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  1. I only have a two car garage, and within a couple of weeks I could receive over 100 boxes. Just not enough space. I would rely on a teenager, but I have been down that route before, usually teenagers are only a solution to a short term problem. I need a long term solution. The storage will be paid by my company. Now I am finding out the storage places that can receive shipments have shut that down due to the Corona Virus...……….
  2. Our district is still struggling to get everyone to do online, because many kids in our district don't have computers or internet. They need ALL kids to have access before they can start to require online classes and homework. My last/youngest kid, she is a Senior, totally bummed for everything she is missing in her last few months left of High School. She is using the time to apply for scholarships for college next year, every little dollar helps...……….
  3. I am ready..…………………….:)
  4. I will be there tomorrow, I think wash 12??
  5. Boxes, at the most they would be 50lbs, most would be smaller.
  6. So the run on guns is because you are all scared?
  7. Good news, I still have a job, but it is changing a bit...……...all good. That being said I need storage, roughly around 500 sq feet. My problem, I need someone there to receive shipments periodically. I work out of my house, and don't want these shipments coming here, so they need to ship where I am going to store my work stuff. So my questions for the experts of GD.com: Are there storage facilities that can also receive shipment M-F? It needs to be in SW Riverside: Corona, Temecula, Menifee area.
  8. I don't own any guns, I know weird (especially on this site)...………….I grew up around them and very comfortable handling them, but I don't own a single gun. The reason I bring this up, why would this bring out the masses to buy guns? I don't get it. Are they watching too much Walking Dead? What motivates people always intrigues me.
  9. I am planning on going to Glamis on Thursday, I know it is all open other Gecko Rd and Osborne for camping, but part of me is having a hard time packing and having some excitement for the trip, something is telling me to expect the Feds to close it all down soon. Obviously the Facebook rumors and uneducated are fueling the fire. So do you think the Feds are going to pull the rug from underneath me this week? I need sand in my blood.
  10. Only one I heard about as well and heard it was a fatality as well.
  11. Watch 1st episode last night, so far so good. Some amazing boobies
  12. Cookie

    New Funco build

    This car is ten times better than the pics, great job.
  13. I am with you, my kids pooled all their money and bought me Opening Day tickets this year as well, I know it is selfish but I am bummed.
  14. It was reposted on here somewhere, no idea where though...…………...

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