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  1. Glenn Stemmer

    ISO 33x15x8.5 RazorBacks

    Looking to buy a set of 15" 3 Rib Razorbacks
  2. Glenn Stemmer

    15" Centerline Beadlock wheels and 8.50 STU Razors - SOLD

    Still have the razor backs? PM me
  3. Glenn Stemmer

    Tires Tires Tires!

    Looking for some 33x15x8 3 ribbed/steering front tires PM with price
  4. Glenn Stemmer

    STU tires and Beadlocks for sale

    Will you sell just the fronts?
  5. Glenn Stemmer

    STU tires and Beadlocks for sale

    Still Available? Whats the backset on the paddles?
  6. Glenn Stemmer

    2007 Scorpion 4 seat sand car

    Would you consider trade for RZR1000 ?
  7. Glenn Stemmer

    2012 Sand Car (trade in) $25,000 - financing avail

    Great looking car. What tranny is in it?

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