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  1. B0NES

    Got back in to RC cars today

    Wow. I built these as a kid. Loved them so much. Maybe I’ll look into this. 🤔
  2. Have 4 fox shocks. My 2500 duramax had a 6” lift and I lowered it down to a 3” so I had to get new shocks. They probably need to be gone through. I rebuilt 2 of them about a year ago or more. They aren’t pressurized as they released them when they took them off. Center of hole to center of hole is 22.5” I think $200 is fair? Or make me an offer. Located in lakeside. Pick up only. 619-726-9510
  3. Have you guys seen murder mountain? It’s a 6 part series. It’s really good. I’m biased tho, considering It’s about my friend I grew up with.
  4. Sold! Thanks GD! Thanks mrUpAndDown. Good buyer, Cool dude. 👍🏽
  5. I would like to see pictures. What motor/transmission is in it?
  6. No pictures...? What? How would I know if I wanted to buy this? I clicked on the post, didn’t I????
  7. B0NES

    Buckshot X5 - Mendeola S4 - $37,500

    congrats. Somebody is stoked!
  8. B0NES

    Truck diving job available

    That gets expensive.
  9. B0NES

    Action Shots

    Do you happen to have a black one? I guess beggars can’t be choosers. I would love whatever I can get my hands on.
  10. B0NES

    Truck diving job available

    I have a good dump site in Escondido if you need one. Give me a call (619)726-9510. Can take 50k yards.
  11. B0NES

    Tranny guy in AZ?

    X2. I bought my sand car from him
  12. B0NES

    Action Shots

    How do I get a GD.com flag? Do I need to have 1000 posts before I’m officially allowed to rock one? You know how stoners sport Rasta colors? and tweakers sport no teeth? I feel like I need to support/show off my addiction with a big whip.
  13. B0NES

    Action Shots

    Here’s my uncle Kevy going down the drags.
  14. B0NES

    It's Saturday 4/6/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Awesome video! I only watched it 10 times. the chimes are soothing. 😉
  15. B0NES

    It's Saturday 4/6/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    How do you like your komatsu loader? What size is it?
  16. B0NES

    It's Saturday 4/6/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    Had to pull the front of the Dozer apart to change out a belt, pulley and alternator. Shroud, fan, radiator hoses, and panels all had to be removed just to access the stupid parts. My hands and arms are all cut up and torn apart, But all worth it since I’m back up and running for Monday. Volts back up to 27.6 where they should be. That’s all that matters. And then had a few beers after dark. Not a bad day over all.
  17. B0NES

    It's Saturday 4/6/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    This is actually quite accurate of my day. Except no fishing. Had to Mechanic instead of fish.
  18. B0NES

    2006 Revenge Predator For Sale

    Ha. I think she wants a ride in it.
  19. B0NES

    2006 Revenge Predator For Sale

    No. You’re human. You like a nice backside. 👍🏽
  20. B0NES

    2 things that will make your life better

    ....That’s 3 things. You can only pick two. 😂
  21. B0NES

    2 things that will make your life better

    Geeezus man. I’m going to start wearing my seatbelt! No seriously... I think that video just changed me... i need a beer after that.
  22. B0NES

    2018 F350 4x4 lift shopping...need advice

    CST is a top of the line lift. They ride better than stock. Eric at Street Trenz in El Cajon has done all my work on vehicles for quite awhile now. Bob in the shop is a master. They are stand up guys and honest and always take great care of their customers. It’s always worth a phone call.
  23. I like you. We could be friends.

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