me me. I still hit my forehead on the bar as we went over and I sat there for a few minutes thinking I could have really hurt myself. Luckily i didn’t but I never rode anything without a helmet again. I like the full face off-road racing helmets that have the replaceable clear screen and the filtered air tube (you can add a Parker pumper pretty cheap). Nice to have the radio kit already installed. Great when the wind is blowing you can drive right into it.
  2. I have owned 3 Class A’s and I’ve had to baby everyone of them by downshifting to keep RPM’s up to manage my temps. Class A is in my opinion great for traveling don’t try to tow too much. Last year I was shown the Super “C” Dynamax 3. Freightliner truck chassis 30,000 lb towing. I bought it right there. I love this setup and will never go back to a class A. My wife pointed out she feels a lot safer with a crumple zone in front of you instead of gigantic slab of glass. By far the easiest driving most maneuverable rig I have ever driven. Sorry don’t have any pics of it hooked to stacker. First time coming back over whitewater it was scaring me that the temps were rising, then the cooling fans kicked in and much to my amazement a few seconds later running cool. Heaven!

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