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  1. You planning on doing anything with the suspension? My wife has a 250r she grew up riding and wants me to do a rebuild on it. I’ve already talked with Leonard at Duncan about some help on it.
  2. I have a runny nose... 🤷🏽‍♂️
  3. Yeah I wanna see what’s new on this. You have just left us hangin...
  4. Thank you! Thankfully she looks like her mama and not me. 😂
  5. Shaved my head this morning since the barber is closed. We made a trip to Costco and was able to get some toilet paper since we were almost out. That was cool. Worked on the Front yard. Finished my wall. Finished my drip system. Back-filled more sprinklers and dug for more irrigation on the slope. Enjoyed a walk with the wife and my babygirl. Cleaned some guns. It’s turning out to be a nice weekend. Be safe fellas.
  6. Oh following this for sure!
  7. B0NES

    New Funco build

    People talk about things breaking the internet... This car broke Instagram. Super nice car. Congrats
  8. My best bud bought a car with a stroked LS and had issues with the motor cutting out all last season. After messing with everything fuel related he decided to change the pickup and went to the Holley hydromat. Solved the issue and the car has run flawlessly ever since. I’d say he likes it.
  9. Yep this is pretty much my dream car right here.
  10. B0NES

    NEED TP?

    Never seen those diapers before. I just thought that was a old myth.
  11. B0NES

    NEED TP?

    I appreciate that. I’ve heard you’re a stand up guy.
  12. B0NES

    NEED TP?

    See post above
  13. B0NES

    NEED TP?

    Yep. Went to get a pack of diapers and wipes for my 6 month old and there was a lady screaming in the isle at no one and everyone about people taking the wipes and not leaving it for the people with actual babies. I felt her pain. Needless to say I left empty handed. I’m not worried about myself, I’ll use the box of rags I have in the garage to wipe my butt, it just sucks that I’m almost outta diapers and wipes for my baby. Thankfully we have a large freezer full of meat and water and plenty of the real necessities that I alway keep extra of. My neighbors all know I’m willing to help them also if needed. I have extra fuel, trailer is full, my miller welder/ generator will keep the food cold and plenty of ammo in case anyone tries to take without me giving. I was always thinking I needed this stuff for a big natural disaster, Not a quarantine. Crazy times.

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