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  1. Cookie

    ISO golf cart

    Probably need your wants and budget.
  2. I agree, on my Motorcycle, I won't ride Ocotillo, Dove Springs, or Mammoth anymore, seen too many head on's or close calls. A lot of SxS think they are Robbie Gordon on the roads anymore. I still can find some good safer riding in Johnson Valley for desert. Other than that, my Motorcycle riding is all in the Mountains anymore, Kennedy Meadows and local secret trails and such. It is what it is, have to live with it. Back on topic...…………….just an FYI, Quads ruined a lot of Single track in the desert years ago as well.
  3. not sure I have ever seen flaming on the quads topic??? Were you talking about something like this??
  4. I am bummed because it looks like I won't hit Southwest "A" list for this year, I have already been planning out each trip. I might have to make some personal trips. If I don't make "A" list, I might switch to another carrier just so I know I am getting an Aisle seat.
  5. Cookie

    SX / Motorcross

    Looks like this week you need the NBCGold package, sucks
  6. Maybe buy a buggy and part it out. https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/snw/d/perris-2-seat-2276cc-vw-buggy-with-dual/7021751825.html
  7. They all are Hypocrites, they change the narrative so it fits their agenda. The media doesn't even talk about it. Clinton lied under oath, people go to jail for that.
  8. Wow, we have had a few peeps go into the canal at night, not during the daytime though. Let me tell you, one person struggled to get out of their belts and the car was upside down, scared us all, not much night riding anymore. Why would they land the Helo at Pad 1.5?
  9. We were camped at the canal and didn't see anything, but we could see Gecko closed and the Helo landing. We figured it had something to do with the drags since it looked like the helo was landing at the end of the Drags?
  10. perfect, won't be able to test it out until the Regatta though. Thanks
  11. Funny thing, I replaced plugs in the off season, and just put what was in there and gapped how they were...………...I would be stoked if this fixes it. I am going to regap plugs and replace both the TPS and MAP sensor, they are still stock and original, can't hurt. Thanks everyone, love GD
  12. I thought the same thing with the air cleaners, cleaned them to eliminate an easy fix.
  13. Running NGK R ZFR5F 11 GAP .038
  14. No idea, not sure what either of these things are, Boost Fooler or Check valve.
  15. I was thinking the same thing

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