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  1. Hardly ever used was $12,000 new, Looking for $7,000. Its Surplus and is taking up space. Miller Invision 450 MPa Miller S-74 Mpa Plus Miller MigRunner Cart
  2. Oh ok space craft rv also builds a 15 foot garage stacker in a trailer
  3. Do you still know which brands these are. Curious to see what those look like.
  4. https://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/snw/d/alpine-2001-funco-2-seater/6996301616.html Found it
  5. How tall is the inside in total floor to ceiling
  6. I think we're just going to leave our stuff where it's at we store over at big toy Depot in California for the summer months.
  7. Lol I was going to list it then but I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it or not.
  8. These are professionally restored to New condition, It was $3500 new but don't need it anymore and it's taking up space so I'm asking $400 everything pictured is included
  9. Ok thank you I'll check it out
  10. The guy in our group came an bought it from you presidents day.
  11. The biggest indoor one I saw on the website was 10x25

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