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  1. Cookie

    New to the club

    Awesome, great ride...............have fun
  2. Cookie

    BIG shout out to gd.coms COOKIE!!!!!

    All good Andy, easy to get done..............
  3. Cookie

    Funco Trivia, what # is your chassis?

    My first Gen 3 did not have a welded on numbers, I believe it was #1 or #2 Gen 3 ever built. It was a shop car at one time..................best thing, it is still in the dunes.
  4. Cookie

    Losing volts to injectors???

    Fact is, Sand is hard on Alternators and they can go bad slowly in sand cars. You don't see that happen on everyday cars because they are pretty protected.
  5. Cookie

    CA taxing yore text messages

    That is what will happen for sure, FB Messenger, Instagram DM, Snapchat and Twitter will take over the texting..............it will move to an app program for sure. Such a stupid idea
  6. Cookie

    Thinking of dumping DTV and

    ^^^ Blaming the government, sounds like you want them to have more power....................ha ( I know you don't) FYI, those anti trust classes are fun
  7. Cookie

    Turbo subi, which one?

    In California it seems to be getting easier, seems they are opening up more stations https://pearsonfuels.com/stations/
  8. Cookie

    Thinking of dumping DTV and

    Maybe I have missed something here, DTV will not work with a basic Satellite Dish anymore? I really don't want to upgrade my set up on the Moho............................
  9. Cookie

    Glamis this morning

    heck ya, pimp me out. When I think there is going to rain in Glamis, I bring my two wheeler. A couple of years ago it rained like 18 hours non stop, I rode my bike everywhere and had a blast, when it stopped, I got into the cage.
  10. Cookie

    Glamis this morning

    Driving a car in the rain sucks, a total blast when ridding quad or bike.
  11. Cookie

    Glamis this morning

    The best runs are right now, morning after a rain. The worst runs are Saturday afternoon after a rain...................................FYI, I little rain goes a long way in keeping the dust down in the washes.
  12. Cookie

    How smooth can you get?

    Two wheelers are a lot of fun, I still get out once in awhile early in the morning for a fun ride in the dunes before the crazies get out. Us old guys still have to try..................;)
  13. Cookie

    How smooth can you get?

    Most of our quad riders went back to two wheelers due to how rough it is out there................
  14. Cookie

    Glamis camp photos

    Takes a pretty good compressor to get those tires back up 110psi. Nice to see peeps doing this. But once you do get stuck, rule of thumb with pushers is to get it back on top of the sand with the jacks and then try again. We have got a lot of pushers out of deep sand this way, never had to tow them out.
  15. Cookie

    School me on the washes

    I have only camped in the washes a few times in the last 10 years, one thing I did learn on big weekends is you can get land locked. A couple of years ago we got the on Dec 26th and went to leave on the 31st and there was know way to get out, people block the paths. We had to ask a group if we could go thru the middle of their camp to get out. My point be leery about going to deep into a wash early in a big weekend. This was in Wash 6, other than that it wasn't that bad.

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