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  1. I really dont mind having a few destinations spots in the dunes. It is always nice to dune for a while then swing by the swing set, flag pole, or tiki hut or wherever to have a road soda or catch up with friends that might not be camped with you. I like to be able to use those destinations to call in help for a broken buggy or such also. I do get upset when people just destroy chit out there because they can’t handle a little change. Aka the tiki huts and then leave the broken pieces on the ground. I do love the stainless steel bbq in the dunes we try and hit that one every trip for a nice dune lunch.
  2. Well let us know what you find out with your car.
  3. Post up what was wrong with it if you find out.
  4. https://str8uptoytrader.com
  5. We took a few sheets of plywood ripped long way and layed it against the trailer to block the on shore wind when we’re cooking and having our fire that worked great. If there has been rain be aware of the creek. YouTube the creek crossing at pismo.
  6. Agree change the oil and look at the magnet if it is full of metal chunks then stop if it has none run the chit out of it.
  7. It carry’s quite a bit of tools and it keeps it organized. I also like it because I can hang it up and keep it out of the sand.
  8. I rock one of these and a prp bag that clipped under the seat or where ever you like to have it. Rhino USA Tool Bag Roll https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08V398W68/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_8PH48YW3NA5782HDGKP
  9. CLR works pretty good on rust stains. I use it when fertilizer gets on the concrete and it pulls the stain right up.
  10. If you have the new style smoke detectors that have lithium ion batteries they are good for like 10 years. If you have the older smoke Detectors After you change the batteries in the smoke detectors make sure to hold down the test button until the alarm goes off, once it sounds release the button. Then it should chirp once like 30 seconds later to let you know it is armed and ready.

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