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  1. Remember all those people on the Wildcat forum bitching that their dealer didn't put in the PIN number? Well, a few may have been oversight or incompetence, but the reality is to get the PIN the dealer had to warranty register the car with AC, which means the flooring company would have their hand out, so...
  2. The flooring company already knows what is supposed to be in your inventory, as they have to approve the order before the manufacturer will ship. The floor checker comes to check for missing VINs to assure that they get paid off immediately, or as soon as they are funded by the finance company. They will ask to see signed loan docs to verify the delay is legitimate. Some dealers delay warranty registering sold units to "buy time", and scam the flooring company. A fool's errand.
  3. Valid question, John, and yes in my experience it is the "city people" invading like a plague of locusts. I saw it with my own eyes. At first it was gradual, but with the completion of an interstate, and some key interchanges, followed by 9-11, it became a tsunami. I don't mean to offend anyone, just my personal experience.
  4. I grew up back in the area, and PA used to be a redneck state. That's why some still refer to it as "Pennsyltucky", but with the influx of New Yorkers who spilled over after destroying New Jersey(yes, a good swath of NJ was very rural when I was a kid), it has really gone down the tubes. There are still some redneck counties and regions, but fading fast.
  5. I am in wait and see mode. The release of the turbo was delayed @3 months, so as it is. I want to see more of them with turbos getting pushed hard at Glamis. Besides how the engine/turbo fare, I want to see how some of the single shear mounts, spindles and knuckles, and the chassis in general hold up to the additional power. As I mentioned in another thread, I think Honda is only fooling themselves by not offering a factory turbo. Big mistake, IMHO.
  6. Pretty sure I had read 8 psi somewhere, John. Found this: https://dirtwheelsmag.com/talon-turbo-hondas-big-announcement/
  7. Looks like 10:1 stock CR. https://hondanews.com/en-US/releases/2019-honda-talon-specifications
  8. They say you are only as old as you feel... I am 93. Happy Birthday, John!
  9. I assume the tune was written around the stock can, and open/free flowing exhaust could result in going lean and risking burning down. The gray area is with some slip-ons that don't require a re-map, even when stock, but I guess I can't blame JR for not wanting to get in the middle of that. I figured they would be peddling an "approved" slip-on.
  10. The Jackson Racing turbo kits started shipping recently, and fairly soon thereafter there were reports of engine failure(s). Not surprisingly, most assumed it was rooted in installation issues, but Jackson Racing posted some info regarding a possible issue with the programmer/flash device they provide. So if anyone has one, make sure your firmware is up to date and verify the tune. Just saw this response from Jackson Racing re: the recent isolated incidents of engine failure after turbo installation: "From Jackson Racing Update: We have been working very hard to research what happened. As seen across social media, there have been plenty of successful installations of our turbo kit across the country. But we dove in and checked over a few things to see if there was something that could have gone wrong. Understand we have tested in all types of conditions, in multiple states, etc. We ran KOH without issue. This issue was concerning to not just the Talon community, but to us at Jackson Racing. We are very confident in the included calibration and its use across multiple terrains. We have found that there could have been flash errors, which could result in tuning issues. In this case, we want to make sure every kit owner’s flash tool has the proper firmware. We have corrected errors in the latest firmware update and sent instructions on how to update flash tools to Turbo Kit Owners and Dealers. With this firmware update to the flash tool and a reflash to Talon Turbo owner’s ECUs, all will be correct. If you are kit owner and didn’t get an email, you need to register your turbo kit on the Product Registration page on talon.jacksonracing.com. Registering gives us direct contact with you so you have the latest news and info about your turbo kit, including any future feature updates we add. This does not change the fact that a factory exhaust must be used on all Talon Turbo applications. Due to the circumstances, we have contacted the owner severely affected (Tony Rich) and are working with him and his Honda dealer to get him back in the dirt. Thank you Bill and Tony for your patience as we worked through this."
  11. Weigh truck and trailer combined with tanks and cargo as you would travel. Re-weigh just truck. Now you know your gross combined, axle weights, and pin/hitch weight Overbuilt running gear is better, within reason. Bear in mind that torsion axles do not like running with minimal weight.
  12. It's not my kid. We taught him better than that! He voted just as soon as he was of age, and not for no stinking commie-pinko, liberal douchebags.

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