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  1. 150+ mph 2700 lb sandrail vs. 65 mph 1800 lb utv or a quad or bike. Does the blm do stupid shit, without a doubt but give this a little consideration before you tear them to pieces over something that might be a rumor. I'm all for the fastest car in glamis and the smack talk. In this situation it might just be a little more risk management on the duners side will equal less involvement from the blm. I know I'll get shit for this but some things we have to take into our hands before blm does what they do.
  2. Can am maverick x3 xrs wheels and tires. Maxxis bighorn 2.0 30x10.00r14 with 0 miles on them. Nipes still on the tread blocks. Asking $600
  3. This is the one my mother in law had built and still owns. I've trying to find if there were any others.
  4. So theres a question I have. My mother in law worked with Gil(R.I.P.) to build a chassis I believe he called the evo chassis. It was was built on gen 4 suspension I believe. Hers was blue. I've heard there may be 2 others out there. Anyone ever seen them or even better, have pics of them?
  5. I've been wanting to attend this ceremony for years. Hopefully next year I will be there.
  6. So sorry for your loss. Stay strong and thoughts to your family
  7. Thoughts go to the George family. Ive grown up watching the evolution funcos and always been amazed with the mind Gil had. RIP Gil
  8. The car was built in 2016 for sema. It wasn't built for kevin hart. He bought it secondhand if you will. The car is vin tagged as a 1970 cuda. Airbags and such were net required for those years so as the car is built now does not require them either. And when you buy a used car, its normally sold as is and he knew the setup of the car when he bought it. Side note, the fiance was in the "back seat". There is no back seat in this car. Theres stereo equipment where the back seat would be.
  9. And thats a lot to say John. You build some crazy fast motors.
  10. Honestly I never got up close to it and I just assumed big block but we all know small blocks make killer power to.
  11. That's a pretty gnarly small block lol. It's a shame that's all that car does now.
  12. That's the one. I remember being at the drags and the first time I heard it start scared the crap out of me. Immediately fell in love with it. Shortly after that I saw the blue thunder car that was mentioned in another post. Nothing like a big block and zombies.
  13. Does anyone remember the aftershock buggy from the late 90s to early 2000s I think was the last time I saw it. That thing was a monster. Anyone know what happened to it. I know I used to see it on play tech fabs website.
  14. Both of my dream cars are built and owned by my in laws. My dad has the black funco stingray with the red interior and my mom own the funco evo chassis. Both are amazing cars and hold separate things to me that make them perfect.

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