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  1. Turn and Burn

    School me on the washes

    Wow lots of great input, thanks very much.!
  2. Turn and Burn

    School me on the washes

    Wash question Although I started my glamis career in the washes 30 years ago, I have been for the last 25 years a gecko rd person I really love it. I guess I’m a pad 4 snob as people like to say. But On my normal trip I would take a couple of days off on a normal non holiday weekend. Go out on a Wednesday morning I would go out and I would see all of pad 4 covered in 4 or 5 ghost rigs with yards of tape, buggies, trucks, lawn chairs, anything to save space. Last year I get to where I see a larger taped area, I can slip my two rigs in. and I start moving cones and a guy comes out screaming at me and we get pretty heated but I told him he can’t save space and I’m here and your supposed buddy isn’t and to call the BLM on me. I’m getting too old for this drama. Later it was determined that most of his big crew he was going to fight me for never showed up. So we almost go to blows over real estate he wasn’t sure he needed. I can get along with just about anybody and we get to talking later and saw that I am easygoing and just there to have fun too. He even came over later drunk to ask if I wanted to go on a ride with them (want me to lead)WTF! I don’t drink and drive so I politely declined. My long winded point is I have a couple of trips planned after the first of the year and need some other options for camping. Plus with with the drama seeming to get to a recent fever pitch on Gecko maybe the dusty washes wouldn’t be so bad. I can take you anywhere in the dunes you want to from gecko without gps it seems like opening a new era to learn to read the dunes from the washes side, kind of exciting. Like I said I go out on Wednesday stay till Tuesday. Please school me where to go. I realize being there during the day is a big help because you can at least walk ahead of the mh to make sure your not going through soft stuff. Had a bad experience many years ago when we tried to camp in wash 6 at night. Buried the MH to the frame. The only limitation I have is I have a Dynamax DX3 super “c” 2 wheel drive with stacker in tow and my son in law comes in an old school class c so no 4-wheel drives to help tug us out. Also I would like to park as far in away from the dirt road as I can and still be able to drive a 2 wheel drive Motorhome out (if i have had to air down to get out don’t mind that just prefer not to). I have been told by friends that I should go with wash 7. Looking for a relatively easy access quiet spot out of the main traffic. Your ideas are very much appreciated!
  3. Turn and Burn

    Here's a crazy idea

    You can add hundreds of pads along Gecko. Also like they did a few years back, just expand existing pads. You could add many gecko loop roads all on the entrance near cement flats. The road is miles long plenty of other opportunities to put pads (in my opinion where practical the roads should have pads on both size the entire length).
  4. Turn and Burn

    28' Triple Axle Stacker Trailer - $25,500

    Who made this trailer? What is the back door opening dimension? what is the dimension between the lift post? what is the dimension between wheel wells? what is the total length? thanks!

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