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  1. B0NES

    Flashlights 2..uh..

    My wife says I have a problem because I’m always buying flashlights. I though for sure she was right but I have nothing on you. Nice job👍🏽
  2. B0NES

    Our new furry glamis addition

    Hey Bruce! Good name for a boxer. Congrats
  3. B0NES

    Sandcar in the desert

    What kind of dessert do you run it in? Strawberry short cake? I bet that gets messy
  4. B0NES

    Pci Radio Mounting (car To Car Radio)

    Bringing up an old thread. Anyone have pictures of how they mounted their radios and intercom in their cars with no dash?
  5. B0NES

    I got pummeled on Wednesday

    Your goats are rad. I like the black one that try’s to play
  6. I love this car so much. I loved the all posted about on here. If it’s still available when the time is right.. if not, good luck with the sale!
  7. B0NES

    Bought my First Sand Car

    Nice car man! Welcome to the dark side. You’ll have a blast in that thing. Amplified cars are well build cars. We have one in our group and it dunes so good.
  8. B0NES

    How far is your commute for work?

    Crazy huh. Let’s all move to San Diego they said... I’ve lived here my whole life and hate what it’s become.
  9. B0NES

    How far is your commute for work?

    Good ol traffic. The job I’m on I leave at 5 to beat some of the traffic. It’s a 20 minutes drive there. Coming home is usually an 1h15m drive. It’s easily the most draining part of my day. My alcohol intake after work is going up after work. I hate traffic so much. I’ve been on the same job for several months now dealing with the commute and I feel like I’m slowly dying inside. Traffic where I live has gotten so much worse the past 2 years.
  10. B0NES

    New Miller Trailblazer Engine driven welder

    Where are you located?
  11. B0NES

    Got back in to RC cars today

    Wow. I built these as a kid. Loved them so much. Maybe I’ll look into this. 🤔
  12. B0NES

    Who Remembers This

  13. Have you guys seen murder mountain? It’s a 6 part series. It’s really good. I’m biased tho, considering It’s about my friend I grew up with.

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