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  1. Choc

    Racer engineering sandcar for sale

    Yep that’s it😁
  2. Choc

    Racer engineering sandcar for sale

    Thanks a lot appreciate the comments
  3. Racer sand car, aluminum custom body, not fiberglass. This car is extremely fast with a tremendous amount of torque, and handles excellent. Dry sump motor, aluminum 598cu big block & heads with twin 97mm Garrett turbos, stainless steel headers, motec injected on e85, makes 1050hp & 1250 torque to the rear tire with only 13lbs of boost, dyno sheets to prove it, it’s capable of a lot more if turnt up. Fortin 5 speed sequential trans, fortin rack, Fox 3.5 bypasses, also no expenses were spared on all internal motor parts. This car has only went out a few seasons, the motor was gone through then it sat in an enclosed environment for a couple of years. Recently just got a full service, put on a chasis dyno with a clean bill of health now it’s back in the trailer ready to hit the dunes. Asking $120k obo. Contact offroadloans.com for financing and for vehicle info call 909) 242-2213

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