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  1. Yes, after the 2d is in I'll start the upgrade to a turbo(s),
  2. Read the fine print, they still have stuff in there that shouldn't be in it. Damn politicians turning everything into politics...
  3. I'll be starting the process of pulling the motor and 091 out this weekend to upgrade it to the 2d I purchased. Looking for any tips or things to look out for when swapping from those that have done this.
  4. Still need one??? I'll be pulling the one out of my car here shortly.
  5. I did say in the previous post there were a very few reasons to move around the house. And you are correct add in the stress of SHTF and most people, even those with the some practice, couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Shooting is a very perishable skill, it take a lot of practice to get good and a lot of practice to maintain that skill.
  6. Man that looks really nice, good job.
  7. Surprising how many people can miss a body sized target at that range... lol
  8. Sorry I wasn't implying that you did. Just wanted it stated that its a bad idea. I know a lot of people that think that will be the first thing they will do if they hear a noise at night.
  9. Slightly off subject... How many have you had people ask about buying guns or concealed carry right now as this situation gets worse? I have has many people ask me about it and many of them didn't know there was a waiting period to get a gun. Maybe this will educate some people and we can get some things changed around here in CA.
  10. If you go the laser route, make sure its a quality laser (as you should with anything you buy for self defense). Cheap lasers can "move" inside the housing after a couple shots and the laser can be thrown off enough to really mess you up. I personally don't like a laser or light on my defense gun at home as they can give away your presence to anyone else and unless you have a lot of practice at turning them off and on as needed its just another thing added to your stress levels in a bad situation. There are also very few reasons to move around the house "looking" for someone when you think someone is in your house. Best thing to do would be to hold up and cover the entrance to the room you are in and call 911. Socaldmax, where did you do competition shooting at? I've always wanted to try it.
  11. Ah ok so 15" only up to 30" and beyond only in 17" then. Ok, that helps with my tire choices I guess.
  12. They don't make dune sports in 15"???
  13. I'm interested. I need to measure my frame when I pull it out of the trailer this weekend.

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