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  1. You can use a stake (horseshoe stake works perfect) in the ground, and then slide the turkey over the stake (put stake in the ground before the foil). Beer can fits inside easy, much smaller than a Chicken. We open the beer, throw some thyme and seasoning into the beer. We also season the outside of the bird and inject with salted butter. Has to be a Galvanized Trash can, burn off the galvanized before using (we just put some firewood inside and have a small fire in it the day before. My trash can is now 5 years old. It is truly as easy as the video, we will be doing a 25lb turkey this year, 2.5 hours to cook, trust the timing. http://thetrashcanturkey.com/index.html Clean up is picking up the foil, that is it.
  2. My problem is the fans don't stay on long enough (they only cool the water down 5 degrees) they turn off after 60 seconds, but then they can't recover quickly enough and the heat gradually gets hotter and hotter. Thus if I have the fans on the entire time, car never gets over 185. ECU, drawing a blank right now???? Sorry for the hijack
  3. my fans do the same thing, I haven't been able to figure it out. Fans come on a 210 or so ( and turn off at 205), but by then if you are driving hard it can't keep the temp down. I put fans on a manual switch and keep them on, and the car never gets over 185 degrees with hard dunning. I have pulled the radiator and had flushed, change thermostat, put new fans on it and changed temp sensor. At this point, until it needs a dyno I am running the fans manually. Hope you get your bugs figured out.
  4. I used to the deep fryer, then did it the ground for years, far too much work and mess. We do a 25lber every year in the trash can now, comes out perfect every time.
  5. Easiest way to cook a turkey and zero mess, I have been doing it this way for 5 years, no oil to deal with and the turkey comes out perfect, I also put beer up the turkey just like a beer can chicken.
  6. Gen 5 started in 2009???? Not sure I have seen a 2009 Gen 4, but there are some 2008 Gen 4's out there. Of course, Grant really knows that question.
  7. Yes and no, during the weekend no problem, but during the week is a different story. I am a commission sales guy, never want to miss a sale...…….really I am solo with nobody to back up the business, so sometimes there are urgent questions and so forth. If I could stream Supercross out there, I could pretty much dump satellite completely.
  8. I can't even get cell service at Cement Flats
  9. They had a bunch of these race last weekend at Elsinore Grand Prix, it was called the pit bike category. Sweet deal, worth $1,000 if running
  10. Weight of car and tire size will determine a lot, along with driving style. We have two cars in our group running a 2d, one with twin turbo LS1, he is easy on it, but he only dunes (no hill shooting or drags) and I can't remember that last time he had a tranny issues (at least 4 years) , he only dunes 15-20 days a season.
  11. That is my old Funco on the rack behind yours...…………….
  12. When we make that run, we put headlights on and try to stay to right both ways. And we use Radios a lot to alert others of oncoming traffic.
  13. Sorry, on a Honda 3.5
  14. I have been cutting out the internal of the Thermostat, not sure this is giving enough restriction? What do you experts think?

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