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  1. RIP Virginia. Sorry for your loss JD.
  2. Everyone has a little bit different set up just use a string and count the groves. Mine has no power steering and uses a 4 rib 27” belt.
  3. I guess if you are in the National guard you will now become a NY Health care worker forever? These people need to go.
  4. I tried Lucas about 10 years ago and it was garbage literally got so thin it was leaking out of my cv boot. Swepco and belray for me.
  5. Well as a person who runs on covid Patients every day let me tell you this, it does not matter if you are vaccinated or not you are going to get it. I have 27 Fireman assigned to my station, 4 of them are Vax’d the rest are not. Now out of all 27 fireman all have had covid except 2 of us and Neither of us are vax’d. I have seen just as many people sick vax’d or not, covid hits everyone differently, some people get a mild sickness and some people get destroyed from it. But I believe it should be your choice on whether or not you get the Vaccine.
  6. I use the Oakley air brake goggles with the red torch prism lens. Awesome goggles best that I have ever owned. https://www.motosport.com/oakley-airbrake-mx-goggles-with-prizm-lens?variant=OAK01D2-X033-Y001
  7. Man I met Chad And Paul out in the dunes probably around 12-15 years ago and man we had a blast ripping the dunes up. We would go on some long all day rides packing lunches and would dune tell we got hungry then ate and dunes some more. Chad was an awesome guy. You will be missed my friend.
  8. I am pretty sure you will gain power run cooler and use roughly 20% more fuel. So like 6 gallons per run vs 4 gallons
  9. Well first it was covid 19 then the Delta variant and now the new the Mu COVID-19 variant (also known as B.1.621) so there will be another vax or a booster. I believe this will never end until they have achieved the dna changing that they want.
  10. I need to see some more of these videos keep them coming!!
  11. We need more of these videos of the cars ripping the bowls!!
  12. Here is a video my buddy took from today. He is a Captain on our Helicopter. IMG_8480.MOV
  13. John the forward rate of spread has been stopped and they are working to put in containment lines as we speak.
  14. Thank you sir but I just picked up a set last week.

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