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  1. Jake69chevy

    How Long(miles) Will A Diesel Last?

    It was actually a serious question on the 7.3's as I dont know anything about them. I guess I just dont hear about those issues as much. And yes, by all means, what else goes wrong with the 7.3's? What year/model pre 2007 Duramax is your favorite?
  2. Jake69chevy

    How Long(miles) Will A Diesel Last?

    My uncle also has a 2003. So far with 240k miles, he has had to replace the injectors twice, glow plugs, camshaft (rounded off), and injector pump. For an engine that is supposed to be bulletproof, this just seems excessive. Just wondering if the 7.3 has this many issues...
  3. Jake69chevy

    How Long(miles) Will A Diesel Last?

    Old thread, but I wanted to throw out there I used to have a 2006 LLY. Nothing but problems! And I drove it like an old lady. Head gaskets went at 30k. Glow plug module and glow plug issues...
  4. Jake69chevy

    Sandrail Beam Through Shaft Nuts

    The nut fell off the passenger side of the front beam through shaft and then the shaft started walking out of the beam... What is the proper torque spec to keep this from happening? Should I drill out the nut/shaft and put a cotter pin through it? I got a new nut from Ace, I just need to find the plastic washer... Thanks!
  5. Jake69chevy

    Towing a Sandrail, Trailer Wobble 45-50mph

    I decided I want to try and winch it up the trailer backwards next time. I was thinking about using a small portable winch with a snatch block. Anyone have any feedback on this winch?https://www.amazon.com/Master-Lock-Electric-Portable-2953AT/dp/B000COTKDM Also, if I were to use a snatch block, what is the best way to attach it to the back of the rail? Nothing back there but 1.5 tubing. The snatch blocks I have seen all have two big holes to put a D shackle.
  6. How much drop is that? I have a 2004 6 inch lifted Suburban...
  7. Jake69chevy

    Smallest 17 Feet Garage Space Toy Hauler?

    That is what I figured. Would an Excursion 7.3 or a K2500 8.1 Suburban tow a 26-28 foot car hauler safely?
  8. My sandrail is 16.5 feet long. I have a 2004 Chevy Suburban K1500 5.3 liter with tow package. Is there any toy hauler out there with 17 feet of garage space that I could tow safely and leave the paddle tires on? (Talk about a huge wish list) I know the ideal solution is to get a truck, but we think we want a 4th child (at some point) so its pretty much a Suburban or Excursion. If not, what is the smallest toy hauler with a 17 foot garage?
  9. Jake69chevy

    Towing a Sandrail, Trailer Wobble 45-50mph

    Yes, its level. My hitch is B&W adjustable.
  10. I have a 5 seater Subaru rear engine sandrail towing with a 2004 Chevy Suburban K1500 5.3 liter with tow package. For those of you with a rear engine sandrail, do you back it on the trailer to keep most of the weight towards the front to reduce trailer wobble? I am trying to decide what kind of trailer to buy. Iam eaning towards an enclosed trailer or a car hauler trailer with drive over fenders so I could back it on without changing tires. So far, towing with a Uhaul car hauler, I get trailer wobble at 45-50mph nose first. I haven't tried backing it on yet onto a Uhaul car hauler.
  11. Jake69chevy

    Front End Specs?

    That is sweet. Thanks for the info. Is that a long or mid travel?
  12. Jake69chevy

    Front End Specs?

    What's an A arm conversion cost?
  13. Jake69chevy

    Front End Specs?

    After reading a bunch of good posts on the subject, I just called TI Designs and he told me he retired and is no longer making parts. What is everyone else upgrading to for spindles??
  14. Jake69chevy

    Front End Specs?

    Yes, it's coming from there. Is a little pay acceptable, if not, what is the fix?
  15. Jake69chevy

    Front End Specs?

    I have the typical VW front end with king pins and the VW style wheel bearing which attach the wheel to the kingpin. Iam looking for torque specs as well as R&R instructions for the kingpin. I am not very familiar with king pins. My Dad used to own a garage and has a ton of Mitchell manuals. What year and model specilfically would I look up? Or if anyone has this info, much appreciated. My front right kingpin has a little 'play' in it unloaded when I jack up the front end. The left is nice and tight. I tightened the bolts, and adjusted the wheel bearing (which was loose) on the right side and it's better, but now the play seems to be coming from the kingpin itself. Any help is appreciated!

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