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  1. Somebody should ask a judge if it actually has to be hanging on a "rear view mirror" or just hanging where a rear view mirror should be since most motor homes don't have rear view mirrors...semantics.
  2. I've never liked Trump. I always thought he was an arrogant narcissist and a just plain *ick, (he and I share some of the same personality traits), but I voted for him because I believed and still do he has the best interest of real Americans and their values at heart to get this country back to where it needs to be(IMO). If I'm wrong at some point about him in the future I will admit it. EDIT: I too post very little(if at all) in the Sandrail/Tech sections because I have 2 ears and 2 eyes over one mouth for a reason, so I can listen and read twice as much as speak to learn more than what little I do now on these subjects. If mods want to ban me for posting in certain sections and just reading others then let them do what they have to do, I will go elsewhere. I also do not have any sand toys to speak of for a few years but in the future that will change, I'm learning at present to be an informed buyer.
  3. Bite Me


    I will accept your explanation of your industry since I am not in it but I see others with my own eyes being in them. As far as the first part of your response in bold, If you want to bury your head in the sand you have no right to complain. I however will do what it takes to work toward a change. PS, "Picket in front of the state capitol"...? If you have time and believe in an issues(s) YES. If not there are other ways of fighting the fight but simply not being involved because you think the battle is lost is not the answer. America did NOT become the greatest nation on the planet with that ideology. I do not have kids but if you do you should be at the very least be fighting for their future. You'll notice who does most of the picketing, people without jobs looking for that promised handout. Our last election here it took me an equivalent of 2 days to fill out the mail in ballot. The issues and positions I was not sure about I googled, read, took notes and made the best decisions I could. When that ballot was sealed and mailed I felt like I had done my part as an informed American voter. I enter into discussions on social media with people of different and alike viewpoints such as this thread to get my voice out there whether it's heard or not. I also attend political/council meetings in my area. Do I have other things to do? Yes but I feel it's my civil duty if I want to enact change.
  4. Bite Me


    This is my battlefield, I was born here and will die here!
  5. Bite Me


    This makes you part of the problem. I'm talking about the CA & OR and any libtards moving here and doing just what the cockroaches from the south are doing, leaving their country instead of fighting to make a change. When they talk about packing up and leaving instead of fighting to make the changes they are just transposing their problems to a new area and the process begins again. As far as jobs in your particular field there should be plenty of qualified techs coming out of places like AAI unless the dealers don't want to pay a professional wage. I know many (not all) construction related jobs don't pay a decent wage anymore and so they hire the non English speakers who work cheap and bring down wages. Many industries here do the same with lower wages.
  6. Bite Me


    Please don't encourage them to move here, Arizonans have enough of a fight on our hands now with the ones who are already here.
  7. Yes they are, you're just too close to it
  8. Dude, it was a joke...don't make me call Paul Tracy... Nobody held a gun to their head and forced them to teach, they knew the game before the coin toss and at 100k I would say OVERpaid.
  9. A bunch of teacher haters I tell ya...I'll call you "taters".
  10. Actually that is what I said but I AM still entitled to my OPINION!
  11. Been payin those taxes for over 40 years and agree with you but by the same token I pay taxes for police and fire services and have never used those either...so there is that side of the the argument.
  12. How do stupid people get hit on railroad tracks when the train has to stay on the tracks and they don't and you can see it coming half mile away?
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