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  1. Thanks to the rona I have some time to work on the rig. Front hood is complete
  2. Thanks! Ya I think if I get good aluminum tubing and elbows it will make me feel better about having the hot coolant running right behind the kids heads.
  3. Ya I think I knew it all along but didn’t want to believe it because it was easy and already done. If I wanted to get a new aluminum radiator, how do I know what size to get? And is there a good spot to order one? I’m thinking I need to just mount it above the motor like most everyone else does
  4. Any thoughts or worries about how the radiator is mocked up directly to the frame? I thought about installing some rubber between the bolt flanges. I know it’s not in ideal spot for air flow but I really hate getting it up over the rear passengers because I worry I’m going to break a hose and spray hot coolant on them. I made a nice expanded steel cover for it as well
  5. Im going to order a aluminum sheet for the hood. any input on how thick I need for these panels?
  6. Got the hood and bumper mocked up. I angled the middle bars up a little so its not just a flat hood. Not sure if I like it yet or not. I was going to paint all the cardboard black but that go old fast
  7. Anyone have any pictures of a aluminum hood with the VW beam front end? I’m going to run some tube from the windshield down towards the beam and fill in the hood as well as the side pieces between the hood and the main side pieces If that makes sense
  8. Got the dash mocked up. I wanted to try and keep as much leg room as possible. I plan on only running a temp and oil pressure gauge at the skinny part then all the switches and ignition up towards the top where it’s wider
  9. It’s been a long time coming but I finally got those braces to help support to horns. I do believe you said I should but another cross bar to help support the trans, I haven’t done that yet though
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I like little easy simple things like this that will save me down the road
  11. Your saying a crossbar at either point I marked on this picture? There is one crossbar at the back of the cage but I could see another one underneath helping. Plus probably help protect the oil pan
  12. No I don’t.. at full bump there is probably 1/2” between the shock and the body.. I’ll take a spring off and let the N2 out of both shocks and bottom it out and take a pic of all the clearance. My best option would be to move the lower mount back which would then allow me to tilt the top in.
  13. Ya that makes sense, thanks It does get very close but doesn’t hit. I have 1/2” spacers I’ll put out to space out the wheels if I need to
  14. So I need to move the ujoint up so the red lines line up?
  15. Not the best picture but got a motor mount done.. the flat stock where the bolts are bends at a 90deg and gusseted where the bottom tube is welded. Kind of hard to explain. Any thought on if I need another motor mount on the other side? I can’t imagine the motor moving up down or side to side with the mount I have

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