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  1. X2 on this thread. I don’t know where to mount my radio and Intercom. I did see a nice little built dash yesterday at the sand show and took a picture of it. I might do something like this.
  2. I’ll be there. Ill wear a shirt that says “bones” on it 😎
  3. I have the duramax SRW and in my opinion it drives and tows great. I tow my 3305 5th wheel fully loaded, fuel water and buggy and I’m super happy with it. I also tow equipment around with it and I don’t have a complaint one about it. I would love to have a dually but I think I would go nuts driving it everyday. You have to weigh the options of how much you tow<daily driver. I’m sure there’s also more caution while towing with a srw but I’m not winning any races while towing.
  4. I just started following you on the gram. Nice work 👍🏽
  5. I do not have a disease, but I can tell you I have gone through the ringer with a spinal injury. I broke my back. Spinal. (Mike Tyson reference😂) but seriously tho, I broke 11 vertebrae in my neck and back from a motorcycle accident. I have several fused with metal plates in my neck. They took bone from my hip to replace in my neck where huge chucks broke out. I wore a halo for 6 months and was almost paralyzed. The point being, I know about pain. I don’t take pain meds, I want nothing to do with any of that. Which leaves me with dealing with the pain and figuring out what works best to keep the pain minimal. That being said, acupuncture. It promotes blood flow to the effected areas which promotes healing and pain management. Or I think that’s how it works. Either way, that and massage help me huge with pain. I think you’ll probably have to figure a lot out what works best for you. I hear CBD oil helps too but haven’t tried it. Best wishes bud 👍🏽
  6. That’s a pretty huge step Steve. That takes some huevos. Thats pretty cool man. I hope it progresses to something cool.
  7. B0NES

    Welding 101

    That’s great stuff.
  8. I’ll be cleaning up the yard and garage. Do some chores and hopefully get back to finishing up the winch in my trailer. I finally accumulated all the necessities and just have to run the wiring to the battery to finish it up. No more filling the trailer with CO2 like my wife seemed to like so much.
  9. Not too bad for 2 hours of shooting this morning...
  10. Oh man. You just made my day with this. I agree, he shoulda been busted up better. I bet that ol man loved telling that story later Thank you for posting this up!
  11. Hey that’s a great deal!
  12. I have a day off so I’m detailing my truck again. Getting ready for opening day of dove tomorrow. Go kill me some appetizers... and drinking beer while doing all the above!
  13. OP is asking for commercial use. Does this mean that this application will work for Peterbilt trucks with the ISX-15 motors? Edit: did some research and yes it looks like it will. Says it works for class 8 trucks and that’s that application I’m looking for. Great thread!

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