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  1. Cookie

    What is the skinny on the enclosed monster Manx

    I saw it as well, 2nd time I have seen it at the dunes.........I have never seen a pic online though................
  2. Cookie

    WTB-Quad for Teen

    I tried the 300 route, it was slower than a Blaster at the time. Old suspension and technology. The newer 250's are turnkey now, the raptor has pretty good suspension as well.
  3. Cookie

    WTB-Quad for Teen

    I would look for a Honda 250 or Raptor 250, they are good little bikes
  4. Cookie

    You need a new ironing board...

    My wife got a Vacuum.........................finally something that sucks around here.
  5. Cookie


    We only stopped at Olds one time this weekend, and there were 4 Ranger's Trucks there, I just drove by and waved. Saw one drive past our camp on Sunday morning and that is it. Other than that I didn't see any others the entire weekend. It is the case of where you hangout............................ If you want to see the Rangers on big weekends, do these things.............. Go to the Drags Sit at the bottom of Olds all day Go to Vendors gecko loop Wash 6 (or any lower number)
  6. Cookie

    Next step up from lt80

    They pick up the clutch in minutes. My kids went with the Blaster after an LT80, it was good 15 years ago, now I would go with either the Raptor or Honda 250 (wasn't really a choice back then). I tried the 300ex, it was a waste of money, the blaster was faster and the 300ex weighs the same as a 400ex. because I had another boy 2 years behind, the steps for us were............LT50, LT80, Blaster (tried the 300ex one trip), Z400, YZF450.............and now they are on two wheels now and they are 21 and 19 yrs old.
  7. Cookie

    Anyone in glamis with a fuel pressure regulator?

    I have had good luck at Napa in Brawley, they can usually order anything and have it the next day as well. I also wouldn't rule out ORBs in Yuma.
  8. Cookie

    Finally getting my shop built!!

    I bought some of these lights because of this thread, they are awesome and an amazing price. Just replaced all my garage lights with them. Thanks
  9. Cookie

    Superbowl weekend carnage and pics, & eye protection

    110 gallons is some serious driving, someone was having lots of fun.
  10. Cookie


    Proven winner
  11. Cookie

    Super Bowl criticism here....

    You guys need to put down your tinfoil hats, the refs are human and make mistakes. The problem is these refs didn't work together all season long, and then in the biggest games they are put together to call a game. Details get missed. The fact on that play, the defender was beat, but the ball also hung up in the air, even surprised the defender. Breeze has a tendency to float the ball too much, which causes the contact for the receiver because everyone thinks the ball should have already been there. Now for you conspiracy thinkers, did the Refs and the NFL cause the interception in OT? Saints got the ball first. What about those field goals in the first half (at least one should have been a TD). Fact is Sean Peyton lost that game with his play calling. 2:00 left and you have a 1st and 10 on the 13 yard line and you pass the ball................stupid! Any other coach would have ran the ball three times and kicked the FG, and left under a minute on the clock with no Timeouts for the Rams.................take off the tinfoil. As for the SB, Brady and the Pats are the best of all time, hard to argue otherwise. Bellichec can coach and out coached the Rams for sure. Patriots Defense wont he game and that D had been playing stellar all playoffs, very much under-rated all season.
  12. Cookie

    Funco Gen 4

    That should be gone by EOD tomorrow at this price, wow
  13. I agree, just trying not to be the easiest trailer to steal................if they want it, they will take it.
  14. On my enclosed, I take the tongue jack off, the trailer stays up on jack stands only. I also keep the front low, so if someone wants to steal it they must bring their own jack. I also have the tongue lock and wheel lock. I also don't keep my toys in the trailer, they go in the garage, I am paranoid of all the tweekers nowadays.
  15. Cookie

    Sandrail purphase question

    They are for sure a lot of 10-12 year old cars that fit the bill, some older. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/snw/d/covina-scu-long-travel-sand-rail/6805601677.html or here are two Potter's https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/snw/d/newbury-park-potter-ls1-dunne-buggy/6806322372.html https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/snw/d/riverside-potter-dual-sport-sandrail/6804327632.html Ricochet, not a big fan of this car, drove it once, didn't turn well...........maybe the set up??? https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/snw/d/temecula-2006-ricochet-sand-car/6790273240.html Extreme makes a great car, and they are still in business. I have driven a few, they always surprise me for a big car. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/snw/d/indio-extreme-performance-eco-1/6786458512.html These might be a little over your budget, but should give you a good start.

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