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  1. offroader59

    Community facebook pages

    I still have my Myspace account, not much action tho...
  2. offroader59

    Talk to your parents!

    Good point. Mine died years ago before all this nonsense started but my mom would have fallen for it hook line and sinker. You educating her is a really good step but what about if dementia or Alzheimer's sets in. It may get to the point of the adult child taking care of finances, we had to do that before my mom went.
  3. offroader59

    Fuel Station Pump Rebuild

    Fuel filter, gas station pumps have them.
  4. offroader59

    Today's Highway star

    So now the saying goes, "Almost doesn't count in horseshoes, hand grenades...and flying cars"
  5. offroader59

    Community facebook pages

    jus sayin... dribble verb 1. (of a liquid) fall slowly in drops or a thin stream. "rain dribbled down the window" synonyms: trickle, drip, fall, drizzle; More (chiefly in soccer, field hockey, and basketball) take (the ball) forward past opponents with slight touches of the feet or the stick, or (in basketball) by continuous bouncing. "he attempted to dribble the ball from the goal area" drivel noun 1. silly nonsense. "don't talk such drivel!" synonyms: nonsense, twaddle, claptrap, balderdash, gibberish, rubbish, mumbo jumbo, garbage;More 1. talk nonsense. "he was driveling on about the glory days" synonyms: talk nonsense, talk rubbish, babble, ramble, gibber, blather, prattle, gabble, waffle "you always drivel on" 2. ARCHAIC let saliva or mucus flow from the mouth or nose; dribble.
  6. offroader59

    Venting a gas jug

    I had a full jug split at the seam this summer in Surprise. 2 1/2 gallons out on the garage floor.
  7. offroader59

    Venting a gas jug

    I was thinking about using some extra rubber stems I have for a couple cans, thanks for the info. Right now one can has a piece of rubber gas line with a small clear plastic fuel filter wedged into it.
  8. offroader59

    Fuel Station Pump Rebuild

  9. offroader59

    This makes me laugh my butt off.

    ...has been...
  10. offroader59

    Hows Your Attitude?

    That's pretty insulting saying people can be "dazzled by shinny LED accent lights and" SQUIRREL!!!....................................................
  11. offroader59

    Part found on trans oil plug

    That's just the end of a snap ring, the rest of the ring could still be holding what it's supposed to. I'm a backyard mechanic so If it were me I would use a borescope to look around inside or attach a magnet to a coat hanger and see what I could fish out. Maybe one of the trans guys will give you and idea. The only thing I know about PBS is Mr. Rogers isn't alive anymore.
  12. offroader59

    The smallest 5th wheel T H

    That is a fantastic layout for the entire trailer. Side hallway keeping the kitchen from being split and allowing for a good bathroom layout. I didn't see where the pooper was located. If a bedroom slide was available I would say perfect unit, great job on that design IMO.
  13. offroader59

    Hows Your Attitude?

    I'm just going to interject my 2 cents FWIW. How many of us would tolerate buying a 50-70k diesel truck and then be OK with leaving it at a stealership for 2 weeks to 3 months for a bent/cracked frame repair even though it was under warranty...? or any other major issue? I personally would go ballistic and that would NOT be acceptable. I know sometimes there are problems, quirks that can come up but but frame issues? That's the main support system to the entire trailer.
  14. offroader59

    Collateral damage

    Smoke covered grapes Just saw a story on the news. Grape growers in Napa and Sonoma county are having a lot of their grapes refused by the wineries because the grapes have absorbed smoke from the out of control fires in the area. Let me get this straight...the liberals in their infinite wisdom have imposed such restrictions on the state that it is somewhat overrun in the fire season. Now, we discover that our grapes, fruit and anything grown absorbs this smoke from the air and turns it bad so we can't sell it thus effing up our income. Do you think the tards will figure out their stupidity has a domino affect? Who coulda seen this coming? Somebody did I bet at one point. I'm sorry for you guys who live in CA but this is one of those spin around and bite you in the but situations. I just hope that those grape growers are strong Democrat liberals...karma. If they are I do not feel any sympathy, for now they might realize their stupid actions might have unforeseen consequences.
  15. offroader59

    Kavanaugh confirmation hearings

    I agree with you on Ford. Never being married I've had my fair share and maybe some other guys share over the years. I've on many occasions have had women I was with tell me about a previous guy who did a "pump and dump" on them and by the conversation of some of them they still were pi$$ed about it even years later. I've also had women go ballistic on me if I didn't want to actually date them after maybe a coffee meet up or a first date and no sex. I'm not saying I'm a catch just that MANY of these women out there are totally craycray to the point of literally being scary. From my experience I would say that most women have some guy in their past that they still hold a grudge against. I can see many more Ford's out there. If Ford doesn't face some sort of repercussions out of this from here on in for awhile I can see a bumpy ride in the political arena and it may even start filtering down to everyday people. In a round about way any women I've been with in the last few years I've had them tell me by text or email they want to "play" with me, that way I have it in writing. This all has been building for a few years. I really feel sorry for young men these days, they need to have their wits about them.

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