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  1. Looking really good!!!! I wasn't on board with the cerakoted shocks before but after seeing them more I'm starting to like them more.
  2. Anyone remember when they had the tree out in front of Gecko loop before the rangers shut it down and everyone moved over to the flats near the ranger station? Those were much better days...
  3. I regards to your question on what the rolling chassis is worth, maybe ask some of your customers that have been enjoying the cars for some time now what they would pay if they were starting over and know what they know now about the frame and use it as a starting point? Maybe give them a ball park and see if they jump at the price because its good or hesitate cause its a bit high. IDK just a thought.
  4. ltpyro

    honda question

    Never looked up a gasket kit but wow...
  5. I'm in Anaheim, so I'll definitely check them out. Thanks. Sorry I missed that. 20% over normal cost I guess isn't that bad considering you can get it exactly how you want it.
  6. I'll check out Fragola. I agree about the ANfittings.com, some reviews are not that good and I do prefer to buy things made in the US over Chinese if I can.
  7. Ok sorry I should have been a little more clear. the fitting that I have that are all blue are the ones that go into the block or are an AN to NTP adaptors. The few hose ends that are on the car that are one color are crimped and the hose lengths are going to change. I was just looking for a way to get AN hose ends that are just blue. I may just bite the bullet and go black (which I like better any way) and have to swap the other AN fittings down the road to black as well. The black ends and fittings with the stainless steel lines look a lot better to me with the chrome and polished parts of the motor any ways. That ultra flex stuff looks interesting. I do like the weight savings over traditional steel lines and it looks almost the same. I'll have to do a little more looking into that. Thanks.
  8. If I had money to burn this might be an option, but since the fittings are expensive as it is, having them re-anodized its probably way out of the budget.
  9. Where does everyone get their AN fittings from? I want to start replacing hoses on my car and would like to keep the all the ends and fitting the same color. I actually like the look of black ends and fittings but the car has a number of blue elbows and misc other blue AN fittings. Anyone know where you can buy all blue hose ends and not the blue/red ones that seem to be standard?
  10. Over a year ago but still available and is/was the price for both?
  11. Oh sorry I think I was reading this wrong. I thought you wanted a solution just for reading the gauges and codes while it was park for troubleshooting purposes. After re-reading the thread I see you want it for driving purposes... I was asking about just an OBDII to USB cable that goes into a laptop for software to read. I'll have to lookup the stuff you guys are talking about.
  12. Not to derail the subject, but anyone have a suggestion for an OBDII to USB cable? Only ones I've seen seem to come with software built in for scanning.
  13. Ah yes I remember the days at Glamis out in front of gecko loop when we used to do that
  14. Needs more chrome IMO, but it's still really good looking work there...
  15. Dang if only my car was running at the moment I would take you up on this...

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