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  1. MonsterLimo

    2017 super air Nautique GS22

  2. MonsterLimo

    2017 super air Nautique GS22

  3. 2017 Super Air Nautique GS22, $99,900 . extreme trailer, JL Audio stereo system, tower speakers, bow filler cushion, zr4 409 hp engine, dual batteries, Bimini with surf pockets, touch screen display, 2,250 lbs automatic subfloor ballasts, Nautique surf system, Like new condition with only 93 hrs, full cover, too much to list. Phoenix area. Call or email with any questions. 480 980 3978 or dbondra@mac.com. Possible trade for a couple 4 seat turbo s rzr’s plus cash.
  4. MonsterLimo

    Time For A Smoker

    Traeger for sure. I've had my lil tex elite for over three years now and it runs like a champ. Check out traeger at costco and see when they are coming to a costco near you. They have the best deals on new ones at those.
  5. MonsterLimo

    Jeep Wrangler Reliability?

    I have a 99 wrangler, had it from day 1. Has 80k miles on it now and no issues. Been a great vehicle on and off road.
  6. MonsterLimo

    Direct Tv Vs. Cox

    Both are rip offs period. And no you can't split one box to multiple tv's, you'll get signal for a few min then it says searching for signal.
  7. MonsterLimo

    Electric Smoker (bbq) Questions

    Traeger is where it's at for electric. I have one and it works flawless everytime and the food is amazing. I have the Lil Tex Elite and it's perfect size for most everything. I Ran it for 67 hours straight smoking over 120 lbs of pork in Dec and it kept temps perfect.
  8. MonsterLimo

    Stop Blm Harassment

  9. MonsterLimo

    Mesa Az Area--looking For Tires For Truck

    Camarena Tire on Broadway just west of Country Club. Been dealing with them for 18 years now. Ralph will take care of you. Great guy and great service. 480-969-6517
  10. MonsterLimo

    Best Tablet?

    Thanks for the reply's.
  11. MonsterLimo

    Best Tablet?

    What is the best overall tablet? I would primarily be using it for business so it would need to support excel to view and edit, and open and view plans on pdf files. thanks for any help.
  12. MonsterLimo

    Door Manufacturers

    Thanks for the reply. I'll give them both a call.
  13. MonsterLimo

    Door Manufacturers

    Anybody know of a good custom door shop in the phoenix area? I'm fed up with the door company that I have been using so looking for a new one. Thanks!
  14. MonsterLimo

    Prius Owners/drivers

  15. MonsterLimo

    Lifted 2013 Gmc 1500

    What was the problem? Brakes, bad tech, programming? Had the 4:56's installed, truck never ran the same. Had constant trans problems after the new gears which nobody could figure out, Programming issues with the banks system after the new gears went in so i had that removed but still had computer issues with the stock cpu.MPG went from 17.5 to 9.5. After many trips back and forth to the shop that installed the gears and the dealer no solution was found except replacing the gears back to stock. Truck was solid before the new gears went in, never a problem, never in the shop. After the new gears it was problem after problem. Dealer said the computers on the trucks aren't programmed for different gearing and they can really screw with the cpu's. That said i'm sure there are a ton of people that will say gearing is the best thing since sliced bread but this was my experience with them and I will never do it again. I would think the taller tires without gears would confuse the CPU not the gears that would compensate and bring everything back to stock .. Weird. What year truck? 05 Duramax. Bought brand new so I was original owner, 6" RCD Lift, Full banks system, ect.... No issues until the gears.

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