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  1. I bet we could raise the money in a week to pay for it and hire a contractor if everything is permitted and ready to go. Let me know when the GoFundMe is set up, I am sure my group could get it going with 1K.
  2. I have no issues with the new site. I have been on GD.com since the beginning. While I never did the 13.5 or the Compound, I have met some great people on this site even raced in the first buggy EPO. I think the biggest change is the lack of new topics, 6-7 years ago it would seem every hour there were a couple of new topics, now it seems we can go a day without a new topic. Along with that the busiest forums were the buggy forums, then it moved to Gen Chat and so forth. I still visit everyday I am at my desk, gives me 10-15 minutes away from emails, spreadsheets and lame ass Powerpoints...………. The members here still are a wealth of knowledge about Glamis and other things, and this should be the go to for anyone in the sport...………….fyi, all the Glamis FB pages are lame, so many lame peeps...……….
  3. Consumers are becoming more educated with Amazon, along with Amazon trying to clean up the knock off products, it is getting better. As a consumer I don't order anything that will take more than 5 days to get to me anymore, I will go find it elsewhere on the web. Most Knockoffs take longer to ship and don't participate in Amazon Prime as well. One thing to consider, 70% of all shoppers on Amazon are MEN...…………….all other web based companies are driven by Women as the consumer. This is the why Knock offs survive on the site. Men don't write reviews and also return less products than Women. If Men wrote more reviews, bad chinese crap would not survive on the site...………..REVIEWS drive business online. There are also 3rd party companies that all they do is find these knock off (or unauthorized companies selling) on amazon and work to shut them down.
  4. Cookie

    F11 Top Coat ?

    My detailer lives by it. Also says it is good for granite counter tops???? I personally haven't used it. I use Quickie sauce or Hot sauce on everything...…………...
  5. x2 Oldtimer coming back to his roots for help, miss ya. I might have a pic of you with Mr LV somewhere...………..
  6. Thank you, this car was teasing me and I don't even need another car.
  7. I am happy that every time I enter the Black hole of GD.com I am already signed on...……….plus I want to only see what is new from the last time I was one.
  8. I had my motorhome in the shop for an axle leak...………..they pulled out the axles to fix them and my motorhome rolled down a hill and totaled a chevy truck and damaged the rear end of the motorhome. They called me to give me a heads up. What was even more crazy, my daughter's car was parked right next to the truck that got smashed...………...My wife and I were just laughing about all of it, we were going thru a bad spell with vehicles (you know when it rains it pours). FYI, they were great in dealing with everything. Not sure how the truck owner took it?
  9. Couldn't agree more, one other thing I preach to my kids, is have the fewest monthly bills possible. Just because you can afford the monthly payment doesn't mean you have to have it. I work with a lot of 20-30 year olds, and they pay monthly memberships to multiple Gyms, Spotify, Hulu and so on...…………….they add up quickly.
  10. Working hard and working smart is what pays off in the long run. I graduated college with zero debt because I was working my butt off during those years, and never even thought I was really working that hard. The people I see nowadays that are doing well, don't stop working. What I mean, the people that aren't as successful are always looking for the next best thing when they have a good thing going, they put themselves at risk too many times, thus end up with periods in their life when there is no money coming in. Consistent money flow is the key IMHO. Learn to build a budget, and stick to it. Put money aside every month for retirement, kids schools, and vacations...………….every little dollar counts.
  11. Thus the reason a Gen 3 and Gen 4 have not come down in price in nearly 8 years.
  12. I sold everything and got out of the sport...….lasted only 2 years. So glad to be back.
  13. I looked at it some more. I would first remove any grass within 5 feet of the structure and increase the size of the concrete pad. I also would think of something more permanent on the left side for sun, but also if you want to put a TV out there. Great place to sit outside and watch supercross while cooking some grub. Love outdoor cooking spaces...………..
  14. Make sure you add a firepit somewhere when you run the gas lines, sorry my only feedback

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