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  1. My dog stands next to me while I’m lighting off mortars. I think the beer my buddies give him helps.
  2. Siiick. You weren’t kidding, that’s a beefy steering column. Looks like fun. Before the rhinos and rzrs, carts were the campground mobbers. Those were the days...
  3. Are these waterproof?
  4. I have to totally disagree with you on that one.... that’s like saying if you owned a buggy you would install a parachute in case you get going too fast with your stock subi motor. Useless and you would never need it. And you wouldn’t want to spend the money on that on top of the Gov’t making you install headsets,, helmets, seat warmers, tire pressure monitors, etc.... owning a business is fine except having to deal with all the useless Gov’t regulation that drives people out of business by nickel and diming then to death. No one wants to add to it. not I interested in a battle, just my .02 on that matter. and all the guys talking crap on someone who died, you’re all outta line. I don’t care if it’s someone well known or the guy down the street who you’ve never met, have a little respect. On second thought, say what you want. I’m not your mom. it Just shows what type of low class person you are.
  5. Is that aftermarket? I have the 27(?) gallon and i have to fill up going and returning. It’s a pain
  6. The Sony 700n or something like that. Over the ear noise canceling and they are awesome. Battery lasts for ever. $180 and well worth it
  7. I couldn’t care less about the super bowl and don’t know or care who’s in it. I got better things to do than sit and watch football, like sit and scroll thru gd.com 🤦🏼‍♂️😂
  8. That car was awesome. Congrats. Wish I jumped on it
  9. Here here. That’s how mine is and I do the same.
  10. Hey Mac, if you get a chance, take a picture of your ratchet shifter. I was reading last night about the Aj’s having a resivor at the shifter but mine doesn’t. So maybe you’re right and it’s just a ratchet shifter.
  11. I couldn’t agree with you more. What’s the saying... “Your lack of preparation shouldn’t become my emergency?” ...something like that. Problems will always occur but riding hard (or easy) and putting away wet until the next time with no prep in between is no way to live. It’s no way to treat your friends either when you break and have to spend half a full day getting them back to camp. For example what happened to us last trip: (it’s a video) IMG_7045.MOV
  12. I’m sure if they knew you, they wouldn’t have worried. But honestly, you never know about people. We have a lot of kids in camp I’m always on alert too.
  13. Did you ever find where to get these? anyone know? I need just one for the passengers side for a triple axle.
  14. That’s rad. @J Alper nailed that one. 🤘🏽

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