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  1. And thats a lot to say John. You build some crazy fast motors.
  2. Honestly I never got up close to it and I just assumed big block but we all know small blocks make killer power to.
  3. That's a pretty gnarly small block lol. It's a shame that's all that car does now.
  4. That's the one. I remember being at the drags and the first time I heard it start scared the crap out of me. Immediately fell in love with it. Shortly after that I saw the blue thunder car that was mentioned in another post. Nothing like a big block and zombies.
  5. Does anyone remember the aftershock buggy from the late 90s to early 2000s I think was the last time I saw it. That thing was a monster. Anyone know what happened to it. I know I used to see it on play tech fabs website.
  6. Both of my dream cars are built and owned by my in laws. My dad has the black funco stingray with the red interior and my mom own the funco evo chassis. Both are amazing cars and hold separate things to me that make them perfect.
  7. My dad and I were having the same issue on his new funco. We actually took the front tires off my moms funco evolution chassis and placed them on the rear of my dads car and the measurements seem to fit.

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