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  1. B0NES

    Wheel help

    It’s in the center right around the hub. Whats involved in installing a brake kit in the front?
  2. B0NES

    beard seats

    No they gotta be purple 😂
  3. B0NES

    just got a car... help

    Hey congrats man, sweet car. You’re going to have a lot of fun. My new car is about that size and it’s a blast to drive.
  4. B0NES

    Wheel help

    The car only weighs 1300lbs, I don’t think i need to put front brakes on, the thing stops pretty much right away. 2” hollows might be over kill, I’m not trying jump it, just duning and going fast. But I do want it safe.
  5. B0NES

    Wheel help

    Thank you.
  6. B0NES

    Wheel help

    Could you send some pictures of your front set up? I’m interested in what your running since our cars are pretty close, yours being a little bigger.
  7. B0NES

    Wheel help

    I appreciate the recommendation. Does Bogart make the spindle as well, or are those usually need to be custom made? That’s good info. I know there’s a post up here right now on 2” hollows, I’ll have to read up on them. Is there a perticular wheel you guys like to run?
  8. B0NES

    Wheel help

    I noticed I have a hair line crack in my front wheel around the hub on the front side. It’s about an 1.5” long at this point. The back side of the wheel has an extra weld around the hub already like this crack has been fixed once before. Would it be a problem getting the aluminum welded and fixed or does this promote a safety hazard in the future? There’s several guys on here who after reading their different posts, I would trust their judgment. I appreciate your guys help, as always.
  9. B0NES

    Funco Owners Club

    I’m pretty sure I saw you when we rode over to the diner. I love the white and black color scheme. 👍🏽
  10. B0NES

    Plan Table

    That’s a really nice table. If I didn’t just have a big office desk custom made I would come and get this
  11. B0NES

    MLK 2019 Pics Thread #1

    Awesome thread! Great pics!
  12. B0NES

    Windshield build

    What shop cut the glass? I need a window cut for my ‘49
  13. I’m throwing away my Gillette and buying a Schick. And a new watch.
  14. Alignment Express. These guys are the best. It’s a few miles from Oceanside, it’s down by the stadium on friars rd. They do all my Peterbilt truck work. I’m sure they will do your motorhome wheel seal. Seriously, you’re not going to find anyone better.

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