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  1. ltpyro

    This is sand drags

    Ah yes I remember the days at Glamis out in front of gecko loop when we used to do that
  2. ltpyro

    SCU from v6 to V8 convertion

    Needs more chrome IMO, but it's still really good looking work there...
  3. ltpyro

    Suspension tuning in Glamis 2-5 cars needed

    Dang if only my car was running at the moment I would take you up on this...
  4. ltpyro

    Fox Shock Coating

    I'll second these guys for Cerakote, used them for a few lowers and they do really fine work.
  5. ltpyro


    So would recommend the Holley over the AEM?
  6. ltpyro

    Need Sandrail Measurements

    I have a 16' box trailer and it holds my 4 seat rail with about 1.6' to spare. So I would say something in the 14'-16' range would give you a little extra room for gear and stuff.
  7. ltpyro

    Stuck 930cv to stub axle

    Can you pull the other cv off and remove it and the axle? if so I would do that first and remove the star and cage from the stuck CV then as the others have said a block of wood (or something solid that won't hard the CV) and try to break it free.
  8. ltpyro

    just got a car... help

    Congrats, you're going to have a lot of fun with that car. It looks like you checked most everything reasonable. I would say just take it out and be a little reserved and pay attention to the car the first coulple of rides and go from there, do your regular maintenance/ inspections between trips and rides and you should be good. No need to tear way into it unless something is actual broke.
  9. ltpyro

    091 external dimensions

    Yes if you don't mind doing that.
  10. ltpyro

    091 external dimensions

    Thanks for looking though.
  11. ltpyro

    091 external dimensions

    Anyone have a printable copy or a link to one of the external dimensions for an 091? I though I saw one in a post a while back but can't seem to find it. Thanks.
  12. ltpyro

    Starting another project.

    Completely agree, following a build tread is just fun!!!
  13. ltpyro

    Kids seats?

    Yup, we have a little pillow as well. He sleeps so well in the dunes lol.
  14. ltpyro

    Kids seats?

    I just put my 1 year old in the rail. I just took his car seat and used a strap to make sure it didn't move.
  15. ltpyro

    Hand Made Led Whips

    Finally got to the dunes, and got a pic with new led whips! These really are the best!!!

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