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  1. I texted a couple peeps in our group, the answers they said are 20-25 minutes and we usually stop 4-5 times out there, always burn 8-12 gallons on every ride. What in the hell do I know, I guess I am having too much fun.
  2. I actually have no idea on the length of each ride before stop, I just feel it might be the long. I might have to time it...…………..? 30 minutes is a long stage
  3. Question, as a leader how long do you ride before each stop? I seem to have this eternal clock that I bet every ride between stops is 8-12 minutes long, this is when we are duning at a good pace. If I go longer I get people on the radio saying they are thirsty
  4. A couple of things that are not tolerated in our camp: - No camp racing ever or near camp - always wear a helmet, we lost someone years ago due to not wearing a helmet and he was camp racing at night - No loud music late at night - Everyone brings firewood (because you know the one person that didn't will be up all night burning the fire) - Have thick skinned, no sensitive people allowed - cars will break, but if you are the one that consistently breaks, you will hear about it.
  5. So true, I lead all of the time and the best dune runs are the ones I don't have to worry about whose is #2. #2 sometimes determines the speed as well, if they are on my arss, I pick up the pace accordingly.
  6. They aren't towing anything, they will just write ticket and be done. The peeps getting the ticket just think it as a reservation fee.
  7. As a leader, one thing that has certainly made it easier to lead is Headsets. I no longer need to drive with an eye on the rearview mirror, I can focus on the flow and look 3-4 dunes out. If you don't have headsets, you are not aloud to lead or be the sweeper in our group. Being a leader is about consistent speed and flow, I don't care if it is 1st gear or 4th. Eliminating the awkward lines/holes is what make a great dune ride for other drivers and their passengers.
  8. I know a few good leaders, but I know more poor leaders
  9. Shouldn't this be in "Bench Racing" I am really good at driving and singing...…………………...this is what I tell myself and my Shrink.
  10. This will be gone by end of today, perfect trailer
  11. Shop dogs are fine, but Dogs in an office environment annoy me. And if they bark or stick their nose up my balls, then they need some training before they are a shop dog.
  12. Years ago, roughly 20 or so, I was jogging on the boardwalk in Carlsbad with my 90lb boxer. Same thing happen, old folks looking at the sunset and as I am coming up their little pocket dog ran out in front of us. My boxer head butted that dog 4 ft, it made a loud scream, and we kept going never even looked back.
  13. So we put our house up for sale, so the first couple of times we had to leave for someone to look at the house, we took our Dog to the friendly places: Dog Park, Lazy Dog Café, and Lowes. I had always made fun of the people that thought their dogs needs to be with them at dinner, or going to the Dog Park. I tried to do it, I felt like the biggest loser ever. That being said, I have one of the most well behaved Dogs around, and he isn't an issue being in those places, it was me that has the issues with it. DOGS ARE PETS, so freakin annoying when people think their Dog is something I want to be around while I enjoy an Awesome Blossom. I love Dogs, don't get me wrong, they just have a place they belong, and it isn't at Bars, Restaurants, or any place of business (including the work place). And don't get me going with those expandable leashes, control your animals. You can't control your animal when they are on those types of leashes. And then there the people that think it is OK for their Dog to Shiat in my front yard, I clean up other Dog's crap almost every day...……………..rant over
  14. I agree with the beach, stay there. I would stay at Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach. You can uber everywhere easily.

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