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  1. That was rude. I think you should apologize.
  2. I was in there yesterday at swift powder coating picking up some beadlocks I had done. I think I know what truck your talking about. Same color scheme but jw’s is shiner.
  3. I saw a great looking ford today that looked a lot like yours. Lookin good mr west.
  4. If there’s not enough room for me I’d rather not be there. I’ll show up when everyone is working to make their sxs payments.
  5. I see your car made the Funco Owners Club Facebook cover... looks really good! I love that color.
  6. B0NES

    Joke of the day

    Hey lady... youuuuu knowwww....
  7. I know my opinion usually matters to no one but I will say it is very admirable for you to apologize, but in this situation it’s not needed. The thread has some great points on both sides and was actually an enjoyable discussion and with some good entertainment. You seem like a cool guy and hope we can have future banter again with no feelings resulting. Hope to enjoy a cold one with you in the sand one day
  8. Sorry mine is not the 40, but the 3305le fifth wheel, but I just dropped the water tank yesterday and could snap a quick picture for you. It’s 1.5” and assembles with the pvc male piece going inside the female with a hose clamp over the outlet on the tank side. It looks like a pretty easy fix. The pvc pipe pulled out of the tank easy once the hose clamp was loosened and you could easily replace the elbow
  9. I’m sorry you’re out of time on that one. The correct answer is “what is a 2D.”
  10. They are not straight cut gears and you don’t want to use reverse in it...
  11. Geeezus I have a buddy that has the loudest generator and lets it run till 1 in the morning while he watches movies inside his trailer. Almost every trip I shut it off and let him think it ran out of gas. At least it’s not powering the mariachi
  12. Yep combo spindles. And I changed my front to wide 5’s but with the same spindle setup. I did my research and with our cars only being 1250 lbs anything more is overkill. I’ve spent a lot of time so far on my car Mac. I’ll try to help out where I can. I like where your radio is mounted. Snap a pic of that for me will you?! I’m trying to figure out a clean place to mount my radio setup without having wires all over also
  13. Vee parts in El Cajon has these. I just replaced mine in the front. I’ll see if I still have the box and give you part numbers. I had to return the first set because they weren’t the tapered ones that you and I need.

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