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  1. What would be "reasonable" compression??? Since the J35 comes at 10:1 stock I was hoping to get pistons that would allow me to drop to 8.5 or 8:1, does that seem like a good place to shoot???
  2. Mostly because I want twins but in order to put a single I would have to mount it off one side down low since my cage is right behind the engine and I don't want to re-fabricate it unless I absolutely have to.
  3. So what did she make on the dyno???
  4. I’d be willing to go up to 50/50
  5. Are they designed as a twin set for a 2.0-2.5 or as a single turbo for that size?
  6. I would assume so since I believe you size a turbo for the size of the motor and the desired HP you want. But, that's about as far as my knowledge of turbo sizing goes... Mostly I just wanted a twin turbo car. Most everyone I know runs a single because its a cheaper solution. How would a single turbo get more performance than a twin? I'm assuming you have to sacrifice a little low end response to get a single to flow a higher volume at top end, and with twins you could retain some of the low end quick spool and keep a little more top end because you could split the flow between two turbos. Educate me...…
  7. There is a little "+" behind that 400 . My original goal was 500, but scaled my expectations back for the moment to see how much this is going to cost me. I just got the new transaxle and will start the process of tearing down the car for a rebuild this summer as soon as the engine I have for sale goes away. Was going to send Kraut_n_rice a PM, he is very knowledgeable on these Hondas. Right now I just want to plan out parts and costs. Can you tell me more about those turbos?
  8. ltpyro

    j35a4 w/ turbo

    Ok sent it to you, let me know if you didn’t get it.
  9. ltpyro

    j35a4 w/ turbo

    Ya give me a bit to get home.
  10. What size turbo(s) would you recommend for a j35 Honda? I really want to make a twin turbo car, so I'm leaning that direction. Looking for 400+hp. I've never sized a turbo to a motor and not sure how to properly do that.
  11. I've seen rzr's chew up two belt in about 25 mins on a ride... The more the better. Not saying you're going to go through a lot of them but it does happen.
  12. ltpyro

    j35a4 w/ turbo

    Ok lets see if this video upload works... engine_startup.MOV
  13. Ya I just watched a video on how they install those, its a lot of work so ya probably not that bad on price.

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