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  1. yup that was what happened. Just swapping it out solved like three issues I was seeing.
  2. I had some weird issues with a sputter/pop on my car. It ended up being the map sensor. I'm headed out this Saturday to verify that was the issue... its gonna be hot...
  3. Has anyone tried wire o-ringing the block and heads to see if it game some more stability under boost?
  4. Ya I found this: https://www.musclecardiy.com/ Interesting read.
  5. I read a lot of posts where other suggest a specific turbo for people for the application. My question is how do you go about doing that? What do you look for in a turbo for a specific engine for a specific application. I'd like to learn how to pick one out for my future build up. Thanks.
  6. This will be an awesome thread... when people post to it. Looking forward to the read.
  7. We have Foremost as well, no other normal company would carry it.
  8. Well dang I was hoping to put wings on it and fly lol.
  9. You going out the same weekend or just before the season starts???
  10. I stand corrected, thanks. Either way, that's seems to be the issue. I have plans to take the car out to Glamis on the 14th (ya its going to hot). But, I want to get it checked out asap in case there is another problem I'll have time to fix it before the season.
  11. A V8 is off the table as I don't want the extra weight. So its a turbo v6 for sure. Just not 100% set on it being a Honda. Although it seems with some fine tuning I can possibly get close to what I want.
  12. Congratz, I'm really jealous. The wife and I hope to move to AZ soon before the kids starts school.
  13. So lets says 10 psi and upgraded internals, tuned with race fuel. Should get me in the ball park???
  14. Is this because the compression is too high? I'm assuming pulling more timing from the motor or doubling the gasket isn't enough to drop it? Is 400hp or 450hp more reasonable?

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