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  1. Ahh then this place would be nice and empty 😂.
  2. I’m not leaving so I’m not smart, but I was raised here.
  3. All the smart people who have been raised here like myself are leaving. All the idiots are moving in.
  4. Here you go. Exactly what you’re looking for...
  5. I would like to say thanks to sloppy and also everyone who puts in their time to make this site as great as it is. I don’t always post or add to the discussions but I am seriously addicted to GD. I check it several times a day and am always reading or looking up info on here. I think I have a problem and you all are enablers. Again, Thank you!
  6. Baby that’s all we need. Roll to the theme park after dark, smoke that tumble weed. (If Afro man was rappin about d-land)
  7. Sorry about your little guy. They’re such good company and such a big part of the family.
  8. Sweeet ride! Thanks for sharing.
  9. I like Conrad’s point of view on this, but honestly I got mad watching this, thinking of my daughter being there to witness this. This is trash and these people are trash. Good show tho. 🧐 Insert popcorn eating emoji...
  10. My dad had a Porsche motor in his Manx when I was a kid. I know he loved that motor. 30 years later he will still boast about that motor. But again, that was 30 years ago.
  11. I work in the dirt. Pollock. I used to drive my dads military Watertruck as a kid. Keep your thumbs out. Worked in the operators local 12 when I turned 18. I’ve worked around marlins for a long time. I haven’t seen marlins around much anymore tho. You still have the yard over by In-N-Out?
  12. I’m pretty well covered, but I like my women clean. Not a fan of women with ink. Just looks trashy. I like women that are totally opposite from men. I like: Long hair. Short. Smell nice. No body hair. No tattoos. And not a foul mouth. And long walks on the beach.
  13. Oh man don’t even get me started on the DIR... that’s only getting worse also.
  14. I have had to deal with this with my business with owning dump trucks and heavy equipment. Carb is driving people out of business. It’s disgusting the way we are treated in this state. Blows my mind sometimes how they can do this to us. I was fined $500 for not having proper stickers on an old dozer. Bologna. I hate carb.

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